While character and communication skills are key, you won’t influence the people you need to lead if your appearance telegraphs that you’re clueless.
Whether you’re an executive up for promotion, an employee seeking more responsibilities, or a parent involved in community or team activities, how you look will open doors and put you in play.
People who look attractive and well-groomed are perceived by others as more capable, likeable, and even more trustworthy. It’s not surprising, however, that colleagues, mentors, and even your best friends are reluctant to give feedback on how you should improve your wardrobe, hair, and grooming. In the work I do coaching some very competent leaders, you’d be surprised how often the topic of appearance comes up, but it does.

This entry was posted in career, coaching, executive leadership and tagged building trust, executive coaching, executive presence, leadership development. Sylvia Ann Hewlett of the Center for Talent Innovation surveyed 268 executives and interviewed 4,000 college-educated adults on executive presence, including appearance. I think it’s because not many executives are comfortable discussing this topic with peers or even mentors. Granted, dress standards do change with the times as younger generations fill the workplace. And research shows there’s also a big link between our appearance and whether we are perceived as competent or not.

At work, it’s even more perilous to critique appearances, especially to women and minorities. He is a Certified Business Coach and works with CEO’s, business owners and sales professionals across North America.  Chip has written for a number of business and trade publications.

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