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Donna Kaufman is the co-founder of Paz & Associates, a Bookstore Training and Consulting Group. In 1982, after I’d graduated from college, I got a job in Marketing with Gale, a publisher of library resources. After working with two publishing firms and then managing one of the country’s leading indie bookstores, one with a full restaurant, I decided I was going to either open my own bookstore or open a training company to help more bookstore owners develop business skills.
Comparing the book industry now to how it was when you initially started, what are some developments that have significantly changed the business model of bookstores? As everything is being digitized and sold online, what are some challenges that your company and bookstores will face in the years to come? If you are the owner of the copyright for the picture of the bookstore, I would appreciate permission to use it as a banner for my new website. Ask yourself can I really put my hand up and say I know what my purpose is and I know how to express my message through my business.
I know if you are feeling low, it’s because of your internal dialogue that has created your outer world.
You may read this and think, I know my purpose and message and if so, you are lucky but if you knew exactly what you wanted you wouldn’t be still looking. The Butterfly Experience Karen Whitelaw-Smith is author of the book, The Butterfly Experience.

The book offers a wealth of practical tools such as visualizations, meditations and affirmations to help you to forget about past mistakes and habits and find the inspiration for change deep within yourself. The content on Tiny Buddha is designed to support, not replace, medical or psychiatric treatment. The former bookstore manager decided to assist aspiring bookstore owners all over the world in success during an era when stores are rapidly becoming virtualized. It was fascinating to learn to write direct mail copy about amazing reference materials (really!).
When so many people dream of opening their own bookstores, many with little to no business experience, I knew I could put together workshops and training materials to help them learn the numbers, develop a business plan, create competitive advantages, and manage the business for love and profit.
It’s surprising to us just how many female attorneys are unhappy with their work and want something to feed their souls. It has changed human behavior and books have become a commodity always available (for less) somewhere online. I have learned after 25 years of researching, working with clients, learning and educating myself that unless we start to really feel goodness within, learn to create a prosperous mindset to sow seeds of good health and wealth, then you reap what you sow and for some that is great loss, disconnection, fear, struggle, lack of. She spoke we us about the best parts of her job and about making sure new booksellers have the tools to contribute to book business and their communities for years to come.
I recall that each day after lunch, our small marketing team would open all of the mail orders from librarians, reading their letters and comments and incorporating that into product development and promotional copy. I develop and deliver training programs, work individually with clients to create business plans, lead our team of contractors who contribute services to design bookstores, develop opening inventories, create marketing materials, conduct business valuations when clients want to buy or sell a bookstore, and help prospective booksellers and owners of existing stores help improve their businesses. Book people are interesting, educated, and worldly, and we’ve made many, many friends over the years.

Ebooks, which I believe should be introduced along with the trade paperback format, have taken a small chunk of the bookstore business and now are another choice of how people can choose to read. The possibilities for combining all of these elements are endless, so long live indie bookstores! When you feel you don’t fit into a category then sometimes you can begin to feel stuck, even unsure. Come back daily to get guidance on your most pressing questions.Register for free if you're not yet a member. Industry gatherings are a joy because we connect, catch up, and are reminded of how fortunate we are to do what we do. It happens to every human being at some point they feel low, disconnected and just not sure what they should be doing.
But the energy you consume every single day creating the life that you are living right now, is the same energy you could be using to create and celebrate your life, but for some, that is so far off and outside of themselves. My understanding and experience that many, not all celebrities have difficult and painful lives. I don’t mean their life is any more challenging than yours, but I do know they have to learn sometimes in a harder way.
Today is a new day and an opportunity for growth, new clients, product launch, Teleseminar, write your book, start a new business.

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