The Shallows How the Internet is Changing the Way We Think, Read and Remember, Nicholas Carr. Comedian Chris Hardwick moderated a panel Friday at Comic-Con featuring the show’s cast and creative team, where the trailer debuted.
Star Andrew Lincoln promised that Negan’s victim will be revealed in the season premiere. Get 20+ FREE DOWNLOADS immediately by entering your e-mail address at right or browse through topics including AR15, maintenance, riflescopes, handguns and more by clicking here. At just $899, the Colt Competition Pistol™ is perfect for those looking to get into competition without breaking the bank. COMPETITIVE SHOOTING HAS BECOME A LARGE AREA of growth in the firearms industry in recent years, with more and more shooters taking part in various competitions. Ever since Colt introduced its first Gold Cup pistol in the late 1950s, it has served competitive shooters admirably with features designed to glean the most performance from the 1911 platform. One of Colt’s newest products, set to be introduced at the 2016 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, aims to offer a solution.
With a National Match barrel, thenew Colt Competition Pistol™ isavailable in .45 ACP and 9mm. The reduction of recoil and muzzle flip is noticeable with the Colt Dual Spring Recoil System™, especially in the 9mm model, which after a bit of shooting seems to almost instinctively set back on target after each shot. Another unique element on the new Colt Competition Pistol is its sights. The pistol features a Novak adjustable rear sight that Colt says is a patent-pending design, and up front is a Novak Blue Fiber Optic sight. Blue initially sounds like a strange choice, given all the pistols with red or orange sights, but the blue actually stands out quite well, offering a clear reference point.

An easy-to-access, extended thumb safety rests on the left side of the frame, and the pistol also includes a Series 80 firing pin safety.
After a day at Gunsite Academy in Arizona, the Colt Competition Pistol lives up to its billing.
Modern Shooter is your source for the modern firearms giving you the inside edge on tactics and accessories for the newest ARs, shotguns and handguns. It shows new villain Negan, but doesn’t hint at who he killed in the Season 6 finale.
Plenty of these shooters prefer the venerable 1911, or at least modern renditions of it, to some of the other competition pistols on the market. Unfortunately, the price accompanying some of these features, and those found on high-end, competition-style 1911s made by other manufacturers, can push away some buyers with less disposable income. Dubbed the Colt Competition Pistol, the new pistol takes the 1911 Government model to another level with accuracy—and other performance enhancing features, and does so at a price that doesn’t break the bank for those with a limited budget or those new to competitive shooting. What this system does is reduce recoil for faster follow-up shots and extend recoil spring life, translating into longer effective use. The grips are scalloped and offer secure purchase without becoming abrasive during extending shooting.
It also features an upswept beavertail grip safety and an undercut trigger guard to keep the pistol seated low in the hand for improved control.
The Colt Competition Pistol in either model will be available for $899, a remarkable price given its features and performance capabilities.

The 16-episode season will be split into two parts, with the first eight episodes airing in the fall and the second half debuting in February, 2017. It also gives a first look at King Ezekiel, a fan-favorite character from the comic books on which the series is based. Redesigned wide rear slide serrations are also incorporated for the shooter’s competitive and defensive needs. It is priced to be a truly more affordable option for newer or first-time competitive shooters as well as those who are more advanced. We need more time to evaluate the pistol’s MOA potential, overall construction quality and design upgrades.
We need more time to evaluate the pistol’s MOA potential and overall construction and design upgrades. For use as a field sidearm or open carry, may fill a niche Colt truly needs at the moment to boost sales. Its availability in 9mm is a real plus for competition plus its potential for replacing Beretta for our military use I believe has real potential.
Maybe the DW just sat better in my hands, need more target time to further assess the new Colt.

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