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Explore the exciting new world of LEGO Ninjago in this awesome 2-in-1 ninja handbook - packed full of thrilling tales, ninja trivia and cool quizzes!
In your blog, you talk about some technological advances that approach us to the future you show in Uglies.
I think the real job of the sf writer is to show the effects of technology on human beings. Luckily, I have no control over the film whatsoever, so I won't have to fight this battle. In Pretties, we learn that life in The Smoke is not perfect, as it was insinuated in Uglies.
One of my big themes in the Uglies series is that every generation's biggest challenge is to fix the mistakes of the last generation, which were usually committed in the process of fixing the mistakes of the generation before that. Midnighterswas almost published in Spain, but the editor left just before signing the contract.
Justine has been translated into about 20 countries, and is very annoyed that Spain is among the last holdouts, because Spanish the only foreign language that she can actually speak! El Templo de las Mil Puertas by El Templo de las Mil Puertas is licensed under a Creative Commons Reconocimiento-No comercial-Sin obras derivadas 2.5 EspaA┬▒a License.
Esta es una revista sin fines lucrativos creada con la A?nica finalidad de informar y entretener a los lectores.
Unlock the ancient mysteries of LEGO's exclusive new ninja range and learn all about two of the chosen ninjas, Kai and Cole the Masters of Spinjitsu!
Do you think that the scientific research difficults the task of the science-fiction writer, because science goes faster than fiction?

Specials is the third in the trilogy, and Extras is a fourth book from another character in Tally's world. We all have those super-gorgeous faces on our TVs and computer screens to compete with, and surgery will probably get cheaper and harder to resist.
Of course, as you point out, it will probably be a very photogenic regular girl, but at least it's not a model. We see the consequences of the Rusties' way of life, heirs of our own society, which started in a similar way The Smoke does, and also the reservation that Tally finds. We write together (in coffee shops, usually), hang out together, and send each other our work in progress for help. They follow my blog, comment on my posts, and send me stern letter when I kill their favorite characters.
It's a dark thriller, because a boy has been murdered at her school, and everyone is starting to think that she (the school liar) may have had something to do with it. Extras actually takes place a few years later than the trilogy, after a lot of things have changed, so it's a fresh look at the situation. As far as not identifying the book as science fiction, there's a long tradition of that in literature. How much their physical appearance influences the readers in order to choose their favourite character? Besides, the publishing house is organizating a contest in which the girls have to send pictures of themselves to be the cover of the next title of the series, Specials. So you can't forget, even the best way of modeling society probably has something very wrong with it. But there are five teenagers who can move around in this magic time, while everyone else is frozen.

Because it's set in 1914, I thought it would be cool to have it actually look and feel like an adventure book from that era. I think it makes the books themselves more alive, and it also creates a stronger community of readers who interact with each other through my blog.
Having the cartilage in your nose smashed and then reshaped is on a different level than brushing your teeth. And maybe someday two people from these different tribed will fall in love, and all their friends will give them grief about it. Will they choose "normal" girls to play the rols of Tally and Shay, or will they be pretty girls, like most of the actresses are? This sounds like fun, except there are also an ancient species of creature who live only in that hour, and they are hungry. It's certainly a benefit for anyone who wants more young readers in the world, because anytime you can make something more of a social experience, teenagers will be up for it. Do you think that it betrays the spirit of the books, which talk against the tyranny of beauty?
So sf writers don't really have to stay ahead of the machines, we just have to keep the issues interesting for the tardy human beings.

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