One need pick up on only a hint of the zeitgeist to know that monsters that once worried their careers had peaked in B-movies of the '50s are now enjoying a sustained resurgence.
Unfortunately, Percy's considerable powers of perception and description don't extend much into the interior lives of his characters. Written by DUANE SWIERCZYNSKI Pencils and Cover by MICO SUAYAN For 28 days of the month, Jack Russell leads a normal life.
Written by MIKE CAREY & SKOTTIE YOUNG Penciled by GREG LAND & SKOTTIE YOUNG Cover by GREG LAND In the first of three high-octane horror comic one-shots, Werewolf by Night returns to the Marvel Universe! This is the first installment of the House of Night series about a boarding school for kids that are in the process of changing into vampyres (yes that’s how they spell it). Zoey is a 16 year old girl that lives with her mom, preppy cheerleader sister, and her step-father, or as Zoey calls him, step-loser (can’t you feel the love?).  Her best friend is egotistical Kayla and Zoey’s boyfriend, Heath, has started drinking lately, causing her to rethink their relationship. Zoey later realizes that Aphrodite only invited her so that she would reject the group so that Aphrodite would look like the nice one in all of this.  Zoey decides that there must be a way to get Aphrodite out of her leadership role and decides to join the Dark Daughters. Jonas Alexander Arnby made his directorial debut with this Danish coming-of-age, social-realist werewolf tale that examines the primordial feminine force of an isolated young woman in a fishing village surrounded by men who try to quell her power.
On screens and in the "Teen Paranormal Romance" section of Barnes and Noble, supernatural creatures of all stripes battle for the hearts (or throats) of our homecoming queens. But with Percy's unsubtle one-for-one transposition of our real world of terrorism and misguided backlash, it's fair to wonder why he didn't drop the werewolf thing entirely and write a book about the twin evils of jihad and Islamophobia a€” besides, of course, the fact that we would be denied visceral visuals like this: "Teeth flash. Through the book's 544 pages, the two teenage protagonists don't grow so much as they simply endure, ferried from one massacre or shootout to the next, and one is struck more by their survivability than by their accessibility.
Eye Of The Beholder!, script by Gerry Conway, pencils by Mike Ploog, inks by Frank Chiaramonte; Jack and Buck escape the island with the Darkhold but are followed by Miles and Marlene Blackger who want the book back. If you use the "Add to want list" tab to add this issue to your want list, we will email you when it becomes available.
This shocking story by X-Men's Mike Carey and Ultimate Power's Greg Land (in the comic he's waited his whole life to draw!) is a powerful, brutally terrifying tale that will redefine Jacob Russel forever!
Collects Marvel Spotlight (1971-1977 1st Series) #2-4, Werewolf by Night (1972-1977 1st Series) #1-43, Marvel Team-Up (1972-1985 1st Series) #12, Tomb of Dracula (1972-1979 1st Series) #18, Giant Size Creatures (1974) #1, Giant Size Werewolf (1974) #2-5, Marvel Premiere (1972-1981) #28 and material from Monsters Unleashed (1973-1975) #6-7.

Collects MARVEL SPOTLIGHT (1971-1977 1ST SERIES) #2-4, WEREWOLF BY NIGHT (1972-1977 1ST SERIES) #1-21, MARVEL TEAM-UP (Vol. Collects Dead of Night Featuring Werewolf by Night (2009) #1-4, Tomb of Dracula (1972-1979 1st Series) #18 and Werewolf by Night (1972-1977 1st Series) #15. Surely the public's current appetite for these blood-lusty metaphors helped contribute to the sale, before the manuscript was even complete, of both the publishing and film rights to Benjamin Percy's Red Moon, and has fueled the buzz surrounding it for months. NPR reserves the right to use the comments we receive, in whole or in part, and to use the commenter's name and location, in any medium. House ad for Captain Marvel #22 and Marvel Premiere #4, pencils by Gil Kane and Barry Smith.
The Strange Tales line expands as Jack Russell returns in this all-new, horrific ongoing series! Percy is masterful at describing what is happening to their bodies, but seems to care much less about what is happening to their minds and souls.
Jack Russell knows the precise moment of his own damnation, the moment when dusk gives way to night and he experiences the terrifying transformation into a werewolf.
On his 18th birthday, Jack discovers that he has inherited his father's curse - and that's when things really get hairy!
Each time Jack undergoes the change, he experiences the briefest glimpse of Hell -- a glimpse that seems to last for an eternity. Written by GERRY CONWAY, MIKE FRIEDRICH, TONY ISABELLA, DOUG MOENCH, LEN WEIN, and MARV WOLFMAN.
The book, hardly a fairy tale, depicts the existential clash between lycans (a kind of almost-werewolf) and the rest of uninfected humanity, amid a political climate that echoes a host of current affairs both foreign and domestic. But without a deeper reason to care about the characters, the story lacks the connective tissue necessary to lend the lycan metaphor meaningful moral resonance.
It's more than any man can bear, and so Jack seeks release before insanity claims him once and for all! Discover how Jack became one of Marvel's supernatural stars of the seventies in these classic adventures, serving up everything from witches to aliens to Dracula himself!

Art by MIKE PLOOG, ROSS ANDRU, GENE COLAN, GIL KANE, DON PERLIN, WERNER ROTH, and TOM SUTTON. Whether he's teaming up with Spider-Man, eclipsing Moon Knight, or fighting like cats and dogs with Tigra, Jack is one lycanthrope you're guaranteed to like! Whether they came at him in committee, cult or carnival, no nemesis was a match for Marvel's highest-ranking horror hero! Despite the fact that the infection leaves morality unaffected, and most lycans are perfectly functioning members of society, uninfected humanity has trouble viewing them without suspicion, and, after centuries of conflict, the "Lupine Republic" a€” situated between Finland and Russia a€” is established in 1948 as a lycan homeland. But if our threshold includes some commitment to teaching us about ourselves, either the unique challenges of being a human animal or the destiny of our species, then the book will impress as simply a collection of arresting, grisly scenes. Searching through a book of arcane knowledge, he comes across a description of a demon who may control the wolf aspect in humans, but only if the person learns the demon's name and asks for release.
This is a serviceable enough solution until it is discovered that the republic sits over a mother lode of uranium.
With the demon's name hidden in the four corners of the netherworld, Jack's mission is clear.
At the start of the novel, the United States, increasingly dependent on nuclear power, has been occupying the republic for years, ostensibly to provide security. The occupation is unpopular with many American lycans, who are kept regulated and medicated under force of law. THE CHARACTERS: Jack Russell -- a man battling to overcome a family curse which transforms him into a wolf on nights of the full moon. Roxanna -- a successful freelance travel agent who loves Jack for his sense of humor and strength of character.

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