Individual Retirement Accounts can be an important part of your retirement plan, especially if you don’t have an employer-sponsored 401(k) or 403(b).
But the fifth annual TIAA IRA survey indicates that a surprising number of people don’t understand them, especially millennials. It all translates into the need for more and better financial education, according to the folks at TIAA. Dan Keady, a senior director at TIAA, says one thing that surprised him was the response to the question of what people would do if they had an additional $5,000. Thirty-five percent of millennial respondents who aren’t contributing to an IRA said they don’t know enough about them to consider using one. Gen X respondents, meanwhile, were more likely to say they didn’t have enough money to save more than they already do.
One thing people should consider when they are choosing an IRA: Whether the IRA company also provides financial advice, he says.

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And of those who do understand them, many say they simply cannot afford to save another dime. That’s not surprising, says TIAA, because there are a many competing priorities for this group (ages 36 to 51). Only 36 percent of the people surveyed said access to financial advice is important when they evaluate possible IRAs.
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