Cervical RibA cervical rib is a supernumerary (extra) rib which arises from the seventh cervical vertebra. There are numerous causes that can lead to pain under the right rib cage and it is important to understand them.
Medical assessment and examination is essential to help find the exact cause and to begin the right treatment plan for pain under right rib cage. Gastrointestinal causes are the most common reasons for pain under the right side of the rib cage. Acid Reflux and Ulcers Can Cause Pain Below Right Rib Cage- Regurgitation of food contents and reflux of acid into the food pipe can cause pain under the breastbone and the rib cage.
Liver Disorders Can Cause Pain Below Right Rib Cage- The liver is one of the vital organs located in the right side of the body below the rib cage.
Gall Bladder Diseases Can Cause Pain Below Right Rib Cage- Diseases of the gallbladder, which is located below the liver, can give rise to pain on the right side, especially beneath the ribs. Inflammatory Bowel Disorder Can Cause Pain Below Right Rib Cage- Obstruction of the bowel or inflamemation of the gut can cause conditions like Crohn's Disease and may be evident after consumption of particular food items. Appendicitis Can Cause Pain Below Right Rib Cage- In some cases, the appendix, which is a small extended part of the intestine on the right lower side of the abdomen, may get infected. Other gastric infections like typhoid and conditions like pancreatitis, hernia occurring in the upper part of the abdomen can cause pain under right rib cage. Other commonest reason for pain under right ribs includes disorders of the musculoskeletal system.
Pain Below Right Rib Cage Due To Fractured Ribs- Ribs on the right side can get bruised or cracked during forceful activities or by injuries. Pain Below Right Rib Cage Due To Costochondritis- Sometimes, trauma or certain infections can cause inflammation of the cartilage joining the ribs leading to pain and tenderness. Pain Below Right Rib Cage Due To Osteoporosis- Disorders of the bone and joints can cause inflammation and pain under the ribs. These include other reasons like injuries to the area under the right ribs or some other conditions like dietary factors, consumption of particular food items, imbalance of vitamins, build up of toxic ketone acids as in diabetic ketoacidosis, etc. Treatment is based on the precise diagnosis and generally includes rest in case of physical injuries to the ribs, muscles or soft tissues to allow healing.
Illustrating symptons of a disease is very useful, especially when they are used to illustrate sensitive topics. You can contact the medical artist team any time to provide you with unique and engaging medical imagery. To further expand on Pathology, it is the not only the medical speciality that deals with the study of nature and causes of disease.
The role of the medical artist is to illustrate or create a visual picture of any type of disease, as part of patient education and care and Joanna is in the priviliged position to work within this area of science. The role of the pathologist in particular is to work with doctors to treat patients and guide their care, testing blood samples for example and alerting doctors to any changes in a patients health at an early stage, even advising when successful treatment is most likely. Pressure on the nerves (brachial plexus) may cause a vague, aching pain in the neck, shoulder, arm, or hand. A look at the illustration to the right will demonstrate why the causes of this common condition is difficult to diagnose - the abdomen is like a mine field with literally several scores of possible things that could go wrong to cause pain there. Acute abdominal pain refers to an pain in the abdomen, that is recent in onset with potential to have life threatening consequences, if nothing is done. Chronic Abdominal pain are abdominal pain lasting for more than six weeks, and often does not pose immediate threat to life.
Upper abdominal or stomach pain are pain occurring anywhere in the abdomen, above the level of the umbilicus or navel.
Upper abdominal pain could be:Right upper abdominal pain, Central upper abdominal pain and Left upper abdominal pain.
In order to find out what could be causing abdominal pain in a patient, doctors usually want a very good story describing the pain, then proceeds to carrying out a physical examination and then blood tests, urine tests, and scans if needed. For doctors to be able to point to what is causing abdominal pain in a patient, a good story describing the pain is important.
Providing clear and definite answers to those questions could help doctors, in most cases, to reach at least 70% of the diagnosis what might be causing abdominal pain. Once the cause of an abdominal pain is identified, treatment will depend on whether it is a cause that is amenable to watchful waiting, or medication or surgery or any other type of intervention.
Lower Right Abdominal Pain Not rated yetI have been having lower pain on the right side that is almost constantly present. Upper right side dull pain halfway between middle chest and side  Not rated yetAbout a year and a half my liver enzymes came back a bit high so was told to have an ultrasound. Pain in the lower right abdoman Not rated yeti am having sluggish liver problem for many years. Pain on the lower right side Not rated yetI had a bad pain on my lower right abdomen for about 7yrs before i was diagnosed with appendicitis.
Pains in abdominal area Not rated yetWell I have had vaginal discharge for a while now, it is white and smelly.
Severe Upper Colon pain for the last 8 weeks Not rated yetHi I am a 34 year old male with no Medical Issues in the past besides this one. Nagging right side pain Not rated yetHi I'm a 52 yr old lady have had niggling pain comes and goes right side around belly button tummy feels bloated have had it now for almost a month. Abdominal pain Not rated yetI have left side abdominal pain that at times radiates around to the front and back just under the rib cage.

Appendix Pain Location - Where Appendicitis Pain Starts From And Stays Jul 05, 16 12:14 PMSee the appendix pain location as depicted in the pictures here.
Sharp twangs on lower right side of abdomen Jul 01, 16 06:26 PMI'm 35 years old and for about the last 3 months have been suffering with sharp twangs of pain in my lower right side of stomach.
There are a number of different sensations that a person may experience which does not always correlate with specific medical symptoms.
Ask a Doctor Online Now!The abdominal cavity is the largest cavity in the body and contains the most of amount of organ.
At times the sensation of abdominal tightness is localized to specific regions in the abdomen. Right upper quadrant (RUQ) : liver, gallbladder, right kidney, pancreas, colon, small intestine. Left upper quadrant (LUQ) : stomach, spleen, pancreas, colon, small intestine, left kidney. Right lower quadrant (RLQ) : right ureter, colon, small intestine, right ovary and fallopian tube.
Left lower quadrant (LLQ) : left ureter, colon, small intestine, left ovary and fallopian tube. Abdominal muscle cramps may arise with strenuous physical activity involving the use of these muscles or with abdominal exercises. Gastritis is inflammation of the stomach wall that typically presents with a dull gnawing ache often describes as soreness.
Gynecological problems in women such as uterine fibroids, polyps and pelvic inflammatory disease. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is an abnormality with bowel habit accompanied by abdominal discomfort or pain. Obstruction within the gastrointestinal tract, from the stomach to the colon, can contribute to a feeling of tightness especially when it impedes the movement of the gut contents like food and waste. Prostate enlargement, inflammation or cancer may cause a tight sensation in the lower abdomen of men. Urinary tract infections, particularly when it involves the bladder, ureters or even the kidneys. Please note that any information or feedback on this website is not intended to replace a consultation with a health care professional and will not constitute a medical diagnosis.
Having some awareness about the possible causes, other associated symptoms and their relation to your pain, can help you in every way. However, it is important to be aware of the nature of your pain, the time when the pain occurs, its relation with movement, consumption of food or particular food items and other complaints accompanying the pain. There may be burning in the throat also in relation to eating food or when stomach remains empty for long. Conditions like inflammation of liver (hepatitis), enlargement of liver (hepatomegaly), liver cirrhosis, fatty liver or infections, toxins, drugs and alcohol affecting the liver can cause liver damage and pain in the right upper part of the abdomen. Conditions like inflammation of the gallbladder (cholecystitis) or gall stones (cholelithtiasis) can cause severe pain in the right upper part of the abdomen, under the right rib cage and may even radiate to the right shoulder. There may be abdominal pain and discomfort under the right rib cage, vomiting and altered bowel movements. This may cause inflammation and pain, which is more on the right lower side, however, sometimes even the upper area under the ribs may be painful. Vitamin D deficiency or other factors causing brittle bones or osteoporosis too can lead to pain under right rib cage. Medications are given to control pain, fever, infections or gastrointestinal conditions depending on the cause.
A medical artist can focus on what is importrant, enhance what needs to be shown, taking out any over the top gory detail hence allowing the viewer to look with interest and subsequently learn about the disease in a more engaging manner. Where the study, nature, effect and diagnosis of disease brings about better treatment and understanding, and is in fact one of the oldest medical disciplines. Less commonly, pressure can reduce the blood flow into your arm and hand, making them feel cool and easily fatigued.
The key to diagnosis and treatment of pain in the abdomen is to understand the different likely causes of pain in the various regions of the abdomen.
For clarity, let us explain what is abdominal pain in terms of the various criteria just mentioned. If you suspect that you might be having any of the causes of acute abdomen listed here, please see your doctor immediately. The more common causes of pain in each of these upper abdominal regions are listed in the illustration above. The true answer of what is abdominal pain for any given patient lies in the result of these questions, examinations, tests and scans. The doctor may then proceed to do a physical examination and order some blood and urine test. That is an overview of what abdominal pain is and the journey you expect to go through, should you suffer with abdominal pain. Broadly abdominal discomfort is the term for allĀ  abdominal sensations that are technically not abdominal pain. Tightness may emanate from the abdominal wall or organs and structures within the abdomen (intra-abdominal).
This may help isolate the cause to certain organs although many organs may extend from one quadrant to another.

A person may instead experiences tightness at the site of injury and tenderness may also be present. It is more likely to occur in a person who is not physically fit and apart from the cramps, the other parts of the muscles may feel tight. Sensations such as abdominal tightness are common and may be present even when the bowel habits are normal. In premenstrual syndrome (PMS), tightness may accompany other symptoms such as mood swings prior to menstruation. It typically causes intense abdominal pain although abdominal tightness may also be present at the same time. This may be caused by compression of the abdominal organs or stretching of the abdominal wall. A burning pain is often present but tightness may persist throughout the condition along with the pain. However, sometimes, there may be an underlying medical situation that needs appropriate treatment. These details can make the history taking simpler and help your physician in identifying the condition. Peptic ulcers, particularly those affecting the duodenum, which is present on the right side, too can cause similar pain.
This is usually occurs after consumption of fatty food with bloating, nausea and sometimes vomiting. These may include, laboratory tests to study blood picture for infections, chemical analysis and other parameters.
Her work can be found in teaching manuals, surgeon's papers, books, posters and leaflets and general patient education.
It can be distressing looking at a photograph containing too much blood, graphic depictions of disease and many may look away. Underpinning all apects of medicine, pathology examines human organs and tissues, bodily fluids and even the whole body through autopsie. Other common sensations like abdominal cramps and even abdominal tenderness are related to abdominal pain.
It is a non-specific symptom which does not clearly indicate the exact cause unless it is associated with other symptoms.
The tight sensation can emanate from the abdominal wall and in particular the muscle as may been with muscle bruising and cramps.
Eventually as the condition worsens and the abdomen distends, there may be a feeling of compression or tightness. With constipation this could be attributed to excessive straining during a bowel movement or the accumulation of feces in the colon. However, a tight uncomfortable feeling in the upper left quadrant of the abdomen is typically reported.
Sometimes tightness may be the early symptoms and is typically isolated to the affected part of the peritoneum. Cystitis (bladder inflammation) is located at the bottom central part of the abdomen, the two ureters on either side are located approximately in line with the flanks and the kidneys are tucked towards the back in the upper part of the abdomen. The focus is on managing the condition, minimizing symptoms and also routine screening to ensure that it is not more serious conditions like IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) or colorectal cancer. These may require timely diagnosis and treatment to avoid further complications like perforation and abdominal bleeding. Imaging studies like X-ray, CT scan or MRI may be required to study bony structures, fractures, tumors or organ enlargement. Therefore the purpose of medical illustration is to to encourage people to stop, look and learn instead. Pathology is a core discipline of medical school and many pathologists are also teachers, all demonstrating how this area of medicine plays a key role. It could also help as a starting point in initiating a discussion with your doctor, if you suspect that any of the issues discussed here might be what is causing your abdominal pain. Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images. Another term, abdominal tightness or tightness within the abdomen, is a type of abdominal discomfort associated with firmness in the abdomen – whether actual physical firming present or simply a tight sensation.
Sometimes the sensation of tightness in the abdomen is generalized meaning that it can be felt throughout the abdomen and is difficult to localize. Diarrhea may also be accompanied by tight feeling in the abdomen which could be due to intestinal cramps, bowel tenesmus (urging) and excessive gas. Diet is one of the main ways to manage IBS although fiber supplements and certain drugs may also assist.
Each pair of ribs is attached to the building blocks of the spine (the vertebrae) in the back beginning with the first thoracic vertebra.
Feel free to contribute answers or comments to queries posted by others here and let's create a helpful community to minimize the effect of abdominal pain and related illnesses.

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