Only the strong survive beneath the canopy where the shadows deepen and the surroundings are dense. A touch of frost has heightened your awareness and your heart steadily beats in anticipation.
When conditions worsen and the temperatures fall, when days are short and the shadows are long.
A color pallet created for those individuals with an obsession that is manifested by chasing rainbows in Montana or wrestling Marlin off the coast of Baja. Zombie apocalypse is inevitable and people take it seriously so much that they have preemptive plans on how to avert it or take it head on.
Two shop owners Barry and Fred from Jonesboro, near Atlanta take this bizarre prophecy very seriously just like many other people who believe in zombie mania so they decided to create a weapon of their own to take on every dead meat coming their way.
Studded with 30-round magazines, four flashlights, three lasers and three separate sighting crosshairs to pick up blood drained walking dead from 100 to 300 yards away the zombie gun has it all. Called more precisely as Ultimate AR-15 Mall Tactical Zombie Destroyer assault rifle, this weapon of choice for these two veterans will definitely have zombies running for their lives, well in a way.
Hailing from the northern region of India, Gaurav has a profound liking for everything upbeat in the cloud and vision to acquaint readers with the latest technology news. It seems obvious to many that advocating for regulating the sale, ownership, and use of guns is a political loser. Even though this isn’t an item we sell at Cheaper Than Dirt!, our survival and backcountry Chronicle readers might want to take a look at Motoped’s new Black Ops edition survival bike. As is, there’s too much chrome and bare metal on the bike to be as “black” as we’d like, and we’d prefer a rifle mount on the back, but as an emergency exfil machine when TSHTF, Motoped’s Black Ops has promise. Pricing on the Black Ops model has not been announced, but a Motoped rolling chassis sells for $1,999 without drivetrain. The Black Ops is—and isn’t—like the moto-bike you may have built as a kid with a a sturdy Schwinn bicycle, a 3-hp gas engine, and a friction drive putting power directly onto the back wheel. Motopeds are much more sophisticated — they’re downhill mountain bike–style moped kits to which you add an engine, such as a four-stroke Honda 50cc. The Motoped’s drive train combines the engine drive with the pedal drive through a jack-shaft located in the swing-arm pivot. With pedals, and an engine not more than 50cc, it may be able to be ridden on the street as a motorized bicycle without motorcycle registration (the laws on this vary by state, so check your local laws at the link below). Also, in day-to-day use, you get to ride in the bike lane, which can be a huge advantage over a motorcycle or car in an urban area with a lot of traffic and congestion.
The Black Ops features a naked frame, OD-green gas tank, a rear rack, and a sizable collection of accessories, listed nearby. The bikes are reported to get between 90 and 120 mpg, depending on speed, load, grade, and conditions, of course.
The mission of Cheaper Than Dirt!'s blog, "The Shooter's Log," is to provide information-not opinions-to our customers and the shooting community. So, until the apocalypse, you will only be able to ride you monster moped on roads and private property.
I still think the Rokon Trail-Breaker or the Taurus 2wd Motor Cycles are a better deal breaker. Your discussions, feedback and comments are welcome here as long as they are relevant and insightful.
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The top photo and fifth photo (D Dupleks shotgun slug ammo) contained in this article were taken by Canon PowerShot S90 10-megapixel digital camera (still camera with video capability).
DefenseReview (DR) recently got to view and handle the Kel-Tec Shotgun (KSG), a 15-round (14+1 round) bullpup pump-action 12-gauge (12ga) combat shotgun, briefly at SHOT Show 2011, and we came away very impressed with it. The KSG can hold 7-rounds per tube, and the mag feed switch procedure is made via a manual lever located behind the trigger guard, rather than by an automatic mechanism.
In the interest of full disclosure, one could argue that Defense Review was predisposed to like the KSG shotgun on sight, since we’ve been longtime fans of the South African Neostead Shotgun, now made by Truvelo Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd.
DefenseReview had hoped that the Neostead folks would get their act together at some point and manufacture the Neostead Shotgun here in the States.
MSRP on the Kel-Tec KSG high-capacity bullpup pump shotgun is expected to be in the $800 range, which is very affordable for what it offers.

DefenseReview looks forward to getting a KSG in our hot little hands for the purpose of conducting our own T&E. On the Monday before SHOT Show 2011 opened, while others were invited to the official Media Day shoot, I had the rare privilege of handling and shooting the new Kel-Tec KSG shotgun. I put at 50-75 rounds (mostly birdshot, some slugs) through it getting familiar with its manual of arms and then posing for stills and life-fire video. I’ve seen on YouTube where if you hold the trigger while you work the action, it doesn’t reset, right? Remington VERSA MAX Synthetic Semi-Auto 12-Gauge Shotgun with Self-Regulating Multi-Load VersaPort System: Is this gas-operated shotgun reliable enough for military combat? I bought the first one in our store and was amazed at the overall concept and to hold this amazing machine in your hands just brings a smile to your face. Stopped by the gun store for something else, and was shocked to see it on the wall…bought it immediately. Kryptek MandrakeTM is designed for those regions where success or survival depends on your ability to become one with your domain. Kryptek HighlanderTM increases stealth when pursuing a wide range of quarry in mixed terrain. Above the tree line where the air is thin and cover is sparse, you need a camouflage that allows you to close the gap and retake the high ground.
Your senses are suddenly alert to the movement on the forest floor and you realize that the moment of harvest is at hand. He is a shadowy figure gliding silently through the depths or perhaps a hidden entity patiently waiting in vigil on the ocean floor.
Kryptek YetiTM provides concealment when cover is only found in subtle creases of the snow pack. Zombie apocalypse could strike maybe 10 days later or may hit us all hundreds of years down the line but one thing is for sure, it will definitely be one hell of a nightmare. He likes to observe nature, write thought provoking quotes, travel places, drive cars and play video games when things get too boring. Concealed carry permits shouldn’t be given to perpetrators of violent misdemeanors or individuals arrested for domestic violence.
One wonders if the views of its supporters will be heard at NRA headquarters, as the organization opposes laws that attempt to implement several of the positions that Luntz’ poll established gun-owners support.
Motoped’s Black Ops motorized bike gets around 100 mpg and can be accessorized from now until Sunday.
You’d pedal to get it started, then keep a tight grip on the handlebars to go up to 30 to 40 mph.
Motopeds are street legal in most states as a motorized bicycle, so they can serve as on-road and off-road conveyances. Whatever is sending the most power to the jack shaft will turn the rear wheel, so the rider can also help the motor by pedaling. Thus, the rear-wheel drive chain is not loosening and tightening as the rear suspension travels through its arc. With 4-speed transmissions and bigger powerplants (88-cc, 110-cc, and 140-cc engines), speeds rise to 45 to 65 mph. The disadvantage of a motorized bike is you usually have a 30-mph speed limit, but the cost advantage of a motorized bike is there’s no registration and insurance. Another advantage a motorized bike has is parking — you can park it anywhere you can park a bike. Any motorized conveyance is prohibited from operating off established roads in National Forests.
Obviously, a lot of thought went into designing this extremely utilitarian vehicle, except how to avoid laying it on its side when there isn’t a convenient upright object to lean against. Join more than 1.4 million shooters, hunters, archers, outdoorsmen, survivalists and preppers now!
The rest of the photos contained in this article are courtesy of Oleg Volk Advertising Photography, and these are also copyrighted. One could argue that the KSG bullpup shotgun is essentially a modified, updated, Americanized, and arguably significantly improved version of the Neostead bullpup shotgun concept. First, the KSG’s pump action is cycled in the traditional manner, where the forend pump handle is pulled rearward, just like on the more traditional Remington 870 and Mossberg 500 and 590 Special Purpose shotguns.

This is complicated, of course, by the fact that the forend on a pump-action shotgun moves and needs to be grippable, unless a vertical foregrip is employed.
Oleg Volk, the photographer known for his work in the firearms industry as well as Second Amendment advocacy posters, needed a model for some promotional pics and video he was producing for Kel-Tec and other clients. It’s unlike any shotgun most people are used to using, so I took some time cycling the mechanism, operating the safety and magazine lever, and getting the “feel” of it.
HOWEVER, when cleaning, (as I do for every new firearm), I found the barrel was corroded to such a degree that it looked like a barrel damaged by fire and salt water.
87 percent of non-NRA gun-owners and 74 percent of NRA gun owners support the former, and 80 percent and 79 percent, respectively, endorse the latter. The downhill mountain-bike parts are mounted to a light custom frame and swing arm and have tough mountain-bike suspensions.
According to the maker, riding it with the motor off on a steep trail feels like the rider is pedaling a heavy mountain bike.
Also, this allows for one chain going to the rear wheel, unlike most motorized bikes which use two chains to the rear wheel. Any Honda or Import 50cc to 150cc horizontal OHC motors can be mounted to the Motoped frame. I noticed you said that the bike could only be accessorized until Sunday last year, are there still options to accessorize this bike if I wanted to grab one now?
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DR handled a prototype Neostead Shotgun inside a private room at the Ithaca booth at a SHOT Show we can’t remember the year on, and we really liked it. If side rails are added and you want to use the weapon without mounting a vertical foregip, rail panels will have to be utilized. According to both Oleg and Glenn, the KSG prototype they test-fired out in the desert was very sturdily built, so it should prove combat-durable. We went out – well beyond cell phone coverage range – in the Nevada desert against a foothill backstop where I got to put it through its paces. The switch lever is on the bottom, behind the pistol grip, at the front end of the ejection port.
There aren’t many guns that have a manual switch for multiple integral magazines, so it’s not like you are already used to a different design or location. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without receiving permission and providing proper credit and appropriate links.
Holding it fully loaded (7+7+1 rounds) out at arm’s length, like a typical pump, would be quite a challenge. But given its likely uses (tactical and home defense), if you still have a problem after fifteen rounds of 12 gauge, you already had an extraordinary situation on your hands before you pulled trigger even the first time and better be reaching for your rifle. If this is a genuine problem, I expect it will get worked out before the system goes into production. Halfway through the excercise and just as I was about to pull the trigger, he shouted for me to STOP.
But the bullpup design puts the center of gravity at about the position of the pistol grip and lets you support the weight close to your body. I found it most comfortable to operate the magazine switch with my off hand while maintaining sights on target and hold the weight of the gun with my strong hand on the pistol grip. The only caveat now whould be how the forend’s movement when pumped affects any of the accessories that are mounted on it, or their tactical employment.
The model I shot had a vertical foregrip (attached to the integrated bottom Picatinny rail), which helps you avoid this operator error. The result of a short gun combined with long arms and a trained response to point at the target with the off-hand finger, when bird hunting.
Had read reports of shooters putting vertical hand-grips on bottom rail and in the heat of the moment breaking the rail off ( it’s plastic) by vigorously working the pump mech.

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