Comic-Con International will take place Thursday, July 24 in San Diego, California this year. Conventions are hot, no matter what season, and you will be inside in close proximity with people, so consider the fabrics and accessories of the costume to portray your character. Carrying large props and accessories can also be cumbersome since they’re too large or clumsy.
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This annual event first began in 1970 when a group of science fiction, comic book, and movie fans came together to launch the first comic book convention.

The cosplay community is generally supportive on the Internet, and there are communities dedicated to both cosplay and Comic-Con.
Keep it simple and create a costume that comes in several small pieces and have comfortable shoes. Never bring any real weapons to Comic-Con or any comic book convention unless you want to get kicked out. Stick with a friend or a group of people, and plan a safety exit before you enter the convention. I added it to my Circus Clip Art article at Squidoo because they remind me of what little circus children might have looked like.
The purpose of this single-day event was to raise funds and generate interest for a larger convention.
You can show your love by renting or purchasing from a wide selection of adult costumes (here). Fox is pretty good, but Roald Dahl has even better books that you should investigate first, like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and George’s Marvellous Medicine.

The success of this event led to a three-day San Diego Comic-Con where over 300 fans dress up and express their love for art, entertainment, and nerd culture. Use your character’s personality to make your costume translate even better in photos.
Their costumes are lovely, lots of jewelry and scarves, and the girl in the middle is holding a Tambourine.
I am busy making a scrapbook for my parents-in-law at the moment; they are celebrating their 50th.

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