The Box Tops for Education program has helped schools across America earn cash for the things they need. Schools can use their Box Tops cash to buy whatever they need most, from books to field trips to playgrounds.
Twice a year, January and May, the classroom with the most Box Tops & Labels accumulated will earn an additional (to be determined) prize.
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Each year, we collect Box Tops for Education to support our partners at Reams Road Elementary School.
By shopping at Office Depot and giving them our school ID# every time you shop, we can earn credits that equal up to 5% of the qualifying purchase.

The Box Tops fundraiser has been extremely important by providing extra funds that go directly to the school for improvements and upgrades (including new play equipment). When you order with Rexius they will donate a percentage of your order total to our school. We offer classes for 3, 4 and 5 year olds. Box Tops For Education Logos – Once again this year, we are collecting Box Tops for Education logos!
Support your school today and see what a difference you can make!It’s completely free and only takes a few minutes. These are placed into the classroom collection container and are then picked up and tallied by the classroom coordinator.
As you clip these box tops, please drop them by the church office, and we will make sure they get to Reams.

Getting involved and including your family, friends and coworkers, you can help our school earn needed funds for upgrades and improvements. We collect them all year long, and if you bring in 5 or more on popcorn days you will receive a free bag of popcorn. Also you can apply for the one cause Visa, and shop online, through catalogs and local merchants.
As you may know, we do not receive any public or government funds and are totally dependent on the tuition payments and fundraisers.
Again, the school you selected when you set up your account will automatically get eBoxTops.

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