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At the tender age of 14, Ed Sheeran began recording music and independently released his first collection of songs “The Orange Room EP”.
Prepared to graft from the very start, Ed Sheeran played 312 gigs in 2009 in addition to constantly releasing new material on his YouTube channel. Ed Sheeran’s debut studio album “+” entered at number one in the UK charts after Ed secured four top ten singles in a row from the album.
Licensing of his music to television shows, and collaborations with One Direction on their song “Moments” and with Taylor Swift on the song “Everything Has Changed” paved the way for Ed Sheeran’s second studio album “x” (pronounced ‘multiply’) to hit the number one position in both the UK and the US charts. Despite being so early in his career, Ed has already been nominated for three Grammy Awards and was the recipient of a 2012 Ivor Novello Award for “The A Team”.
He was also very interactive with the crowd, asking us to sing along for most songs, telling stories, and even managing to request and achieve (near) complete silence from the audience during the few songs he deemed needed it.
All that said, I think needs some assistance in creating more flow to the show and in reaching out to his audience in a meaningful way.
When I had an opportunity to see him live for the first time this year, he was playing a massive stadium in Philadelphia. With all of the production on the new album, I completely expected him to have a huge band on stage. Something I really like about him, is that he is just a simple human being with an amazing talent that he wants to share with the world.
I fell in love with Ed's music a few years ago, a little before the big hype about him (of which there is every need to be). Ed Sheeran is probably the most talented man alive, thought surprisingly not many people know about Ed Sheeran. It takes a lot of talent to make grown men squeal like teenage girls at a concert but Ed Sheeran did just that. The people in the row behind me were very confused as the time neared for Ed to go on, commenting that the stage was still fairly empty of equipment-- All of the audio during the show comes from his voice, his acoustic guitars (which get swapped out between songs, presumably to replace strings), and loop pedals, which is amazing. Ed's singing voice and vocal gymnastics during his raps are flawless, as were his medleys of his own songs and covers, which are a lot of fun. The overall energy of the performance was fantastic and absolutely worth going to see this immense talent on stage! My friend and I have been waited for 5 months to see him and we were absolutely not disappointed. I was a little surprised by one thing; I always see Ed during his shows anywhere asking to the audience to be quiet.
It's a rare talent that can take to a stage in front of over 14000 people and have them in the palm of their hand!
People with this disorder are completely color blind or nearly color blind and have poor visual acuity and their eyes do not easily adapt to high levels of illumination. Achromatopsia is defined in two forms and these are Complete Achromatopsia and Incomplete Achromatopsia or Dyschromatopsia.
Complete Achromatopsia a€“ this form of achromatopsia have a complete inability to perceive color and have a number of ophthalmologic aberrations such as hemerolopia, nystagmus, severe reduction of visual acuity and severe photophobia. Incomplete Achromatopsia (Dyschromatopsia) a€“ individual with this disorder only have partial impairment of cone. It is a congenital visual disorder characterized with the inability to perceive color and visual acuity in high levels of illumination. Ambylopia is described as disorder of the visual system characterized by vision deficiency wherein visual stimulation is poorly transmitted to the optic nerve going to the brain.
Hemeralopia is colloquially termed as day-blindness due to the visual capacity of the eye where it is reduced in bright light. Iris is a circular structure in the eye that is responsible for regulating the size of the pupil and controls the light reaching the retina. Congenital a€“ this form of cause of achromatopsia is defined as due to malfunction of the retinal phototransduction pathway. Acquired a€“ this form is due to damage to the thalamus of the mid brain or the cerebral cortex of the brain.
Achromatopsia has said to be due to genetic mutation in CNGA3 (ACMH2) and CNGB3 (ACHM3) as well as mutation in GNAT2 (ACHM4).
Recent study discovered the fourth genetic cause which is mutation in PDE6C located on chromosome locus 10, 10q24.
Gene therapy for achromatopsia aimed in converting congenital achromatopsia to trichomats through introduction of lacking gene called photopigments. Chlamydia is gram negative bacteria and sometimes it may also cause infections on the genitals of children and adults.
Some of the common signs of trachoma are fluid like discharge from the eyes and cloudy cornea.
Your doctor or ophthalmologist may perform eye examination through which scarring on the eyelids become evident. Powerful antibiotics like erythromycin and doxycycline are prescribed for trachoma eye infection. World Health Organization recommends giving azithromycin ointment for treating trachoma but it is expensive.
Surgery is done on to correct the loss of vision and recommended for individuals who have trichiasis, failing which it can cause blindness. In bilamellar tarsal procedure, an incision is made on the scarred eyelids for correcting the eyelid rotation. Hence it is vital to make follow up care and regular visits to the clinic to ensure safety of the eyes.

In case of infection is present on the child it becomes necessary for all the family members to take preventive dosage of antibiotics for lowering the risk of infection. Complications can occur when the eyelashes turn inward to rub against cornea causing eye ulcers and loss of vision. He's also composed songs for other artists like the group One Direction and the ever popular Taylor Swift.
Known for his hybrid pop and R&B sound, which mixes his soulful lyrics with his mellow voice, Ed Sheeran has found extensive fame across all corners of the globe. It was after his move to London in 2008, though, that his music career really began to take off due to the release of his “Loose Change EP”, which featured future megahit single “The A Team”. These gigs and his widespread social media following caught the attention of Jamie Foxx, Elton John and Example.
An opportunity to break into the US market soon came about after Ed was given the opportunity to tour with the band Snow Patrol.
His music transcends any definable genre, combining soft folk with bright pop and grime hip-hop.
His love is more passionate, his hurt is more palpable, and when he throws shade, it's pretty intense. He played with no band or backtrack, but instead recorded himself and looped it as he went along to create the illusion of a backtrack or band.
If, on the other hand, they keep getting better we could be looking at a new kind of stardom. Yet, just as he had done when he first started on the street and at open mic nights, Ed Sheeran played completely by himself… in a stadium. Ed is not just a singer, but a brilliant artist, because every song of his is a work of art. He is a singer song writer with an incredible voice who stands on stage with a guitar and a loop pedal. Wembley Stadium is a big place so I was initially concerned that my seat was too far away from all the excitement (as it was in the back half of the stadium and highest level of assigned seating) however I was grateful to find this was wrong as Sheeran's stage presence captured the entire stadium. I'd watched a couple of videos on Youtube of past concerts, so I knew that he would put on a good show, but it was better than I even expected.
You can tell from his exuberance that he loves performing and having the crowd sing along, which happened on nearly every song. He possesses the rare ability to stand alone on a stage in front of thousands with just a guitar, microphone, and looping station. Color perception is absent where the only color identified is black, white and shades of gray.
The physical structure of the eye is somewhat normal or may be out of proportion when associated with the abnormality in structure.
This symptom is characterized by photo aversion where the visual capacity gets worse in bright light especially during the day. Involuntary movement of the eye may be acquired in infancy or latter part in life wherein the condition results to limited visual capacity.
The layer of the iris called stroma is connected to the spinchter muscle responsible for circular movement of the pupil and it is also connected to a set of dilator muscle that is responsible for pulling the pupil radially to enlarge it and pull it in folds.
Genetic factor that caused achromatopsia is the mutation of the cone cell cyclic nucleotide-gated ion channels as well as the cone cell transducin. Variety of mammals used demonstrated possibility of conferring color vision to animals through introduction of a harmless virus called adeno-associated virus.
Bacterium Chalmydia trachomatis is said to cause this infection and this is chronic taking long time to cure.
It largely affects children and its effect is felt in the form of scarring for long time in life. The eyes become swollen due to the inflammation of the lymph nodes and for some children the eyelashes turn inward making it difficult to open the eyes.
It develops as a slow process starting in the form of inflammation of the eyelids lining and underlying tissues.
By doing surgery, the eyelid rotation is limited which in turn reduces the process of scarring of cornea. However there is no guarantee that the person will not get infection again even after surgery.
Further to this, his hard work won thousands of fans, who would show up at any small gigs he was playing. Sheeran's clever wordplay and soulful lyrics are able to really captivate an audience, both when listening to him live or on a CD.
I was able to meet him after he performed and he genuinely cared about what I had to say to him. With only one person on stage in such a huge arena, there was a lot of opportunity to for the show to grow dry or redundant, especially for those sitting far away. Between being his own DJ, spitting out verses quicker than I thought possible, and jumping around stage, it's hard to find out when he has time to breathe. The sheet quality of his songs, what he achieves with his looping, and the visuals on the screen were excellent.
There were some transcendental moments in that show were I felt that anything could happen. I'm not sure if it was the time spent with Gary Lightbody and Snow Patrol, but Ed Sheeran has refined his songwriting to pull at your heartstrings and bring you on a 3 minute plus journey of love, loss, and sometimes revenge. This is definitely a case of the pop music world getting it right… Ed Sheeran is a huge talent who deserves to be massive, and you will agree next time you see him live. He is 23 years old and he has released two albums, twelve EPs and collaborated with many successful artists.
If you are a fan of acoustic artists and small venues - then his concert is definitely for you.
He builds the music right in front of you, singing the background melodies and strumming the guitar until the music is perfect and than he starts singing his songs.

Knowing he was going to be it on stage in such a large venue I wondered if an artist could engage the audience.
Color vision disorder is the inability to perceive colors and inability to attain visual acuity at high light levels. Nystagmus is less noticeable as the child age while the other signs and symptoms become appreciable by pre-school age or by the time the child reaches school age.
It can also spread if any person comes into direct contact with the affected person or shares his towels or clothing. In short the medical care given for trachoma is described as “SAFE” where “S” means surgical care, “A” means antibiotics, “F” means facial cleanliness and “E” means environmental improvement. This drug is far effective when compared with tetracycline in removing the symptoms and it has less side effects. One of the most salient qualities about him though, is his pure, unaltered, truly beautiful voice.
However, he managed to keep me entertained the whole show with an AMAZING graphic show to accompany him. There were a few occasions during the night when Ed was bashing away at his guitar, lost in that massive cacophony,of sound, that I thought that the Budweiser Gardens might blast off into space! Achromatopsia is characterized as lacking in cone vision which is provided by cone photoreceptors in the retina. Common fly is also another reason that helps in carrying these bacteria thereby spreading the disease.
For some people there may be gastric problems and rash formation when high dosage of azithromycin is taken. He is a true artist: a beautiful lyricist, a stunning vocalist, and an incredibly entertaining musician. Each of his songs had a unique visual and light show that included scenes from music videos, new visuals, and video to project his performance. Also, the way that he deconstructed some of the fan favourites was very interesting to watch and listen to. That piece needs to be a showstopper; a song that leaves the audiences emotional avd feeling connected to each other. You know this feeling when you have to drive to a concert and you're already exhausted and the summer heat is making you all giddy?
The relation between the venue size and the amount of noise that was being produced was astounding. Eventough I think it is much cooler to let him sing, let him drives you anywhere with his INCREDIBLE voice ,I have to say. Sheeran mashes songs up, sneaks in a classic or two, and incorporates lyrics from current hits. Ed had a few tricks not dismiliar to a DJ and with his sampling loops, his busking percussioning talents and his energetic personality. Trachoma may cause corneal abrasions or even scarring and in rare cases it may cause loss of vision permanently. That, I think, makes a more personal connection with him and the crowd so, even parents who didn't particularly want to be there could be involved as well with clapping etc. He continued building beats and playing my favorite songs throughout the whole night and there was never a boring moment.
This cutie ginger with his guitar started to sing I'm Mess, and at this moment everybody moved their hands in the air and screaming and blah blah blah. Just looking at him and think Damn he is a good singer and moved me by his sensibility and honesty in his voice and songs. He constantly keeps his fans engaged, giving them harmony parts to repeat, and even gets chaperoning parents tapping their feet to the beat. I was lucky enough to see him at a small, intimate performance with a crowd of only about 100.
Another personal favorite is when Ed (he's soo cute) requests the crowd to be completely silent, no singing, NO SCREAMING, and no talking. I think many people connect more to artists like Sheeran because of the whole-heartedness and sincerity of his shows. Words which describe this show could be simple but effective, Honest, generous, human, and talented. The diversity of the Suffolk singer's fans is incredible, ranging from fangirling tweens to accompanying husbands and boyfriends who do not initially expect to enjoy the event.
He can please a crowd just as well as, if not better than, a seasoned performer with a full band, props, and costumes.
Although I arrived at 7:30 am for the general admission show (which started at 7pm) there were also many older fans and an almost even ration of male to female.
Most amazingly, he remains humble and true to his roots, a normal twenty-four year old, refusing to let the fame go to his head.
From the moment he struck the first chord until the moment he stepped off stage, the audience was enchanted by him. He makes sure we are all listening to him and not just screaming whenever he opens his mouth and a beautiful note comes out.
He also added things to the songs like adding other parts of songs to the end or adding an extra verse than from what's on the album (eg.
His voice can transport you from an old pub in Ireland to the grimy streets of London without ever missing a beat. A real troubadour, his shining moments are the ballads in which soaring vocals and romantic lyrics backed by the simple strum of his Little Martin cause major swooning. At various times throughout the show I stopped singing along just to hear his amazing voice and take in what was actually happening in front of my eyes.

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