You're not going anywhere without her. AMY offers you a tense, innovative and immersive experience in survival horror gaming.
AMY takes place in December 2034 in the small town of Silver City (Midwest, USA) after a comet strikes, wreaking havoc on humanity and unleashing a deadly virus that has infected almost everyone. The world she once identified with seems to have been torn to Hell, and most of the people she knew have now become part of a wild horde.
The presence of the titular Amy, a seemingly defenseless eight-year-old autistic girl who has curious powers, forces her to make choices that will affect both their lives. AMY was developed by VectorCell studios under the supervision of Paul Cuisset - the French creator of legendary games such as Flashback and the series Moto Racers - and published by Lexis Numerique. The highly anticipated survival horror title AMY is available worldwide on Xbox® Live Arcade for 800 MS points.
AMY is rated “M” (Mature) by the ESRB for Blood and Gore, Drug Reference, Intense Violence and Strong Language. Some time ago one of our readers, let’s call him Matt, sent us an email with five questions about horror games.
We’ve searched all over the internet for rumors on a third Saw game but the truth is.
There have been no announcements of Jurassic Park game coming in physical form for the PS3.

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Play two original characters who alone are desperately fragile, but united become a force capable of confronting the denizens of a living hell.
Players take on the role of Lana, who regains consciousness in the midst of all the mayhem. Lana feels the virus beginning to infect her and knows she must run as far as possible to escape the nightmare. 2010) through prestigious partners (Electronic Arts®, Ubisoft®, Disney Interactive®, …), Lexis Numerique is one of the biggest independent games design studios in Europe.
Paul is an industry veteran whose recognition began with the games he created at Delphine Software, one of the largest French Studios in the 90’s. First of all, Matt had some really good questions and we want to thank him for showing trust in SHO to get him some damn answers!
A lot of people are asking Tikgames about Chucky on their Facebook page but no one seems to be home.
Raya Centex, Ciracas, Jakarta Timur (Sederetan dengan pabrik tekstil Centex, bersebrangan dgn Alfamart Centex). Lexis has been known for its innovative games (In Memoriam, aka Missing: Since January) and its kid games which have sold millions.

Paul created mythic games such as Flashback and the Moto Racer series (5 million games sold worldwide).  A large part of the Flashback team is now working on Amy along with other veterans. Fans are setting up petitions for an 8th movie but we think that won’t happen either.
Lexis is currently developing NextGen games for a mature audience and is also dedicated to become a major publisher of top quality online games.
The only place where we can find anything about a Universal Frankenstein game is on the Telltale’s Wiki page.
Beefy Media confirmed to have a lot of games in development (and are working on 2 downloadable games). I think as long as Lionsgate isn’t going to make an eigth movie, Konami will not make a third game.
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