Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. Paracord is kind of like a shoelace - it's a nylon fabric tube with several double strands of essentially more nylon monofilament inside.
I've been making these for years, I mostly give them away for gifts but I also sell them through my website. Just enter coupon code "tspforum" (without the quotation marks) to start saving today! Then I Realized that the Lord doesn't work that way, so I stole a bike and asked him to Forgive me.
In this scenario you'd have a blanket, but you could undo a couple of knots, yank out that ONE weave of different-color paracord, and you'd have a casting net! A shoelace is typically on the order of poly fill in terms of strand diameter - really fine stuff, while paracord is more like lightweight fishing line piled together. Anyway, the handle piece is a standard sinnet - the wrap on the stick is the same knot, but instead of alternating which side you tie the knot on, you always tie on that side, which gives you the twist.

It takes a bit to figure out how exactly to do it and it takes about 20mins but makes for a very compact way to carry; paracord, ferro rod, steel striker.
My wife was with me and we were 15 miles from home, which is about 60 miles away from anyone else we could call for a rescue. Just thought I would share, some videos on youtube on making the knot, I just widened it and make it over the rod.
After a conversation with the police that happened by and a call to the local towing service that couldn't get out for a couple of hours I decided I had nothing to lose and nothing but time to think about this problem. I started looking through what I had in the truck and how I could use it.Using paracord twisted up into a two strand rope and a trucker's hitch around the pulleys to make it tight, I started it up and was pleased to see the water pump and alternator turning!
With some extra loops on the ends it could even be modified into a pretty darn sturdy hammock!Can't wait for the pics!
Also, there were questions above about rifle slings - for a braided rifle sling figure about 45-60' depending on length. I go online and find 100 foot hanks of rope at dollars-per-foot prices - not quite in my budget.

The cord had begun to tire near the end and the lights began to dim, but it kept the water pump turning enough to prevent overheating.
My wife was both impressed and filled with dread because she knew I'd be hard to live with for a few days after this. I'm mostly interested in rappelling for GTFO of a building in an emergency, and the tallest buildign I go into is about 10 stories - about 150-200 feet (including the parking deck and the utilities floor on top) - does that mean I need 300-400 feet of rope?
I took pictures the next day before replacing it with a new belt, but can't find them at the moment.
Since this is only intended for emergencies, I wonder if paracord would be appropriate to rely on for one time use, or if I should stick to the expensive stuff for EDC AND practice.

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