No matter how many wedding blogs, magazines or planners you read, you are bound to forget some aspect of your planning. Painkillers would have come in handy when I was too excited to eat in the morning on my wedding day. Link exchange is nothing else however it is only placing the other person’s weblog link on your page at appropriate place and other person will also do same for you.
Subscribe to our newsletter and receive wedding inspiration and special offers straight to your inbox! One Maid of Honor duty that ends up being a task favorite for most girlfriends is building the wedding day survival kit.
This past weekend I headed out of town to celebrate my soon to be sister-in-law’s bridal shower and bachelorette party. I boxed everything up in a little tub which I of course had to customize with a little vinyl.
I know this is a couple months old, but the only thing I’ve experienced that was needed that isn’t on this list is white-out! I would add dramamine for nausea and motion sickness and neosporin for minor cuts n scrapes. If you need to hold up strapless gowns or keep parts tucked where they are supposed to stay, use carpet tape, not Hollywood tape.
I would add extra pair of underwear just in case your cycle becomes heavy unexpectedly and messes up the current pair your wearing and feminine wipes just to always feel fresh even in crunch time. If you are attending your best friend’s bridal shower, you might have a hard time trying to figure a special and unique gift that is not on her Amazon wish list. A stressed out bride needs to have a good laugh and there is no better way to make her do so than giving her a copy of a comedic tale narrated in a diary format.
Just to keep your option open a movie laced with loads of humor would just be perfect as well. If the bride is conventional you might be forced to take a conservative approach and get her a pair of striking peignoir set while a pair of skimpy panties or bras would be ideal if the bride is more adventurous. If the bride considers changing her name after getting married, she will definitely love slippers or towels that have her new initials inscribed in them. In instances where she is not changing her names, items that have her initials and those of her fiance will give her some clue on the new life she is about to take. Assemble a tote bag complete with the wedding day necessities and the bride will lade you with tons of appreciation for this well thought out gift. You can tuck in a small book and a pen or simply write some emergency numbers to dial in case of any eventualities. How about putting together cooking utensils and flowers to create a bouquet of its own kind that looks pretty?

This might turn out to be a creatively assembled gift and the bride may live to remember you for the rest of her married life so don’t be afraid to try it out.
If you have a hint that the bride is planning on a honeymoon after the wedding, you might consider getting her a helpful guide book on the spot of her choice. While a newly married couple might have a lot of documentation on the wedding day, few have any documents for the planning of the wedding.
This is why I put together this handy wedding emergency kit list so you can remember all the last minute things you might need for your big day. Bridesmaids (or one amazing Maid of Honor) stockpile items for weeks, and by the time the big day has arrived, the bride and her crew are ready for any emergency.
Hopefully this means that no matter what might be thrown at us the day of the wedding, we can handle it.
I knew this bride would have plenty of mirrors so it wasn’t an issue, but in the case where that’s not an option a hand mirror would be great! You can use them for the obvious, but you can also use them as insoles in shoes that are too large.
This wedding took place with snow on the ground so luckily no bugs or sunshine were a problem!
Luckily they got married in the winter with snow on the ground…so no need for allergy worries!!! If they still make those serious pads in individual hygenic plastic wraps, they might come in handy in an emergency.
A cheap pedicure or manicure might turn out to be the perfect gift to make sure she looks stunning at pre-wedding occasions.
It’s not hard to get a gift certificate since an array of local spas and beauty parlors offer gift certificates. Give her some elegant lingerie that will keep the spark glowing even after the wedding night. You can get a little bit more creative by getting her a sexy dress that flatters her figure. Chances are very high that she won’t have registered for monogrammed goodies since most registries hardly ever have this option. Some of the must haves in this kit include pain killers, clear nail polish, trial size tissue, band aids and a small bottle of water.
Even the most well organized events may have some unforeseen incidences and a wedding survival kit might save the day should a misfortunate episode occur during the wedding. Think of how many head spatulas, wooden spoons, whisks tied together with a ribbon then placed in a vase with some magnificent silk flowers would turn in a bridal shower. You can get her the appropriate accessories to use while on holiday such as beach blankets or cashmere blankets if she is headed for a ski resort.

A bride will certainly be pleased with a beautiful album that has pictures of her bridal shower or a journal that documents her opinions during the whole process. She is welcoming new family members but chances are that she hardly has any idea of you they really are. When it came time to decide what I wanted to give as a gift at the shower I decided that my Wedding Day Emergency Kit was a must. I created A Diamond in the Stuff to share my creative ideas and gain some inspiration along the way.
Her apprehensive muscles could certainly do with some massage while a facial treat will make her skin look magnificent for the wedding photo shoot. If your friend is not a fan of movies or is not an avid reader, the idea of buying her a ticket to watch some stand up comedy would come in handy, after all, they say that laughter is the best medicine. You can bet that she won’t have registered for it; therefore this will be greatly helpful to her. We live in an era of technological advancement and the bride will be able to share digitally the progress of the wedding plans with her mother or close friends who might be far away. A well thought out gift would be to get a labeled photo album with all the new additions to her family.
We all know men don’t think about these things, and I want to make sure all the guys have everything they might need the day of too. As these questions linger in your mind try to calm down because chances are that she might end up loving whatever you pick out. If you want to give her a pedicure certificate for instance, you can creatively tuck it in a pair of slippers. The digital camera will also come in handy during the wedding day to snap away some of the wedding highlights. To add a special twist to it, add a gift certificate so that she can visit one of the places and cherish the memories.
You never know when a zipper will fail, a heal will break, something gets spilled, or someone forgot deodorant! Another use for these little wonders is as dress shields to keep perspiration from soaking through your sleeve.
Nothing more uncomfortabl than a rip in your hose rubbing its way into a blister on your big toe. Also, I used this tip when one of my preschoolers got a bloody nose while wearing a white dress.

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