In medicine, the peripheral vascular examination is a series of maneuvers to elicit signs of peripheral vascular pathology.
Position - patient should be lying in the supine position and the bed or examination table should be flat. Pitting edema - should be tested for in dependent locations - dorsum of foot, if present then on the shins. Venous refill with dependency (should be less than 30 seconds) - the vein should bulge outward with in 30 seconds of elevation for one minute.
Begin by simply looking at the area in question, which is on either side of the crease separating the leg from the groin region. The femoral pulse should be easily identifiable, located along the crease midway between the pubic bone and the anterior iliac crest.
A femoral hernia, if present, is located on the anterior thigh, medial to the femoral artery.
Place your hands around the knee and push the tips of your fingers into the popliteal fossa in an effort to feel the popliteal pulse. The bottom of the foot and between the toes: These are common "problem areas," particularly in patients with diabetes who are predisposed as a result of sensory impairment, arterial insufficiency, or both. If there is a lot of edema, you will have to push your way through the fluid-filled tissue to get down to the level of the artery.
If you are unable to palpate a pulse, find a doppler machine, which should be present on any inpatient floor or ER, and use it to identify the location of the artery. Located just lateral to the extensor tendon of the big toe, which can be identified by asking the patient to flex their toe while you provide resistance to this movement.
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With the patient supine, empty the superficial veins by 'milking' the leg in the distal to proximal direction. Over time, long standing stasis of blood leads to the deposition of hemosiderin, giving the skin a dark, speckled appearance. As with edema, this is very subjective and it will take you a while to develop a sense of relative values. It can be palpated by scooping the patient's heel in your hand and wrapping your fingers around so that the tips come to rest on the appropriate area. Gently place the tips of your 2nd, 3rd and 4th fingers adjacent to the tendon and try to feel the pulse.
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It's been used since the 1930's and there have been tests done on mice that show that it does seem to work, although I don't know if they've done formal testing on humans.
Even a gentle massage can be beneficial, particularly if someone has been feeling tired or sore.
If you feel any lymph nodes, note if they are firm or soft, fixed in position or freely mobile (fixed, firm nodes are more worrisome for pathologic states). This artery is covered by a lot of tissue and can be difficult to identify, so you may need to push pretty hard. In this way, you will be able to determine if the vessel was not palpable on the basis of limited blood flow or if you are simply having a "technical" problem. In the event that the pulse is not palpable, the doppler signal generated is also rated, ranging again from 0 to 2+.
Alternatively, you can reach your fingers over the top of the medial malleolous and approach the artery from this direction. This holistic therapy can be potentially beneficial by relaxing the body, reducing possible blockages, and aiding in other systems in the body such as the immune system and digestive system.

The therapist applies gentle, rhythmic pressure on and around the locations of the lymph nodes. This flow reduction can cause swelling to occur in the legs or arms and in the lymph nodes.
Even then, it may not be palpable, which is not clinically important if you can still identify the more distal pulses.
This occurs as a result of gravity working against an already ineffective blood return system. Although lymphatic massage can be beneficial for some people, it can also cause fatigue, overwhelming thirst, and nausea or vomiting.
Lymph nodes, part of the lymphatic system, also produce white blood cells called lymphocytes that are used by the immune system.
To avoid dehydration and help rid the body of toxins, it is important to drink plenty of water. Lymphatic drainage treatment sounds more like something you'd have to do with a needle or a scalpel than with a massage. Patients with severe arterial insufficiency, on the other hand, may have relatively pale skin as a result of under perfusion.
Palpating the patients radial artery or your own carotid simultaneously with your free hand can help sort this out.
Diabetics and people with heart disease, clotting, or kidney disease should avoid lymphatic massage because it can be dangerous. Sometimes the lymphatic system functions are diminished, which can be corrected by lymphatic drainage.
As the therapist focuses on these areas, relaxation is achieved from the surrounding muscles and tissues.
This is a medical treatment, which you won't be able to complete properly at home without training, so it's not going to benefit you very much if you decide to just go it alone. When their legs are placed in a dependent position, gravity enhances arterial inflow and the skin may become more red as maximally dilated arterioles attempt to bring blood to otherwise starved tissues.
In cases of severe ischemia, the affected areas (usually involving the most distal aspect of the foot), can appear whitish or mottled, giving the leg a marbleized appearance.

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