Your throat is 5 inches long and includes both your pharynx, or throat, and larynx, voice box. Tobacco use, excessive alcohol use and poor dental hygiene can all put you at risk for throat cancer.
You may notice an increase in coughing, changes or hoarseness in your voice and difficulty swallowing.
Throat cancer is more likely to occur in males than in females, but women should still be aware of the symptoms and risk factors for the disease. These cells can continue to abnormally grow and accumulate in your throat, developing into a tumor. If you were exposed to asbestos or have a diet that lacks fruits and vegetables you are also at an increased risk.

At this time, if they see anything troubling, they will be able to remove a sample for biopsy. They can include radiation, which throat cancer is particularly sensitive to, and chemotherapy.
Limiting your risk factors and seeking appropriate medical help if you notice any symptoms can increase the likelihood of recovery. Research hasn't been able to identify why the genetic mutations occur, but are aware of certain risk factors associated with the disease. HPV, human papillomavirus, is a sexually transmitted virus that can put you at an increased chance to develop throat cancer. Your doctor might also recommend imaging tests such as an MRI or CT scan to evaluate the extent of the cancer and whether it has spread to other areas of your body.

For women, HPV is also a risk factor in cervical cancer so precautions to reduce the risk of HPV are especially important. The type of surgery performed would depend on the location and severity of your throat cancer. Stages are numbered 1 to 4, with 1 being localized throat cancer and 4 being the most advanced stage of cancer. The effectiveness of your treatment depends on this because both habits will decrease the effectiveness of the treatments for throat cancer.

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