But interestingly enough, even though some of the logistics change, the processes don’t. And don’t forget about all of your long lost friends and family that will show up teotwawki+1. We have a large family, well, maybe not quite as large as yours but I know where you are coming from.
While planning and choosing various foods for your overall preparedness food storage, also think about the proteins. All foods made from meat, poultry, seafood, beans and peas, eggs, processed soy products, nuts, and seeds are considered part of the Protein Foods Group. Packed with protein and low in fat for a relatively low calorie count, chicken is high in selenium as well as cancer-preventing B-vitamin niacin. They are high in fiber, iron and memory-boosting B1, releasing their energy slowly (meaning no sugar spikes), and contain a relatively good amount of protein. Often considered the healthiest nut, a medium sized handful contains about 5 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber (the highest of any nut), calcium, zinc, iron, vitamin E, and some B-vitamins, minerals, and selenium. These amounts are appropriate for individuals who get less than 30 minutes per day of moderate physical activity, beyond normal daily activities. Please remember the harsh winters, especially for those thinking of bugging out as a possible option. You have then turned something that is generally considered trash fish becasue of all the bones into a useable product. It is always a good idea to boil what ever you open for 10 minutes unless it is something like pie filling that you are going to bake or the chicken you open to make into enchiladas. I just finished a 38 day shift strait, in the middle of nowhere working outside in these conditions.
You cannot easily leave a bottle of water or a can of beans in the camper or truck without it freezing. Caching, in my humble opinion, is a challenge, but is a good way for those of us who cannot afford everything we want. For now, all I can do is stock pile my truck, my storage facility, my utility trailer, and rely on TEMPORARY caches using 5 or 7 gallon plastic buckets. It will take a while, but prospecting I hope will teach me many new skills, and meet many contacts to learn from. A full belly at the end of the night works well for the parasympathetic portion of the body’s normal processes. Then upon waking, while you would be hungry, in actuality there would be lower blood sugar but still would allow you to work efficiently.
By doing this, it means less firewood consumed, for the last thing you want to do is build three fires a day as that will use up all your fuel sources.
We don’t want to be efficiently metabolizing all day long, for that will result in more food eaten in the long run.

If the work crew needs more energy, then one could make energy bars to help boost their energy.
If food is spoiling or going stale, then you want to eat that food and put in your belly if you can’t preserve it. They can produce far more than they can consume if you have to live in a self sustaining manner.
Along with having more workers you also have more people who can develop different skill sets.
Be aware that tuna may contain levels of mercury, so it’s probably best not to consume more than a few cans a week. They’re a good source of folate and manganese, relatively high in protein, and rich in vitamin B1 as well as a slew of other minerals. Generally, most all unprocessed nuts are good in that they contain protein and other attributes.
Those who are more physically active may be able to consume more while staying within calorie needs. You can usually get a pack of 25 smokes for around 11$ CAN in the more northern cities and towns in the provinces.
Also as I am preparing to go gold prospecting, and already live a nomadic lifestyle, I have to cache. We had a medic on duty with helicopter-air evacuation; very warm clothing, all you can eat food and water, a warm truck to go to if I had to, a warm camp to go to. Not everyone OWNS their own land…what do you do with all your stores if you cannot pay the bills? Freeze dried and dried goods, work well for me, I can hunt trap and fish…plus I still have the food and liquor store’s ?… for now…Canned goods stockpiling will work well once I get to my region, dig well below the frost line, using redundancy; many layers of protection for my cache goods, and somehow afford and find new metal drums to hide away. You usually have to switch gears regarding prepping for then most will end up malnourished. You need to have higher blood sugar under work conditions but not necessarily under resting periods. During the night, the blood is shunted to the core trunk of the body and since there is little movement, energy is allocated for digestion and the formation of tissue maintenance.
There are several recipes for making these as a form of hardtack but containing gathered wild edibles. You want to walk until you find cover in the treelines or grasslands, and then only drinking sips of water to maintain hydration. Here is a tuna consumption calculator for your reference regarding maximum recommended intake.
I just randomly checked a can of Kirkland canned beef (12 oz) and it contains 15 grams of protein, slightly more than the same size canned chicken (13 grams). If they’re canned, they should have a longer shelf life, but the oils in them will go rancid after a time.

It is the warmest part of Canada year round, like Oregon, but believe me, it still gets cold, a wet cold there…a dry cold here, especially IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE YEAR ROUND! Life is way easier, lots of driftwood to burn…OR IT WAS….we now have radiation everywhere to contend with! I would rather spend my hard earned money on the prep itself…stash it….and hide it somewhere for free. Hunger will be persistant, particularly if all you eat is the low calories that come from lean protein (see my rabbit starvation post above).
When children are malnourished and hungry they have difficulty sleeping as their thoughts are full of hunger. At night you’d use a Dakota Hole fire as that will help reduce detection in the wilderness.
By eating the meal later, during darkeness when you can’t hike anyway, this is better for your tribe. Thus the order in which one eats provisions is governed by the rate of spoilage and being able to mix proteins to get a complete protein as well. Each Survival Cave Canned Beef Food Storage order comes with 54 servings and 5,940 calories; and this product has a shelf life of 12 - 15 years. My sheriff department calls me when they have a nice animal that has to be put down due to vehicle damage.
Lessons I have learned are to have the best quality waterproof camping gear money can afford. A full belly for those on watch duty is bad for the night watch portion as it may induce sleep. Likewise, by firelight you can concentrate on making tools which require concentration but often not labor intensive work.
There are infinite free places to hide things…It is wise to have many different, small caches in your plan. Food though needs a waterproof metal container for the long term against rodents and animals.
I write all this as I wanted to give a different perspective that most people in warmer climates have no experience with. I can’t store #10 cans, for example, because in a power down situation my three person group would have to eat just that can for two-three meals to not have food go bad. My brother-in-law had summer sausage made at a processing facility & it costs him $169. In my three person group if the epileptic has a seizure it can take two people to tend them, leaving exactly zero to fend off zombies.

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