Camouflage 60" Rain Umbrellas Factories in China #347498228 Camouflage 60" Rain Umbrellas China Suppliers, Wholesale Price Factory Direct Accept Mixed Orders of Customized Products, Custom-made Logo Imprinted. The Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) is categorized as an animal protection charity by the Canada Revenue Agency. In fact, the CWF comprises twelve provincial organizations, most of which have a major focus on protecting and promoting hunting and fishing.
But unsuspecting animal lovers visiting the CWF website would find it difficult to make this connection to the hunting community. The only reference to the affiliates and their primary purpose is found in an obscure part of the website featuring Annual Reports. This is not to say that the organization and its affiliates have not contributed significantly to the conservation of wildlife.
I don’t know why they don’t point this out to people, but they should, then maybe people would not be so against hunting, fishing and trapping and this wouldn’t be an issue for them. But just what is the CWF protecting animals from when the organization is deeply rooted in the hunting and fishing community?

The website screams warm and fuzzy with wildlife photo contests and other motherhood-and-apple-pie activities.
And unless one follows the links to these websites, there is no way to know that the conservation effort is about preserving animals so that they can continue to be hunted.
However, the public, and most especially donors, have a right to know the policies of the organization they are supporting. Wild animals have been hunted for food for years and years, could you imagine what the population would do if hunting was put to a halt all together??? I find the CWF dishonest in their approach to raise funds…if what they represent is so worthy why not be up front.
Rather than camouflage clothing and floating gun cases, their shopping section offers opportunities to adopt animals, including black bears and beluga whales, and Robert Bateman tote bags.
It should be clearly stated in their written materials and on their website that they support hunting, fishing and trapping – in their words, the ‘wise use’ of wildlife. Not to mention with a population growth like that the amount of people that would die from accidents with the wildlife????

Very few hunters are the “real” thing…most just have a thirst for killing and this is the legal way to carry out their fantasies. Because those who hunt for survival will actually care for them to make sure that they will not dwindle the population.
Most animal lovers would find this repugnant and feel duped to know that their donations were being used in this fashion. Or the amount of damage to crops which provide non-animal food to all of you vegitarians????
The point of the post is to alert people who oppose hunting to the misleading nature of CWF’s website and communications. Now if it’s NOT the CWF we’d contact over concern of the upcoming slaughter of thousands of wolves in Alberta, and other parts of Canada, who is it???!!!

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