If you decide to recognize students for homework completion, students who complete the homework assignment are allowed to roll a die.
Make your classroom Monopoly board special by including street names, railroad names, and so on, that will be familiar to students in their town. You might award points (or play money) based on the pieces of real estate on which students land. Our daughter’s school makes a big effort to collect Box Tops for Education from the students and parents each year.
Four participating schools in the Box Tops for Education program will each win 250,000 Bonus Box Tops, equivalent to $25,000, from Totino?s You can start, or continue, to earn cash for your child’s school by collecting Box Tops coupons from hundreds of products, including Totino?s, and right now, Totino?s Party Pizza and Pizza Rolls Snacks feature double Box Tops on select varieties, to help you earn even more for your kid?s school!
How to Enter: Simply tell me how you or your school would spend the $25,000 and you’re entered to win!
Please note that the initial entry must be completed before any extra entries will count and you must leave a separate comment for each additional entry!
Thank You to Totino’s through MyBlogSpark for providing us with a prize pack for ourselves and for one lucky winner.

If my son’s school won the $25,000 they would probably spend it on those amazing smart boards for the classrooms and if any money were left over, maybe some fun reading programs for the students to become involved with.
That would be great to improve the equipment, expand the music programs, and update library books. My son’s schools would use the money for smartboards and also fund education programs that are already in existance and even start up new programs that are needed.
You can capitalize on your students' familiarity with the game by adapting it to create a Classroom Monopoly bulletin board to reward positive behaviors. You might give each student a pushpin to which students can attach a tiny picture of themselves. For example, the lowest-priced real estate on the board might earn 1 point; and the highest-priced real estate might earn 10 points. Instead, you might let students roll the die for each week that they turn in all assignments. These rewards will be given when students reach specific point plateaus, or they might appear on CHANCE or COMMUNITY CHEST game cards.

Enter the name of your school to see if they are currently participating in Box Tops for Education, fill out a short form and you’re entered to win!
Winner will be chosen at random and will have 72 hours to respond before another winner is chosen. Decide on the rules for your classroom game, and then explain those rules to your students. If that is the case, then you might create higher-stakes point values in order to maintain student interest and make the reward equal to the task.

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