Here in the UK, when we think of meatloaf we think of this fella rather than the foodstuff. As Mr Rathbone put it last night “In the 60s and 70s, with our kind of background, there is no way you would ever encounter meatloaf”.
My massive decluttering project has unearthed some film star recipes I’d totally forgotten about. The stars highlighted in yellow were originally destined for the Silver Screen Suppers book, the recipes highlighted in red are ones I’ve cooked.
All this to say that I must go through my lovely newly organised bookshelf and get the spreadsheet up to date.
I used a drained 290g can of mushrooms which was about 150g so a bit more than Jayne suggested.
Yes, you could be right about Savory masquerading under another name, I’m going to ask my chums at the Guild of Food Writers, someone there is bound to know!
That cookery book you nearly gave away looks like a hoot–glad you enjoyed the meatloaf.

Posted in Cards, Eid And Ramadan, Greeting Card, Holidays And Festivals, Wallpapers by kawarbir. Looking totally unrecognisable from the fresh-faced blonde we all knew and loved in the early noughties, the 34-year-old actor turned director now sports a beard and has no hair. Jack played Jamie Mitchell in EastEnders from 1998 to 2002 with his rocky romance with Sonia (Natalie Cassidy) as the main focus of his storylines, before he was run over by Martin Fowler on Christmas Day. You may also remember that Jack gained fame outside of soapland with his marriage to Coronation Street star Kym Marsh in 2001, with the couple divorcing eight years later.
I don’t think I ate any until 2006 when I made the absolutely delicious Rhonda Fleming’s Hollywood Ham Loaf. When I want to make something by a particular star, or when I’m working on something for my Eatdrinkfilms column it’s a real boon. I know that I still have quite a few books containing recipes that haven’t been popped on the sheet.
Mix the sauteed vegetables with the beef, sausage meat, eggs, tomato paste, mushrooms, salt, marjoram, savory and 2 tablespoons of the A.1.

I’m currently writing about cherries, so a quick search of the spreadsheet has furnished me with lots of cherry recipes to choose from.
When I re-organised my books earlier this month I almost gave this book to the charity shop as I thought it was just about cooking in Shakespeare’s day.
But then, incongruously, there are also recipes by famous folk that have nothing to do with the Bard of Avon. If you’ve only got one loaf tin, you could halve the recipe I guess, or if you are cooking for a crowd, just form it into a massive loaf in a roasting tin.

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