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The different colors and hues of jade have been attributed to different meanings throughout the past. Jade has had more mystical qualities attributed to it than any other gem material in history.
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Once example comes from ancient China where blue was attributed to the heavens, yellow to the earth, green to the east, red the south while white and black jade were attributed to the north. This kind of jade comes from all over the world, the nephrite version commonly found in Big Sur California while the jadeite version now being found in Guatemala. I will do some research on it and post some more information about lavender jade on the site soon. I have only burned low quality pieces of jade (in a fire to experiment with how the Native Americans of California cooked with jade) and watched the stone glow red.
I would not burn anything of high quality because you are changing the stone but it would be a proper method to test if it is true jade.
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All i know is White Jade is different to Lavender Jade althought at first glance they look the same.

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