I'm trying to find a shelf (two) to mount a book case speaker on a wall without having to build them. Lowes offers floating shelves of various sizes that can hold up to that amount of weight I believe. If I remember, when I get home I'll search for the stands I used for a while to mount my Paradigm S2's.
I bought a couple of 1" x 4" (or so) metal plates from Home Depot, some 8 or 10x32 machine screws (fine thread - just makes sure the head of the screw will fit into the speaker bracket), matching nuts for the screws (2 per screw). I'm sure there are other options out there for stands that can hold larger width speakers at over 11" wide and over 25lbs, but I just couldn't find it up here in Canada.
Description: I wanted a TV stand that looked clean, modern, and would hide all of my components but leave them usable by remote.
What we’re left with is a TV stand that looks really clean, hides aways all the components and gives me easy access to them when necessary.
Jules Yap "I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running. I use two, albeit longer, models above my office desk and I have them loaded up to the hilt and I believe they were $19.99 each, so the smaller ones are bound to be a little cheaper. I made a cardboard cutout of the metal plate, then put it on the bottom of my S2's and put holes where the mounting holes are on the bottom of the S2's.

Attached the metal plates to the existing metal back plate on the wall bracket using some screws and nuts. Of course, jigging any wall mount is not advised by the manufacturer, so do at your own risk!! The Home Depot guy cut the MDF the wrong size and we had to re cut them to even it out and thats what happened.
My mission is to capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever hacks and ideas for our much loved IKEA items".
Did you buy 3 long shelves and cut 1 of them down, or did you buy the small square shelves? You answered someone else by stating it fits your Scientific Atlanta DVR, but that doesn’t tell us how wide your compartment is.
Might copy it and attach speaker cloth to the back as well to prevent dust from getting on my stuff.
With three integrated speakers and three digital amps, PLAY:3 can stream all music from all around the world wirelessly in any room for wall-to-wall sound.
I agree with Jerry in that there are purpose built options available but if you're going for a more decor friendly look I'd check out Lowes' home section.
Then made a cardboard cutout of the back of the OMR2's and marked where the screw holes needed to be and drilled the appropriate holes into the metal plates, attached the 8x32 screws (one nut on the back and one on the front), mounted it, and voila, jigged wall brackets.

After putting the shelf together I made the necessary measurements to know what size to cut the MDF strips to for the frames.
I also have a Lack TV stand with Capita legs, but I think I will have to unscrew the legs and re-attach them.
You could intact install a hinge if you wanted the door effect, I found it to fit my purposes better to be able to take the whole frame out when needed. After having the MDF cut and tacked together into rectangular frames I screwed the cabinet magnets into place on the shelf. Play a different song in every room, or play together in perfect sync, while adjusting the individual volume of each player. The SONOS Controller app is available to download for free.ExpandStart with one system, then expand your collection until every room in your home is packed with your favourite tunes.What is Sonos?

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