Black Ops 3 Shadows of Evil strategy guide with everything you need to know about the latest zombie adventure. For more help on Black Ops 3 Zombies Shadows of Evil, read our Buildable Parts Locations, How to Build Pack-a-Punch Machine and Unlock Dead Ops 2 Arcade.
Shadows of Evil is divided into Canal District, Footlight District, and Waterfront District connected by a central area called the Junction.
Similar to earlier zombies map, it’s recommended to have a team running around with you as you’ll quickly get overwhelmed while running solo.
In this guide, I’ve tried to cover everything there is to know about the Shadows of Evil including points of interest, perk-a-cola locations, and other important aspects. If you don’t prefer roaming around on foot, you can also use the train to travel across three districts around the junction for a small fee. These little creatures dash towards their targets and explode dealing damage to all nearby players.
These behemoth melee creatures can get you down in only a couple of hits and can only be damaged by shooting them in the yellow spots once their maw opens. Upon dying, these creatures charge towards you dealing massive amount of damage and even killing you with a single hit.
In order to kill Margwa quickly, you should definitely consider using Ray Gun and Haymaker. You’ll come across outlines of various weapons embedded in walls -– these weapons range from pistols to assault rifles –- and must be bought using points.
You will come across Mystery Boxes in the city which contain powerful weapons that can be purchased using in-game points. After you’ve customized a weapon in Weapon Kits, that particular customized weapon will appear exactly like that in the game. To know more about locations of all these perk-a-cola machines, check out our Shadows of Evil Perks Locations. These are similar to perk-a-cola machines, but the effects offered by them last for a short duration of time or for certain number of rounds unlike perks.
Gobblegum machines can also be found scattered across the map and require certain number of points.
Before starting a match, you can customize which flavors you would like to have in the game from Gobblegum Packs.
You should always experiment with different Gobblegum Packs to see what works best for you solo and during team matches and make your decisions accordingly! This section here details the best strategy that has known to work for both solo and team-based matches. Once you’re all the way to the basement, you need to keep on moving in the anti-clockwise direction using the openings in the area to your advantage.
You need to be constantly on the move in the anti-clockwise direction using the openings and you should be able to climb to higher rounds like 50 or more.
While you’re in the beast mode, you need to ensure that you’re breaking everything in sight and activating every power switch out there; while this may not yield immediate effects, but doing so will definitely serve you better later down the road. Another thing to bear in mind is that zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops III are far harder than previous games due to their weird spawn system. You need to ensure that you don’t stay in a single area for longer durations of time unless we’re talking about the rift area mentioned above.
At the start, it’s important to accumulate as many points as possible because these points are the part and parcel of the entire zombie experience. Lastly, you should definitely consider taking advantage of the Weapons Kits in the zombie menu. Dead Ops Arcade – Dead Ops Arcade 2 in Black Ops 3 – is a returning mode which first appeared in the original Black Ops. The secret game mode basically pits you against countless zombies in a top-down perspective.

For more help on Black Ops 3, read our Shadows of Evil Easter Egg Steps, Shadows of Evil Buildable Parts Locations, Shadows of Evil Perks Locations and How to Build Pack a Punch. Coming to Beach, there is no specific strategy involved and you need to make sure that you don’t die and accumulate lives for the later rounds. For the Docks, there is again no specific strategy involved, but you need to make sure that you get rid of Dead Collectors as soon as possible.
Furthermore, before you eliminate the last zombie on the map, make sure that there are no more barrels left or your entire multiplier will be gone which will translate into lesser lives for later rounds. After reaching the actual ‘Docks’ area, you need to accumulate as many lives and as many points as possible which will help you a ton in later rounds. Once you get to the ‘Farm’ area, you need not die and try to maintain a high multiplier – again!
Also make sure to explode the golden cows as these will drop a number of resourceful drops such as maximum multiplier and more. For the ‘Graveyard’ area, in the challenge round, look for a small opening in the zombie circle and don’t eliminate them immediately. While tackling the second Silverback Challenge, you shouldn’t hesitate from using a couple of Nukes as you’ll eventually get them back at the top of the area in addition to a couple of lives. Once you reach the small area, you need to accumulate zombies in a circle and only kill a few of them at a time. Lastly, make sure to share your own tips and strategies with us in the comments section below! Les premiers mois de l’annee 2016 sont pleins de sorties impressionnantes et bien sur Call of Duty Black Ops 3 est egalement concerne avec la sortie de son premier DLC, Awakening.
Les fans du jeu seront surement enthousiaste sur ce DLC car il comprend de nouvelles cartes et un nouveau chapitre en mode zombie. Black Ops 3 Awakening comprend egalement le prochain chapitre de la saga Zombie du jeu, Der Eisendrache, un environnement de zombie sur un theme medieval parfait pour jouer en co-op. You can interact with these braziers to turn into the beast mode for a limited duration of time. This allows you to quickly reach any perk located in another district or to avoid getting overwhelmed by a zombie horde. You’ll know if a wave has one of these special zombies by the fogginess at the start of the round. While you’re playing with a full team, make sure to assign someone to deal with these enemies while others deal with common foes. The weapons acquired from these boxes cannot be acquired from anywhere else and their locations are completely random. As you level up your zombie profile, you’ll gain access to new attachments allowing you to place up to five attachments on a weapon in addition to camo or paint job. Therefore, it’s a good idea to customize weapon which you can easily access in the game and then think about customizing mystery box weapons.
However, these vending machines are not 100% guaranteed to work at all times and may give up on you sometimes. Initially, you’ll be able to choose from a limited few, but will unlock more after leveling up your online profile.
The first thing that you need to note is that due to the spawn system of the game, the map is quite harder than what we have seen in earlier zombie maps. To begin, you need to head downstairs from the area with a large ice cream neon-sign and a perk-a-cola machine right next to it.
You will occasionally run into a couple of zombies along the way, but you should be able to deal with them without any problem. Zombies in Shadows of Evil can spawn in from almost any location which is what makes them so hard to deal with. Needless to say, but killing off a zombie with a melee attack always yields more points than normal kill using a gun.

These points will not only allow you to access new area, but you’ll also need them to buy new weapons, use machines, and many other things. It works similar to Gunsmith in Multiplayer Mode and allows you to place five attachments on your weapons in addition to camo.
By initiating and playing the Dead Ops Arcade 2, you earn ‘Silverback in Black’ Achievement or Trophy.
Since the HP and spawn time of zombies is relatively slow, you should’ve no issues dealing with them. You’ll get numerous multiplier drops which will help you maintain a high score, but make sure that you don’t die. If you make it to this area without dying, you’ll have a high multiplier which will help you a lot.
Instead of this, you need to try and accumulate them and slowly killing them until they stop spawning all together or you get something like tank or helicopter.
Avec quatre DLCs alignes, pret a etre liberes dans les prochains mois, Black Ops 3 Awakening sortira le 2 Fevrier 2016, d’abord sur PlayStation 4, les autres plateforme suivront a une date ulterieur. Trois des quatre cartes sont nouvelles et Awakening promet une toute nouvelle experience multijoueur sur chacunes d’elles. Nous avons obtenu les prix les plus bas du marche pour la cle CD de Call of Duty Black Ops 3 ! The beast mode allows you to gain extra movement speed, gain new powers to interact with environment –- such as activating power switches –- and new abilities. It’s highly recommended to you deal with these special enemies first before focusing on the common ones.
Once you activate a perk, it will stay there permanently, but you can only equip four perks at any given time. You need to head all the way to the basement of the area where this strategy will actually come to work.
After you’ve got a horde of zombies on your tail, simply pull out your most powerful weapon and kill them all at once. However, to tackle with this increased difficulty, there are a number of things that you can try such as Perk-a-Cola machines, Gobblegum machines, and Wonder Weapons. Therefore, at the starting rounds, you should definitely consider weakening zombies with a couple of shots before going in with a melee kill. However, you need to make sure that you don’t upgrade Wonder Weapons or weapons from the Mystery Boxes first and consider weapons which are most easily accessible or available from the start. Skyjacked, la version refaite de Call of Duty Black Ops 2 de Hijacked Plan est situe sur une sorte de zone portuaire. This is by far the only area on the map which can house such a large horde without you getting overwhelmed by them. Rise, la premiere des trois nouvelles cartes, ressemble a une carte traditionnel de Call of Duty, situe dans un entrepot industriel abandonne. Splash semble etre une carte amusante, l’action se deroule dans un parc aquatique abandonne.
Si les combats sous-marins et les pirates sont votre truc, cela peut etre la carte parfaite pour vous. Et enfin, la carte Gauntlet est une seule carte qui est divise en trois zones : une jungle, un paysage de glace et une ville urbaine sous la pluie.

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