WestCare Counselor David Plumb talks with Randy Gloss during a Substance Abuse Treatment session. Randy Gloss works in the license plate factory for the California Prison Industry Authority (CALPIA) at Folsom State Prison and is grateful about a new opportunity given to him.
Gloss is among 12 offenders participating in a new integrated program through CALPIA and CDCR’s Division of Rehabilitative Programs (DRP) to provide Substance Abuse Treatment (SAT).
The new SAT program is offered at Folsom State Prison and allows offenders who work in a CALPIA factory to participate at their work site.
The offenders started the program this month and will spend their morning at their CALPIA job and then for six-months attend substance abuse treatment and counseling.  Sessions include, one-on-one time with a counselor as well as group therapy participation. CALPIA re-purposed existing factory space that is being used to provide SAT for offenders who meet eligibility requirements, including having 6-24 months remaining on their sentence. The SAT program is managed by WestCare, an evidence-based program that promotes positive social behavior and prepares offenders for release by developing the knowledge and skills necessary to avoid substance abuse relapse. The SAT program is designed for offenders who demonstrate the willingness to participate and for offenders who have been referred to the program based upon past substance abuse or possession infractions.
All participants who complete the program will be partnered with a transitional counselor to plan for after-incarceration to continue their treatment.
Collectively, these outcomes represent enormous safety and economic benefits to the public.
Inmates who want to learn and improve their outlook and themselves are an inspiration to work with.
Prometheus and Pandora PhotosPrometheus Hates BirdsYou would, too, if they came and pecked out your liver everyday.
We just came back from over a week in paradise spending time in Bora Bora and Moorea, two of the French Polynesia’s most popular isles.
The aerial view of the different shades of blue water, the coral reefs and the verdant mountains was enough to had us glued to the windows.
We actually stood on the pier for awhile, speechless, and just admired this unbelievable view. We were graciously picked up by the Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort and Spa which was our home for four nights. This was our first sighting close up of these thatched roof overwater bungalows or floating villas that has made these islands stand out.
The resort was on its own island, Motu To’opua, surrounded by a lush hillside on one side and the crystal clear waters on the other. One of the major appeals of these over the water bungalows is the opportunity to snorkel right off the deck or just watch the schools of fish that swim by in the crystal clear water. We only did two excursions during our stay here in order to take advantage of everything the resort had to offer. The excursion also gave us the opportunity to cruise the lagoon and saw the other resorts and their overwater bungalows. Remember that the only way to get out of the airport is through boats. Check with your hotels for transfer packages. That water looks amazing, I can’t belive how clear it was and all the different shades of aqua. What an incredibly beautiful place – I don’t think I would have ever wanted to leave!
The Texas State Capitol is the oldest surviving state office structure and a great place to learn about Texas history and the Texas Legislature. Many people choose to watch from the Congress Bridge but the real treat is seeing it from the water.  Capital Cruises offers great bat watching tours. It’s easy to lose track of time in this two-story space dedicated to all things literary. The most well known party-street in Austin is still 6th Street, but in recent years Rainey Street has given it a run for its money.
Central Texas is often referred to as the gateway to the Hill Country, and with those hills come beautiful trails, streams, and greenbelts that are absolutely perfect for outdoor adventures.
I almost don’t even want to share this with you, as it’s one of my favorite places on earth. Just 30 minutes south of Austin, the San Marcos river is the ultimate destination for the dog days of summer. The Alamo Drafthouse is a well-known movie theater which offers food and drink service inside, while enjoying a movie. Keep Austin Weird 5K, Austin Fine Arts Festival, Austin Marathon, Zilker Kite Festival, Austin Film Festival, Trail of Lights, Hot Sauce Festivals and many more. It doesn’t matter if you’re true cheese aficionado or a more casual cheese eater; an evening at one of Antonelli’s cheese classes is a must.
The German Shorthair is a multipurpose hunting dog who doubles as a great family companion. Dogs that tend to be more sturdy, playful and easygoing around children and more tolerant of children's behavior. The German Shorthair is a versatile hunting dog who can not only point birds, but also hunt rabbits and raccoons, trail deer, and retrieve on land or from water.
If youa€™ve ever admired the versatility, athleticism and stamina of a decathlete, youa€™ll admire the German Shorthaired Pointer. Underestimate the need to keep this dog exercised in body and mind, however, and you and the dog will both be very unhappy. As befitting a dog of such versatility, the German Shorthaired Pointer can have a mind of his own. The German Shorthaired Pointer packs a lot of lean muscle into a powerful 40 to 70 pounds or more.
The grooming needs are minimal; a fast weekly brushing, occasional bathing and regular nail trimming and ear cleaning are all that he needs. The German Shorthair has a water-repellent coat with short, thick hair that feels coarse to the touch.
Unless he is raised with them and closely supervised, the German Shorthair may not be best suited to homes with pet cats or birds.
Today, the German Shorthair ranks 16th among the breeds registered by the American Kennel Club, up from 24th in 2000.
When he is brought up right, the German Shorthair is a great family dog with excellent manners.
Most GSPs learn quickly at an early age, although some require more patient training than others.
Any dog, no matter how nice, can develop obnoxious levels of barking, digging, countersurfing and other undesirable behaviors if he is bored, untrained or unsupervised.
Talk to the breeder, describe exactly what youa€™re looking for in a dog, and ask for assistance in selecting a puppy.
All dogs have the potential to develop genetic health problems, just as all people have the potential to inherit a particular disease. One is hip dysplasia, a crippling malformation of the hip socket that may require costly surgery to repair and that can result in painful arthritis later in life.
Overall, though, the GSP is essentially healthy a€“ a strong motivation for good breeders to keep the breed that way by continuing to do health clearances on their breeding stock and for puppy buyers to support those breedersa€™ efforts by seeking out their dogs.
Breeders must agree to have all test results, positive or negative, published in the CHIC database. Careful breeders screen their breeding dogs for genetic disease and breed only the healthiest and best-looking specimens, but sometimes Mother Nature has other ideas and a puppy develops one of these diseases despite good breeding practices. Remember that after youa€™ve taken a new puppy into your home, you have the power to protect him from one of the most common health problems: obesity. Whether you want to go with a breeder or get your dog from a shelter or rescue, here are some things to keep in mind.
Good breeders will welcome your questions about temperament, health clearances and what the dogs are like to live with and come right back at you with questions of their own about what youa€™re looking for in a dog and what kind of life you can provide for him.

Start your search for a breeder at the website of the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America. Avoid breeders who only seem interested in how quickly they can unload a puppy on you and whether your credit card will go through. Whether youa€™re planning to get your new best friend from a breeder, a pet store, or another source, dona€™t forget that old adage a€?let the buyer bewarea€?. The cost of a German Shorthair puppy varies depending on his place of origin, whether he is male or female, what titles his parents have, and whether he is best suited for the show ring, a hunting home or a pet home. Before you decide to buy a puppy, consider whether an adult German Shorthair might better suit your needs and lifestyle.
With an adult, you know more about what youa€™re getting in terms of personality and health and you can find adults through breeders or shelters. There are many great options available if you want to adopt a dog from an animal shelter or breed rescue organization. One of the many, many way that CDCR is reaching many offenders, by finding programs that work. My husband and I have talked about spending a milestone anniversary in Bora Bora for years.
After our 8 hour flight from Los Angeles and landing in Papeete, Tahiti, it was another 50 minute flight to Bora Bora. The ride on the lagoon to the resort was beyond beautiful with spectacular scenery everywhere we looked. I instantly felt at home seeing familiar vegetation and fruit trees that used to grow in my backyards in the the Philippines and Guam.
It’s a pretty accurate description with this incredible panoramic view of the property. During our first day, there was a lady who was sunbathing nude on her deck a couple of villas down from us. As you can see from many of our other trips, we’re usually not the laying around the beach type of people. We sat on picnic tables for lunch placed on the water with hundreds of fish swimming around our feet.
Many of the other resorts were located on a ring of small islands or motus that face the lagoon and majestic Mt. Our island excursion gave us some insights on the villages and the island’s history and culture.
Mount Otemanu is the imposing mountain jutting out in the middle of the island acting like a watchman. The free Air Tahiti catamaran is available after each flight arrival to take visitors to the main village of Vaitape and takes about 25 minutes.
Their low season is from November-April when humidity is high and it’s their rainy season. Prices are usually higher when booked at the hotels and you risk not getting the tours you want on specific days. Loved to see you did a lot of activities, as I always thought going there would mean way too much time relaxing!!! Nice to know that it’s another destination which is family-friendly even though there aren’t many kids there!
Once slated to be a condo project that ended up not materializing, the concert foundation has become a canvas for local graffiti artists. About 1.5 million Mexican free tail bats call the Congress Bridge home from Spring to early Fall as they migrate north.
It normally starts with a single bat leaving the bridge and quickly turns into a steady flow of countless bats in search of food. Be sure to check out the notecards on the shelves with recommendations, stories, and comedic captions from the books store’s staff. It serves as a hub for many special events such as ACL, SWSW, The Zilker Kite Festival and many more. There are a plethora of older homes that have been turned into bars, and most of them have great outdoor patios. It is a must-go-to place in the summer to cool off, with a 68 degree temperature all year round. This swimming hole sits in a natural grotto carved out of limestone, and is complete with a small beach area and a 50-foot waterfall! But hey, welcome to   Austin- I suppose you have just as much a right to enjoy this gem as I do.
Unfortunately, it has been many moons since water was at bottom of the greenbelt, but it still makes for a great hike. Pack up a cooler (no glass), a waterproof bag for the items you don’t want to get wet, and our friends at Austin Tour Company will take care of the rest! This theater also host different types of events and showings of all-time favorite classics first run movies. All the local breweries want to showcase their prized potions, so they offer tours that are open to the public. It is a popular tourist destination to view the city of Austin, Lake Austin and surrounding hills. Whether you can live with such an energetic, strong and challenging companion is another matter entirely. If youa€™re the kind of person whoa€™s always in the outdoors and wants your dog with you, there are few better companions for the longest hike or run you can dream up. Left to his own devices, a bored German Shorthaired Pointer who doesna€™t get the exercise he needs will take matters into his own paws: digging up the yard, climbing fences to explore the neighborhood, barking at everything that moves and chasing small wildlife and pets with the zeal of the determined hunting dog that he is.
They also need training to control that energy in the off-leash full-out runs they require. That means training and socializing from an early age is essential to keep your companion under control. Take him for a couple of half-hour walks, hikes or runs or teach him to run alongside your bicycle. The coat color can be solid liver, liver and white ticked, liver and white patched, liver roan (a deep reddish-brown base lightened with white hairs), or any combination of those colors and patterns. He was created in Germany in the mid- to late 19th century to be a multipurpose hunting dog.
He is active, to be sure, but once his exercise needs have been met, he is a calm house dog who is content to stay nearby without demanding all your attention.
The young German Shorthair may not fully gain control of his brain until he reaches maturity at two years of age, so be prepared to live with puppy shenanigans for a while. Breeders see the puppies daily and can make uncannily accurate recommendations once they know something about your lifestyle and personality. Run, dona€™t walk, from any breeder who does not offer a health guarantee on puppies, who tells you that the breed is 100 percent healthy and has no known problems, or who tells you that her puppies are isolated from the main part of the household for health reasons. Hip dysplasia is less common in German Shorthairs than in many other breeds, and people who love the breed hope to keep it that way. It is not common and a DNA test allows breeders to identify dogs with the disease to prevent passing it on. This is bad because eyelashes can rub against the cornea, causing pain and potentially damaging the eyeball. Optional CHIC tests for the GSP are an OFA elbow evaluation and an OFA thyroid evaluation from an approved laboratory. A dog need not receive good or even passing scores on the evaluations to obtain a CHIC number, so CHIC registration alone is not proof of soundness or absence of disease, but all test results are posted on the CHIC website and can be accessed by anyone who wants to check the health of a puppya€™s parents. Advances in veterinary medicine mean that in most cases the dogs can still live a good life. Keeping a German Shorthair at an appropriate weight is one of the easiest ways to extend his life.

More than that, he sheds dark and light hair, so it will show up on your clothes and furniture, no matter what color they are. A good breeder will match you with the right puppy, and will without question have done all the health certifications necessary to screen out health problems as much as is possible. A good breeder can tell you about the history of the breed, explain why one puppy is considered pet quality while another is not, and discuss what health problems affect the breed and the steps she takes take to avoid those problems. Your puppy's breeder should be a member in good standing of the national club and have agreed to abide by its code of ethics, which prohibits the sale of puppies to or through pet stores.
You should also bear in mind that buying a puppy from websites that offer to ship your dog to you immediately can be a risky venture, as it leaves you no recourse if what you get isna€™t exactly what you expected. Red flags include puppies always being available, multiple litters on the premises, having your choice of any puppy, and the ability to pay online with a credit card. Disreputable breeders and facilities that deal with puppy mills can be hard to distinguish from reliable operations. Puppies are loads of fun, but they require a lot of time and effort before they grow up to become the dog of your dreams. If you are interested in acquiring an older dog through breeders, ask them about purchasing a retired show dog or if they know of an adult dog who needs a new home. The site allows you to be very specific in your requests (housetraining status, for example) or very general (all the German Shorthairs available on Petfinder across the country). They also happened to be the only kids at the resort during our stay there and had the large infinity pool to themselves on some occasions.
My kids never even noticed her since they were too busy watching all the fish which was a huge relief for us. There are about 9,000 people living on the island and many of the locals we encountered were all very friendly. The soldiers built the coastal road and airstrip in the same island as the current airport.
These pictures were a preview of the start of this magical vacation and the unforgettable islands of French Polynesia. Spectacular set of pictures that make me fall in love with the place – Simply Paradise! They also have Authors in for signings several times a month; view the upcoming schedule here.
The park offers many different types of fun outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, jogging, kayaking, paddle boarding, and kayaking. Admittance is around $15 per vehicle, and the park usually reaches occupancy by 10am on hot summer days, so arrive early.
Take a tasting tour of the local microbreweries such as Jester King, Hops & Grain, and Austin Beerworks. If you can’t score tickets to the game still find a place to tailgate (that’s half the fun)! There’s certainly a science to the brewing process and no two companies processes are alike, so every brewery’s tour is different. Best time to explore Austin’s restaurant is during Austin Restaurant Week, partake and dine at the finest restaurants throughout the city with a lower priced menu. This hunting dog was bred to do it all, including being an attentive, family-loving companion and a watchdog for the property. Theya€™re a natural for high-drive canine competitions, as well as a€“ no surprise here a€“ hunting anything theya€™re legally allowed to go after. Big, strong and enthusiastic, this breed needs to be taught how to behave around the children he loves, or youa€™ll be picking the kids up off their fannies.
The tail is usually cropped to a few inches in length, and the ears are large and flop down. The GSP was probably derived from the German bird dog crossed with various German scenthounds.
Dona€™t wait until he is 6 months old to begin training or you will have a more headstrong dog to deal with. In the case of the German Shorthair, the a€?teena€? years can start at six months and can continue until the dog is two years old.
Whatever you want from a German Shorthair, look for one whose parents have nice personalities and who has been well socialized from early puppyhood. A reputable breeder will be honest and open about health problems in the breed and the incidence with which they occur in her lines. If youa€™re getting a puppy, ask the breeder about the ages of the dogs in her lines and what they died of. To prevent infections, keep the ears dry and clean, using a solution recommended by your veterinarian.
Look for a breeder who is active in some form of canine activity such as hunting, field trials, showing or obedience.
Put at least as much effort into researching your puppy as you would into choosing a new car or expensive appliance. Therea€™s no 100% guaranteed way to make sure youa€™ll never purchase a sick puppy, but researching the breed (so you know what to expect), checking out the facility (to identify unhealthy conditions or sick animals), and asking the right questions can reduce the chances of heading into a disastrous situation. An adult German Shorthair may already have some training and will probably be less active, destructive and demanding than a puppy. It may be commonly known as a honeymooner’s destination but we also found the islands family-friendly. Air Tahiti also operates a catamaran for a 25 minute ride to the the main island to catch other transportation options. It involved snorkeling with a ton of tropical and colorful fish, stingrays and swimming with black tip sharks. It’s also a good idea to call before you head out as the preserve is often closed for swimming due to high bacteria levels (most commonly in the days following a rainstorm). Natural springs fill a concrete swimming pool on the upper part of the property and the runoff flows via waterfall into the lagoon-like swimming hole down below. Few breeds are more versatile -- and more demanding of their ownersa€™ energy and attention. Your children will be loved and attended to by your Pointer, and while this dog will likely alarm bark if someone's at the door or on your property, they're usually not aggressive with people or strange dogs once they know youa€™ve got it covered. In the field, hea€™s an aggressive hunter, a trait that can carry over into the home if cats, squirrels or birds stray into his territory.
If possible, get him into puppy kindergarten class by the time he is 10 to 12 weeks old, and socialize, socialize, socialize. The German Shorthaired Pointer is a relatively healthy breed, but some health problems are of concern.
Seasonally, the German Shorthair has a heavier shed, called a€?blowing coat.a€? Hea€™ll need more frequent brushing and bathing during this time to remove all the dead hair.
I’m starting off this French Polynesia series with some of our favorite photos from enchanting Bora Bora.
We can’t wait to return! Stay tuned for more Bora Bora and Moorea posts in the coming weeks. However, be aware that many puppy training classes require certain vaccines (like kennel cough) to be up to date, and many veterinarians recommend limited exposure to other dogs and public places until puppy vaccines (including rabies, distemper and parvovirus) have been completed. It’s little incidents like these that make traveling with kids an adventure and keeps us on our toes.
In lieu of formal training, you can begin training your puppy at home and socializing him among family and friends until puppy vaccines are completed.

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