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Principal's Weekly Dialer MessageThis Week's Message To receive breaking news via text or email , click 'NewsFlash' and subscribe. West raises money by utilizing Paper Gator, Box Tops for Education, Everkept, Gordon Foods Fun Funds, Target Take Charge of Education and Meijer Rewards with NO cost to you.

Simply write Grandville West Elementary on your EverKept waste statement or fill out the form below and West will receive 5% of what you pay. The PaperGator® is a unique fundraiser where the West PTC is paid to collect paper products and place them in a bin for recycling. Simply link your MEIJER CREDIT CARD and your DEBIT CARD purchases at MEIJER to WEST ELEMENTARY GRANDVILLE via the Meijer Community Rewards Program.
Enrolled members shop Meijer, simply paying with cash, PIN-based debit card or a linked Meijer Credit Card.

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