Maria considered a University in New York because of all the opportunities and easy access to home but, coming from a small town with many farms, she prefers the countryside to a city so that was quickly pushed aside. It was a pleasure to talk with her, and I told her I am happy with my degree and university, it is probably because we came from different places, I am older, and I am at a different stage on my education.
As Boston University’s main humanities and social sciences library, Mugar Memorial Library provides resources for study, teaching, and research.
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If you need help saving or using images please visit the Help Section for frequently asked questions and tutorials. Some people have problems in decided the course or where to go for the many times dreamed degree.  Few days ago while travelling back from Ethiopia I had a nice chat with an American girl going to change the university. But those are things to think about at all times, I left a PhD programme with full scholarship to study at the University of Warwick without the same privilege. She loves her degree, but she does not think she is in the right place, let’s call her “Maria.” We had an interesting discussion that could apply to many people in any country.

I am happy for my change, but it does not mean the previous university was bad, just not for me. Aside from extensive holdings in books, journals, and periodicals, the libraries subscribe to a wealth of online journals, databases, and resources.

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