I’m pretty sure that a lot of you would have had a tough time searching for the best survival knife under 50 dollars at some point of time or the other! Normally, Amazon has the cheapest deals on these survival tools and keeping in mind the holiday season, I thought it would make your job all the more easier if I linked out to the relevant Amazon page because of the holiday season deals.
Some of you might be short on time and if that’s the case, then I highly recommend that you go with my #1 choice for the best survival knife under 50 dollars as it’s been personally tested and recommended by me and other fellow survivalists. So my pick for the best fixed blade survival knife under 50 dollars is the KA-BAR US Marine Corp Knife. You’ll get an excellent grip thanks to the leather stack handle and I found the balance on the blade to be perfect. Coming in close at #2 is the SOG Seal Pup M37N-CP that features a corrosion resistant, partially serrated 4.75 inch fixed blade. I’ve abused this knife a lot and can vouch for the fact that it holds its edge very well. It also comes included with a black nylon sheath that has a nice compartment to hold a multi-tool or a sharpener.
Another great pick for this list is the Gerber Prodigy Survival Knife that features a 4.75 inch, 420 HC stainless steel blade. The handle is comfortable to hold and comes with a rubber groove to take care of sweaty or rainy conditions. All in all, a great survival knife that costs less than $50; although if you have a little more money to spend, you might want to check out its big brother – the Gerber LMF II.
If you’re looking for the best 7 inch survival knife, then the Schrade SCHF9 should be on your shopping list. It’s beefy, the handle is comfortable and provides numerous hold positions while the knife itself retains its sharp edge even after a year of abuse. All in all, a great knife to own at this price range and comes highly recommended from my end. One of the best bushlore knives at this budget price, the Condor Tool and Knife Bushlore features a 5.25 inch blade made from 1075 high carbon steel. Whether it’s batoning hickory for a cooking fire or simply cutting and trimming branches, this knife will hold you in good sway.  The history behind the knife is also a fascinating one and you’ll always have a good story to tell people about the how the knife is made in El Salvador. We’re mid-way through this list of the 10 best survival knives under $50 and at #6 on this list is the Ontario SP1 Marine Combat Knife.
It also comes with a black sheath that has a Cordura covered front panel and has leather fillers or spacers between the front and back panels, along the top and the bottom of the blade to help protect the edge and the clip. In at #7 is a Tanto style boot knife from Cold Steel that is not only lightweight and sleek but has a reinforced point that’s highly resistant to bending and breakage. The blade length is about 5.5 inches long and the AUS 8 steel holds a very good edge even after repeated usage.
One of my favorite hunting knives is the Buck 105BKS Pathfinder and this one is sort of an upgrade on my old 102 so yes, I’m a little partial towards it. With that said, this is a great low budget quality hunting knife that comes with Buck’s 4-Ever Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.
One of the biggest knives on this list of the best survival knife under $50, the Smith & Wesson CKSURG Homeland Security Tanto is perfectly suited for big, tough jobs. However, for those who love a reliable and tough knife (or a machete for that matter), then you can’t go wrong at this price. The first version of this knife was panned by survival experts and outdoor enthusiasts alike because a lot of people complained of broken pommels and steel quality.
For all those on the fence regarding this knife, I can vouch for it from personal experience.
The above list is pretty exhaustive and covers all of the top survival knives under the 50 dollar price range but in case you feel I’ve missed out a particularly good blade, then do let me know via the comments below. I’ll also try and update this list from time to time to include newer and better knives so that you can truly find the best survival knife below $50! I have never come across a budget survival knife that could compare to the Gen 2 SP43 by Ontario Knife Company. True the firestick is concerning, but the one that I got my hands on did not have that problem. Did you have an early release of it while it was still a new knife and did not have all the field time James?
Anyways, I am looking at it a lot closer now and I do think that it is a great starter knife to learn and practice skills. The exact contents of a good survival kit will vary with the environment you plan on using it in, but there are some basics that every good survival kit should have. Once you have the basics of the kit itself down, there are four main categories of supplies to keep in it. In a survival situation ita€™s common to want to stay hidden to avoid the many dangers that come from other people, but there are times that you need to signal someone to receive assistance or to communicate without sound. The LED light can be a keychain-style light, but make sure the batteries are fresh in it and that ita€™s not the kind that needs unscrewed to replace the batteries.
While keeping a few condoms in your bag might seem odd, they actually have a lot more uses than what they were intended for. In regard to the health aspects of this section, having a good anti-diarrheal is very important in case you get sick either by water-borne illness or food related issues.
With size a constant concern with a survival kit, you need to make sure you use as many items as possible that have more than one use.
The more uses an item has, the smaller your kit will be and the more likely it is youa€™ll have it with you when you need it. Gabriel Garcia Marquez, RIP Is the entire city of Boston under complete police video surveillance? Whether it’s for backpacking through the wilderness or going to a regular day job in the city, a knife can be a man’s most used and versatile tool. There is a multitude of different uses and applications for a folding pocket knife in the real world, and because of this, there is an endless amount of knife types.
Folding survival knives are similar to tactical folding knives in sturdiness, but usually will have modifications to the blade which help in tricky situations. Now that we have gone through a few different types of pocket knives, we have to ask ourselves: what do we look for in an ideal pocket knife? Blade shape- perhaps the only thing that is of equal importance to the handle is the blade. This knife features cryogenic heat treatment to ensure that you have a sturdy blade with significantly less chipping and fracturing than its counterparts. It has all of the key features we mentioned earlier in the article: It’s handle is well made and shaped to ensure that there is no accidents. Bench made is another one of those brands where you will be hard-pressed to find a bad product. With a 3 inch blade, the paramilitary 2 makes a perfect everyday cary that can get things done. But what about if you dont want to spend an arm and a leg getting the best of the best folding knife with top of the line specs and gadgets and gizmos? One extremely popular and cheap knife brand that I personally use as my everyday carry is opinel.
We already talked about the Spyderco Tenacious earlier, but this one’s probably the best knife you can get for under 50. The smith and wesson extreme ops series is great for somebody who doesnt want to spend too much but wants all of the features of a higher end knife. Now that we have gone over good blade types, knife features, how to choose a good knife by knowing good folding knife design and shown you some of the best folding knives available, you should be able to go out and choose a knife with confidence.
We’ve all imagined ourselves in the zombie apocalypse, surrounded by a horde of zombies. A prerequisite to using a melee weapon is that the zombie has to be within a dangerously close proximity to you.
Anyways, choosing the right melee weapon for you, given your comfort level with the weapon and skill level to wield it, is the variable that will be the determining factor in giving you that fighting chance. Below are the top 10 best melee weapons for surviving killing zombies and surviving the zombie apocalypse.
Note: We do not recommend that you go into any zombie combat scenario unless absolutely necessary.
History: A weapon used in the BloodRayne and BloodRayne II video games, this replica is a full-tang arm blade sword. Description: Ranging in length (up to two feet), we recommend choosing one of the longer blades. History: One of the oldest man-made weapons, the axe is built for everything from everyday survival (including chopping firewood and making your way into a potential safe-house) to combat.
History: The most basic energy transfer melee bludgeoning weapon, the baseball bat has evolved over the years, as well as its name.
Description: You may think choosing a baseball bat would be simple enough; just pick one up and swing, right? History: Used in World War One, the trench knife was designed for hand-to-hand combat in the trenches of the Western Front. Description: The most known trench knife design, the Mark I, is a full-tang design with a double-edged blade and brass hilt incorporating a guard shaped as a knuckle duster (may also be used as brass knuckles). History: Designed as means of separating two objects, this tool was first forged around 1400, known as crows or iron crows.
Description: Usually made of medium-carbon steel, crowbars or pry-bars can also be made using titanium – having the advantage of being lighter in weight and nonmagnetic. History: Used in tropical and subtropical countries, the machete is used to cut through rainforest undergrowth, agricultural purposes and household tasks as a large kitchen knife (cutting large food items, using the tool as a meat cleaver, and other odd jobs around the house).
History: In old China, the monk’s spade,(also called a Shaolin Spade) was carried by Buddhist monks during their travels.

History: Designed for destruction, this weapon was originally built for breaking through drywall or masonry walls.
HONORABLE MENTION: AS SEEN ON THE WALKING DEAD, THIS NEW ZOMBIE MELEE WEAPON PREPAREDNESS KIT FROM GERBER. This beautiful collection of zombie skull crushing, neck slicing glory comes complete in a portable, durable canvas case.
1: this weapon might be good if a lttle longer the fact is that itll dig into ur arm as ur attempting to cut heads and such. 2: this blade is made for cutting through body parts its top heavy rather than handle heavy, giving this weapon more hitting power. For melee weapons, I would most definitely choose a machete or bowie, perhaps keep both on your person. Explanation on 2: As you have seen on The Walking Dead type zombies, they are slow, stupid and decaying.
Bear Mase (this is technically not considered a melee weapon but ill put it in here anyways because its even furthur from a firearm. Pellet rifles (Used for increasing the abilitys to fire a real gun, this is not a standard BB gun.
NOTE: As the zombie apocalypse progresses into the latter stages, the splatter factor mentioned above may not be as much of an issue as most of the zombies will have no bodily fluids to speak of. While I would agree with you, the chainsaw makes a sh* ton of noise, not exactly convenient when there are plenty of zoms. It would seem to me that melee weapons that work well on people that are alive, would work well on those that are undead.
My last post featured top survival knives under $200 but I got a lot of mails from my readers saying that they would love to see a few cheaper options that would not cost them more than 50 dollars. With a 1095 Cro van steel, the USMC is one of the most famous knife designs in the world and has a 7 inch straight edge blade.
The blade has a very sharp point with a sufficient belly to make all your skinning and dressing tasks all the more easier.
Not only does it serve as a combat knife, you can even use this for survival and hunting purpose. It’s one of the best tactical knives I’ve ever used and just the right size – big enough to use in combat and small enough in confined spaces. It’s a full tang knife so you don’t need to worry about the pommel breaking off plus the sheath is very secure. With an almost 7 inch blade (6.4 inches actually) and with a 1095 steel body, this is one of my favorite under 50 dollar survival knife. It has a convex grind that extends all the way to the heel and this wilderness tool is beautifully balanced with just the right amount of weight. Again a strong contender for the best 7 inch survival knife, the SP1 is .125 inches thick and is made from 1095 carbon steel.
It also features a checkered, nonslip Kraton handle that offers an extremely good grip and I’ve not had any problems with it in cold or sweaty conditions. Because the blade is a bit on the longer size, this can easily be termed as a mid-size knife and is great for carving and cutting.
With a 5 inch fixed blade made from 420HC stainless steel and a comfortable phenolic handle, you really can’t go wrong with this survival tool. You’ll realize how easy it is to field dress a white tail deer and it works even better when it comes to large size catfish. I always feel very comfortable when I have this strapped to my bug out bag because I know it’s a dependable knife in rough situations.
It features a stainless steel titanium coated 8.06 inch length blade and has very good edge retention.
However, Gerber listened to those complaints seriously and took out a new version in 2011 which eliminated all the known problems. Multiple compartments also help to keep items safe if a tear or other damage happens to another compartment. When looking at a survival kit therea€™s not nearly enough room to keep water and food in it, so you need to keep supplies that will help you procure these in the wild. Non-lubricated condoms can be used to transport fairly large quantities of water and collapse smaller than any other water container.
These supplies will help fix you when youa€™re hurt, keep you from becoming hurt, and give you shelter from the elements. While having diarrhea today is terrible, in a survival situation it can kill you by dehydration.
Fire starting equipment is also covered at the top but ita€™s worth mentioning again as a fire can save your life.
A poncho can keep you and your gear dry when walking and can serve as a shelter when youa€™re not. While a survival kit should be part of your bug out bag, you should keep the survival kit close to your body and out of the bag. You may be shopping for folding knives for backpacking or you may be looking for a small folding knife. The idea is that the blade itself will be as useful as the utility knife, but without all of the extra parts and weight.
This knife has a ton of great features for a pretty low price.The aegis (which means shield in ancient greek) is the best SOG folding knife and it is both versatile and sturdy. Its handle is crafted from glass-reinforced nylon and has tacky rubber inserts to make sure that there is no slippage. It’s blade shape is a classic drop-point, which is among the most versatile you can get and it’s blade is crafted with quality in mind. Spring assisted knives, knives that are “assisted” by springs so that they open fast and easy, are very close to switchblades but they’re not. This knife is a favorite among enthusiasts and regular people alike, because it is so damn dependable. It’s handle has finger cut outs for your fore finger and ring finger to make sure that there is no possible slippage and is made out of rubber. Opinel was a company started by a poor french farmer who had one goal in mind: make a cheap, reliable, everyday carry for the working man. The knives we have listed previously are the best folding knives for under 100 dollars that you can get, but these are for the man on a tight budget. It’s got multiple blades, (clippoint, sheepsfoot, and spey) all under 3 inches and stainless steel.
It is definitely the best of the smith and wesson spring assisted knives line and looks just like a military folding knife.
You really have no idea how a knife is going to fit into your life until you’ve carried it with you for a few weeks and had a chance to use it. Through this visual tension, however, we remain calm…our katana reflecting the light of the setting sun as we raise the blade in confidence. Though we can’t downplay the importance of mental preparation, most of us will never even pick up a katana, let alone see one in person. That said, the list below may not necessarily apply to you, as personal preference should be the first variable considered in your deciding what weapon to wield.
Used in ceremonies and religious rites, the kukri has many practical applications as well (clearing brush, chopping down small trees, splitting small logs, etc.). The kukri blade’s distinctive forward drop acts as a weighting mechanism on the end of the blade, allowing for a more forceful swing and harder hit. Used by the Japanese samurai as their primary weapon, the katana’s curved blade was designed to slice clean through its target. The pommel included a ‘skull-crusher’, which extended beyond the grip, increasing the weapons lethal capabilities and versatility. The crowbar or pry-bar allows the zombie survivalist access to most of the apocalyptic world.
The spade served two purposes: if the monk came across a corpse on the road, they could properly dispose (bury) the body with Buddhist rites, and it also served as a weapon of defense. Though useful for fracturing stone or concrete as well, the sledgehammer had a significant building role in the history of the railroad.
Tight quarters or spaces will limit the longer melee weapons that require an extended arm for optimal impact and use of the weapon. Personally, I have my doubts about using the machete as a go-to…rather go with a long kukri, as the weighted end will assist in slicing off those pesky zombie heads. You could simply whistle them to follow you and lead them off a cliff, or a hole in the ground to then kill. That said, by that time, factor #1 will be even more a influential on your choice of melee weapon. Romanian AK, the rounds are cheap and are very common, they are also the most reliable weapons ever made… 2. That’s why I decided to create this dedicated resource that features handpicked survival knives under the $50 price range.
True, you can always spend more money to get a custom made high grade combat knife but if you have only 50 dollars to spend, then this knife will never let you down. The AUS 6 steel might attract a little rust but that problem can be solved by applying a little oil from time to time. The sheath has strappings on the back to attach other relevant items such as ire starter, first aid, sharpener, 50′ of paracord etc.
One point to know before-hand is that the whole handle is made from molded Kraton and this includes the pommel and quillions (I wasn’t expecting that when I bought the knife). Also, the profile is slender so you won’t have problems carrying it around and all in all, a great self defense knife for under $50. However, I wouldn’t suggest you to try this knife for either prying or batoning because the thickness of the blade is on the lesser side at 3mm.

Remember it’s a heavy duty knife so for all those who don’t like weighty knives, this might not be the right choice for you.
This knife is thicker and features a 4.8 inch long blade that is made from 7Cr17Mov stainless steel. Also the Condor Rodan is great too having a slightly longer blade than the Bushlore and coming with a coated blade as well as a synthetic handle, also comes in two other length as the Varan and Kumunga.
Needle and thread should be of a thin gauge to work for both suturing as well as sewing fabric. You can also use them to cover wounded toes and fingers as a bandage of sorts in an emergency. Oftentimes, they will be made completely of metal with a locking mechanism at the bottom of the blade to make sure that they do not collapse backwards onto the users hands.
You want to keep in mind that a knife is a tool and that you want a tool that is useful for the job at hand. I’ve had plenty of cheap pocket knives and folders with large, clunky, metal handles that are far too wide for even lou ferrigno to grip. I prefer the classic drop-point or straight-back shaped blade because those are the two most versatile shapes there are.
Stainless steel is an awesome choice for a knife that is going to be in moist conditions because it is rust-resistant.
A locking knife is always safer than it’s non-locking counterpart, but sometimes it is more convenient to have a knife that opens and closes quickly.
It also comes with a clip so you have the option to carry it on your belt instead of in your pocket. Technically the mechanism that helps an assisted knife open is not a switch, so they are completely legal and, oftentimes, helpful in day-to-day applications. Any time you are buying a SOG product, really, you can be sure that you are getting top quality and design along with a great price. It’s got a drop point stainless steel blade that is serrated so that it can cut through the toughest of surfaces and still come out fine. Their carbon steel knives dont have any extra gizmos or gadgets, but they are reliable if nothing else. At just 20 dollars, this knife features a liner lock, window breaker, seatbelt cutter, and a combo edge. This weapon was designed to be an extension of your own body; lightweight, functional and flawless. The best axes for the zombie apocalypse are the fire-axe, the brush-axe, and lastly, the pick-axe due to weight and versatility. There are several materials used for making bats: wood (the most traditional) can break over a short period of time, aluminum (becoming more and more common-place) are lighter than wood and are not at risk of cracking or breaking (use over time can lead to warping, however). Designed as a slashing tool and weapon, the machete is versatile enough to assist with daily zombie apocalyptic scenarios. The monk’s spade has a role in the practice of martial arts to this day, in the arts of wushu, gongfu and Shaolin kung fu. Being that it is very long, its effectiveness is limited to wide open spaces, but in the right hands the monk spade is a designed-for-decapitating ally in the fight against the undead.
That said, sledgehammers can be far heavier than axes and therefore less receptive to any alteration in swing. It is VERY simple to create your own bow from materials found in nature (long, time-consuming but simple).
If they are Dawn of the Dead type zombies, able to run, climb and make very simple judgements, then by all means keep your distance no matter what. Of course my ideal boat would be big enough to sleep at least 10 people, have a fish finder, and enough fuel to get far enough out to sea.
I saw they also sell a brooklyn crusher and smasher that is a bat that is supposedly unbreakable. The spatter factor involved with a chainsaw may not only put yourself at risk, but your entire team.
That’s the only way you could trust it to get you out of a tough zombie infested situation. Wea€™re not talking about a backpack or small rucksack here, but more like a belt-worn ammo pouch. The candle can be used for not only light but the wax can be used in making a fire starter as well.
These knives are good for somebody who needs a sturdy knife and are also great for anyone searching for a self defense knives. My first swiss army knife came complete with a sewing needle, tweezers and a toothpick in the sides of the handle.
You want to make sure that your knife’s handle is made of a material that is conducive to easy use and will stay grippy when wet or warm. They’re good for prying, pushing, scraping, shoving, cutting, sawing, chopping and whittling most things. Carbon steel is a little bit less pretty than stainless, but holds a much harder edge for a longer time, so it is the choice of material for most knives that are used for working conditions and any otherwise stressful conditions. If you are doing work that will require you to pry or push your knife, then you should probably get a folder that locks. In addition to all of these great features, it has an incredibly sturdy locking mechanism and a spring assisted blade for quick and easy one-handed access. The blade itself pivots out easy with a large guard, so that in the rare event that the lock does fail, it would be hard to injure yourself with this knife. The thumbhole in the top of the blade makes for easier, more stable blade opening and cutting. Alot of times, though, I will buy a cheaper knife knowing that i am likely to gunk up the blade or lose it entirely. Cut some zombie heads clean off or go to the core of infection with a clean plunge through the jaw, straight to the brain. However, a misplaced swing can leave you committed and defenseless, as the swing cannot easily change course or be stopped. Where sheep and war come together, we’re not sure, but the baseball bat can trace it’s origins back the the Oina “bata”. Composite fiber bats, although more expensive, can be the victim of cracking and even shattering in cold weather.
Ironically, the Mark I was introduced too late in World War I to actually service in the trenches, but was adopted by U.S.
It’s safe to theorize that the Buddhist monks were among the first to predict that a zombie apocalypse was inevitable, that man’s only chance of surviving the plague would be to prepare hundreds of years in advance.
The sheath could stand some improvement but over all this is the best deal on a survival knife I have ever seen.
Oftentimes, the best folding knife hadle material will be hard rubber because it is grippy and water resistant.
For this reason, you will find that most utility blades and suvrival knives have one of these two blade shapes. If you’re looking for a knife to cut food occasionally or snip off a loose thread in your t-shirt, you’ll probably be ok without a lock.
The Recon 1 is the best survival folding knife for the person that is looking to have a knife that can handle just about any job you throw at it. In addition, simple beechwood handles and overall minimal look make them all around cool pocket knives. Having owned (and lost) one of these myself, I can attest to how incredibly durable this knife is.
Honestly, what could be better than making it onto a boat out to open waters with no one in the group being infected? Find a foot long cutlery sharpener, as they are usually made of fine steel, and grind the tip to a 45 degree angled point, even if you have to scrape it on concrete. The other very popular blade shape is the tanto blade, which is designed for cutting and puncturing. An opinel is probably the best small folding knife that you can get and is among the best folding knives ever made. Maybe I am a little naive, but a boat would be my first choice to escape the zombie apocalypse. I have been researching forging my own blades but am too early in it to have actually done anything but research so far. This blade shape is mostly found on tactical style knives because of it’s hacking and slashing abilities. It shifts forward when the blade is folded out and keeps itself forward until you shift it back. The best folding utility knife will have all of the tools to get the job more without being excessive. The Spade is good if you only use it as a thrusting weapon, same as the forearm brace, but in a cluster you might as well be caught in a web. The trench knife is decent since it wont slip in your hands because of gore but with such a thick blade makes it hard for weaker people to drive it through the skull.
Some of the best folding knives under 3 inches are in this price range because they are so much cheaper to make. The Ninja-to is a great sword but falls into the same catagorie as the Katana and Machete. Guns make noise, bows and crossbows require you to dedicate either your hands to holding them or you risk entanglement by strapping them to your back.

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