Despite these staggering figures, a recent phone poll conducted by the Institute for Policy Research revealed that only four in 10 Kentuckians correctly identified drug overdose as the leading cause of unintentional death in the state. As with most afflictions, the first step toward recovery is awareness—both public awareness and self-awareness. Apart from the immediate physical risks, the most dangerous aspect of prescription drugs is the false assumption that these drugs are “safer” than street drugs because they are prescribed by a physician. While state and community programs can go a long way in the fight against prescription drug abuse, the frontlines are in the home. Brescia University is currently the only school in Kentucky to offer an accredited BSW fully online. As a registered dietitian I come across many patients that have unhealthy relationships with food. This particular PET scan compares the images of a normal, cocaine addicted and obese person.
In addition, obese people along with those addicted to other substances have fewer dopamine receptors in their brains. This means that over eating can lead to obesity which causes a greater desire for palatable food. My name is Maria Tadic and I’m a nutrition expert, die-hard foodie and the author of the blog Bean A Foodie – A Culinary Quest for Nutrition.I started writing this blog so that I could share my recipes, cooking tips and advice, nutrition expertise and my opinions on great products, places and restaurants I’ve visited.
Approximately 270,000 people experience a moderate to severe TBI and 50,000 to 70,000people die from TBI each year with another 85,000 people suffer long term disabilities. It is estimated that 230,000 to 275,000 people are hospitalized for TBI and survive, while approximately 80,000 to 90,000 of these survivors live with significant disabilities as a result of the injury. Diffuse axonal shearing: when the brain is slammed back and forth inside the skull it is also being compressed and stretched. TBI not only effects the person who has suffered it but also family, friends and care givers.
Our Goal is to provide useful information as well as a place to share your story in order to help you and others overcome and adapt to life after a TBI.
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Crack cocaine is one of the most powerful illegal drugs when it comes to producing psychological dependence.
A study published recently by the Science Translational Medicine periodical concluded that the information provided with migraine drugs is exceptionally likely to affect the drug’s effectiveness. To conduct this study, researchers led by a Harvard headache expert first chose a total of 66 patients who suffer recurring migraines. More specifically, patients were all given drugs inside of an envelope, which may or may not have contained a note of some kind. Using this combination of labeling and information distribution allowed the scientists to accurately compare the effects of a placebo in 3 stages: a known placebo, an uncertain placebo, and a known medication. From this point, for each successive migraine the patient suffered, he or she recorded the pain level of the migraine upon developing symptoms and following self-medication using one of the envelopes. More notably, patients who had taken a pill labeled placebo but actually containing Maxalt reported half the pain reduction than those taking Maxalt labeled appropriately. This has many implications for both the scientific and medical study of the placebo effect, and the study of migraines themselves – still a relatively little-understood condition. Also, the study provides some insight to doctors; if labeling a pill is considered to be a negative effect and there are lesser healing benefits as a result, perhaps handing out sheets of horrendous side effects with drugs is quite likely to in fact limit the potential usefulness of a drug.
For every scientifically proven fact about drugs, there is a slew of urban legends that cause rampant paranoia. Since meth starts out in crystal form when smoked, it’s a logical (?) step to assume that it will reform crystals once inhaled into the lungs. This colorful myth originated in the 1960s, when hallucinogen enthusiasm and paranoia  were running rampant throughout the country.
Phillip Morris in particular seems to be the subject of this myth, which holds that Big Tobacco is ready to profit from cannabis when and if it is legalized. A popular myth among scare tactic lovers is that hallucinogens impart their effects by making the brain bleed. When someone asks for help with a drug addiction or alcoholism it's important that the help comes quickly to maximise the chance of a successful treatment result. Did you know that most people addicted to alcohol or other drugs are pressured into treatment and that this has little bearing on whether rehab will work or not?! Below, we will be discussing what Rohypnol is, what the signs and symptoms of using it are and what can be done to help those addicted to it.

Rohypnol is a drug that can be mixed into food and drinks, causes tranquilizing and muscle relaxing effects. Rohypnol is available in tablet form, but can be used in a powdered form, and can be used with other narcotics such as alcohol, marijuana and heroin. Individuals who are addicted to the drug become physically and mentally dependant on it, and when the drug cannot be obtained, it often causes sleeplessness. The drug is cheap and therefore popular amongst the youth of today, however it is not limited to young people. Common signs and symptoms attributed to an addiction to Rohypnol include low blood pressure, memory loss, drowsiness, disorientation and impaired vision.
While the drug may be known as a tranquilizer, Rohypnol has been known to cause feelings of excitement and aggression in some addicts. A residential stay in a rehabilitation clinic is important in helping those addicted to Rohypnol.
The minimum period in rehab may last for 28 days but can be extended depending on the nature and severity of an addiction.
Residing at a rehabilitation clinic includes a medical detoxification, which will be done in order to minimise or remove any withdrawal symptoms the recovering addict might experience. Various forms of therapy and counselling will also be done in order to educate the individual about their addiction.
Once treatment has been completed, it would be beneficial to attend secondary treatment, which serves as a continuation of what was taught in rehab. Tertiary treatment is also available once this is done, which prepares the individual for a return into society and a normal and happy life. Picking the correct rehab for you can be a tough decision to make, so call us now and we can help get you into the best treatment available. The non-medical use and abuse of prescription drugs is a severe problem in many areas of the state, but the general population remains largely unaware of the issue. Only in Eastern Kentucky, where the problem is most pronounced, did a majority of residents correctly answer the question. Whether you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, or you’re considering earning a social work degree, or you’re simply a concerned citizen, the information below can help shed light on this growing problem in Kentucky.
Opioid painkillers are highly addictive in some individuals, as they have a similar chemical effect in the body as heroin or opium. Teens are particularly at risk of experimenting with prescription drugs due to the common misconception that they are “safer.” According to a 2011 study, one in 12 high school seniors admitted to nonmedical use of Vicodin, and one in 20 reported abused of OxyContin.
In Eastern Kentucky, an unprecedented number of children are being raised by extended family because their biological parents are suffering from addiction, or have died as a result of prescription drug abuse. Organizations like Operation UNITE and Keep Kentucky Kids Safe help to raise awareness, provide support to those struggling with addiction and fight for stronger regulations on prescription narcotics. If you’re interested in joining the fight against prescription drug abuse and addiction, a social work degree can enable you to achieve change in your community.
Brescia University’s Bachelor of Social Work degree completion program has been fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education since June 2000. It is believed that 5.3 million Americans are currently living with some symptoms related to having a TBI.
Because the brain is very soft tissue made up of nerve fibers called neurons with long fragile axons that make the connection to other neurons, when the impact is strong enough, axons can be stretched until they are torn. Our mission here is to share our experience with TBI in order to help others gain perspective on what to expect going forward. It stimulates key pleasure centers within the brain and causes extremely heightened euphoria.
This isn’t to say that a placebo is more effective than an actual prescription-quality migraine-fighting medication, but the results found definitely make one think.
In conjunction with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, these patients were studied over the course of a total of 459 total documented attacks. Of no surprise to the scientists was that the Maxalt was reported to be the best at combating symptoms and pain relief.
This finding alone leads to the conclusion that 50 percent of a migraine prescription’s effect is placebo in nature. At least in the case of migraines, this study supports that the physical and mental components of taking a pill encourage healing. While these myths make things more confusing, they are also a great source of entertainment. No one is quite sure where this creepy urban legend comes from, but rest assured that there’s no truth to it.

However, when meth is inhaled, it is immediately absorbed by the lungs into the blood stream. Legend has it that a man took an extremely high dose of LSD and suddenly thought he was an orange. Tobacco companies have secret joint production factories that they will unroll when marijuana is legalized. While there is no evidence to support this claim, its believers might argue that this is because the scheming companies want to keep their projects a secret. Please call or email us right now or fill in the form on the right hand side of this page and we'll call you back immediately. Illegal in the US, the drug is manufactured and can be purchased legally in Europe and South Africa. The truth is that, according to the Attorney General, Kentucky has the sixth highest overdose rate in the country. The poll also found that one in three Kentucky residents reported having friends or family who experienced difficulties due to misusing prescription pain medication.
When combined with alcohol or other drugs, respiratory and cardiac systems are slowed or excited to dangerous levels, which can result in death.
The Prescription Drug Task Force works across state lines to help fight the pipeline of prescription drugs into Kentucky. TBI is a major health concern for children ages 0-4, male adolescents (all you skate boarders and Xtreme sport guys) young adults 15-19 and the elderly are the groups at highest risk for TBI. Compulsive crack use develops soon after the person starts using, because the substance is smoked and enters the blood stream rapidly. From attack to attack, two things were varied: remedial drug administered, and supplemental information given to the patient alongside the drug.
Some of those notes informed the sufferer that the pill was merely a placebo, and some of the placebo envelopes contained notes that said the enclosed pill was in fact Maxalt – a migraine relief drug (10-mg rizatriptan). Slightly more interestingly, the placebo (labeled as such) was found to be far more effective than no treatment whatsoever. Yet more interestingly, Maxalt mislabeled as placebo had roughly the same benefits as an aptly-labeled placebo. Flashbacks have now been classified as an exclusively psychological phenomenon, meaning that spinal fluid is not involved. Intravenous meth use, paradoxically, can cause lung damage, since various particles in the drug will deposit themselves in the lungs and corrode the tissues there. He has since been confined to a psychiatric hospital, gripped by the fear that if someone touches him, he’ll turn into orange juice. Nonetheless, unless taking mushrooms causes you to bang your head against a wall or suffer an aneurysm, cerebral hemorrhaging is one side effect you don’t need to be worried about.
Since 2000, the number of unintentional deaths due to drug overdose has jumped from 205 to over 1,000 in 2012.
Disruption in other bodily functions may result in excessive urination or sweating, uncontrollable nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.
In 2005, Kentucky became the first state to launch an online tracking system for potentially addictive drugs.
A tolerance develops quickly—the addict soon fails to achieve the same high experienced earlier from the same amount of crack cocaine.
While it’s unclear how this anecdote surfaced, enough versions have cropped up (some in which our poor friend is a glass of orange juice rather than a solid orange) that it is undoubtedly a tall tale.
For context, that means more people died in Kentucky last year because of prescription drug overdose than in traffic accidents.
Users may also experience seizures, coma or death as a result of the misuse of pain killers. According to CNN, in Rockcastle County, population 16,000, one person dies each week from prescription drug overdose. The Kentucky All-Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting (KASPER) system monitors information on the prescriber, dispenser and individual who received the medication to help crack down on medical providers that may overprescribe or intervene when a patient fills a suspicious amount of prescriptions for controlled substances. Kentucky has established an anonymous drug and alcohol rehab helpline for anyone suffering from addiction.

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