2013 was my year of resisting the paralysis of perfectionism, and this word served me well. I find it fascinating to note how often in the gospels Jesus withdrew to a quiet place in order to pray.
This year I hope to finish The Book, (and maybe even find a publisher for it?), finish the 1 Peter series and turn it into a self-published book, enjoy a holiday abroad with my family (without having a relapse?), keep in touch with local and international friends, be well enough to enjoy my boy’s birthday and Christmas celebrations.
I do think you need to use your resources wisely and your strength and health being some of those resources. I know I say it often, but it’s just so lovely to be reading some posts from you lately!
Fox News host Steve Doocy on Thursday lamented the fact that the media was covering leaked emails that proved New Jersey Chris Christie's (R) administration closed part of the busiest bridge in the world as political retribution instead of criticizing President Barack Obama. For the third day in a row, the Fox News hosts asserted that the book meant that the president did not trust or support the U.S. But the Gates story was moved to the back burner on Wednesday, when emails emerged suggesting Christie's office ordered George Washington Bridge as lane closures last year political retribution against Democratic Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich and most of the media -- with the exception of Fox News -- focused on the scandal. After a segment asserting that extending unemployment benefits hurt people who don't have jobs, the network turned to Heather Nauert, who read a 37-second update on the Christie story -- and then the network quickly returned for another interview to find out what veterans thought about Obama's mistrust of the military.
So far, only state and city employees have been charged for any part in the lead poisoning of Flint, Michigan. In a Last Word exclusive, Khizr and Ghazala Khan who told the story of their son – a fallen Muslim U.S. Virginia governor Tim Kaine punked Donald Trump on ABC's GMA by making fun of Donald, who thought he was the governor of new jersey.

During the last day of the DNC convention, both Fox News' Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier were thrilled that HRC made history, but not Sean Hannity.
A government official in France has come under fire this week, following the admission that she hasn’t had time to read any books for the past two years. Gay Talese disowns his own book, calling its credibility “down the toilet”… or does he?
Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! When I wrote my scary-brave list of dreams for the year, I didn’t really believe that I would do so many of them. I loved getting under the skin of the books of Ruth and 1 Peter, and telling the truth sideways. I tweeted and Facebooked my #3goodthings, and it does, it does make a difference finding those treasures in each day.
I have a lot of sympathy for Sue Marsh, an amazing disability campaigner in the UK who has been writing and speaking steadily for 4 years, despite being very ill, and who decided to take a break because she is exhausted from it. It is something I naturally shy away from (by personality I prefer people and conversation to quiet and isolation), and I want to challenge myself to find life and vitality in the quiet places. You are rallying your strength and that’s found in time with God, quieting the noise and letting yourself come out refreshed again. Any comments that are sexist or in any other way deemed hateful by our staff will be deleted and constitute grounds for a ban from posting on the site. In fact, state Attorney General Bill Schuette charged six more people for negligence and cover-ups today, but none of them was Gov.

Tony Todd writes for international news site France 24 that Fleur Pellerin, the country’s Culture Minister (ed. As well as helping me think through my writing, I connected with a community of amazing women, all sharing their writing journey together. I blogged about disability cuts and the lack of ME treatment, and was overwhelmed by the response. I want to do these things, but only if I can do them gently, without violence to my health or soul. It’s bizarre how hard it is to rest, considering we spend so much of the day in bed, isn’t it?? I didn’t choose a word this year but balance always resonates with me for all of these reasons you mentioned. Khizr Khan also implored Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan to stand up to the GOP's nominee.
It still doesn’t feel enough is being done, but I am thankful I was given a chance to be heard.

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