My very cute friend is a teacher, and she took some time off full time in the classroom to stay home with her kiddos.
She’s been working hard on getting her classroom ready and did not love her plain box that the school had given her to collect box tops.
I first grabbed some fun zebra print shelf liner (Duck brand, love this stuff, I use it for tons of projects) and a roll of my favorite polka dot wrapping paper (I got it at TJ Maxx).
I measured how tall the container was and cut a strip of the shelf liner to those measurements and then it was just a matter of rolling it on and it covered it perfectly in seconds. For the top, I opened the lid and then drew around it on the shelf liner paper to get a good fit. Next I took some letter tiles that I got at the craft store and found the letters to spell out Box Tops. I bought the little zebra guy thinking I could glue him on there somewhere, but decided against it, I will give him to her and maybe she can think of something fun to do with him, because really, he is pretty adorable. I had my daughter go and cut all the box tops off of our cereal boxes and thing and start her off with some. My friend loves it, and I’m sure any other teacher who likes cute things would appreciate this as a gift they can actually use on a daily basis!

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Her kids are getting older, so she’s been working and helping out at the school as a resource teacher, but she wanted to get back into her own room. I cut a strip of the wrapping paper and folded over the edges and then I just used my sticky thumb to attach it around the middle. With my faithful little glue gun I went to work gluing the letters on in perfectly straight lines…in other words, not straight at all, completely crooked and wonky!

We homeschool, and haven’t ever collected them before, but I think we will do it this year and donate them to her school. I also think it would be great to have this at home, maybe in the pantry to collect your own box tops to take to school later on.
She is the founder of Making the World Cuter, a site committed to doing just what the title states; Making the world cuter, one kid, DIY, yummy treat or crafty thing at a time.
Awesome, so we were all crossing our fingers for this year…and she got hired on at the school she wanted as a third grade teacher!
Challenge accepted! I wanted to get her something for her classroom anyway, a wreath, a sign, something…but I wanted it to be useful. We are all so happy for her, because she is fantastic and those kids are going to be so lucky and look back on this year as their favorite in elementary school, I just know it! I was looking into getting her a herman miller aeron chair, but I think this will be nearly as good.

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