Town criers inform the peasantry that developer CodeHatch is bringing a medieval sandbox survival experience called Reign of Kings to Steam Early Access.
Vikings: Wolves of Midgard is a new action RPG set on the Shores of Midgard – a fantastical world based on the history of the Vikings and Norse mythology. It's primarily inspired by "Rust and Chivalry" says the studio.We'll be hunting wildlife, mining ores, building fortifications, smithing weapons and armour, and maybe uniting under a common banner to crush all who oppose us. Your village has been pillaged by fearsome creatures and its up to you to discover why and how to stop them.

One player can even be crowned King.Chivalry had a great impact on the combat system which is in first-person for fast-paced sword swinging and axe-to-face resolutions to conflict. A group known as the Jotan have returned with the sole intention of taking vengeance against the Gods of Asgard. We can chop, slice and stab our way through disagreements, and Reign of Kings will "fully support delimbing and decapitation" for authenticity. As the chief of the Ulfung clan (the Wolves of Midgard) you must lead the Wolves to victory, ridding Midgard of the monsters of the Fimbulwinter and rebuilding your village.

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