The main character’s objective is to find seven missing children while staying clear of the terrifying SlenderMan. While trying to find these children, you have the unlucky chance of crossing paths with the monstrous Slender Man, but don’t stare at him too long or the game is over. During gameplay the longer it takes to find the lost children, the more inexplicable things start to occur.
Using headphones with the game makes it even better, the sound effects sound like they are close by that way for a fully immersive experience.
When Alan Wake’s wife disappears during a vacation, the best-selling thriller novelist braves the unnerving fictional town of Bright Falls, Washington to find her, only to discover that his writing has taken on a life of its own. A young man wakes in a Prussian castle in the 1800’s with no memory, only a note telling him that he must descend into the castle’s dark depths to find the baron, Alexander, and kill him. Arguably the best entry in the Fatal Frame series, Crimson Butterfly is a supernatural horror game about twin girls trapped in a mysterious village, armed with nothing but an antique camera capable of photographing and exorcising hostile spirits. Corpse Party’s premise is pure horror cliche; a group of students perform a ritual, unleash supernatural terrors upon their school, and die in incredibly gruesome ways. To get away from the horror you have to turn away from his gripping gaze and run for dear life. Bad things include items being tossed into the air and fences popping into your path, along with other paranormal activities. This game has it all from sound, music and visual effects to that hard to define creep factor. As a nameless man in a surgical mask, you must explore the dilapidated apartment building you call home, scrounging for food and supplies, while killing or avoiding the horrific creatures that stand in your way. Heavily influenced by Stephen King and Twin Peaks, Alan Wake tells an engrossing story in a stylish television format.

Fatal Frame is a game that rewards exploration and patience, all while unsettling the player through excellent visual and audio design.
Slender Man Origins for iOS by BIGZUR is one of the best survival horror games for a mobile device. Scour your way through a forest, search corner to corner in a stone walled castle, hunt through a village, and look through multiple areas in a graveyard.
Make sure you are cautious while exploring for the children because Slender Man could pop up at any moment out of nowhere. Tap an area on the screen for movement and you can also change the control scheme in the options menu if you want a classic joystick to use for movement. As a first person survival horror game, the sound effects and slow, low-pitched music make the creep factor high. The latest entry in the classic survival horror franchise would have been a collaboration between legendary game designer Hideo Kojima and filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro. Each of the game’s six episodes has its own cliffhanger, its own recap, and its own closing credits punctuated by a fantastic soundtrack. Feeling your heart leap as you wait for the perfect moment to snap a photo of a ghost rushing at you is an experience that hasn’t been replicated in a horror game since. The story of Kisaragi Academy and its doomed students is told using retro 2-D, top-down sprite graphics and hand-drawn tile art.
When you answer the door, an old neighbor tells you that local children went into the forest and never returned.
The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus was also on board. Excitement for the project was high, especially among Silent Hill fans eager to see the series return to greatness. So, here instead are six alternative horror games that, in the Silent Hill tradition, are more psychological than splatterhouse.

The game’s two pieces of downloadable content, “The Signal” and “The Writer,” are practically required playing for theorists who want to unravel the mystery that is Bright Falls.
When it first released in 2011, many critics quickly called it one of the scariest games ever made. Although physical copies might be hard to find, Crimson Butterfly and its sequel can both be downloaded on the PlayStation Store. The puzzles sometimes frustrate, and its multiple endings might not be for everyone, but it’s an often disturbing (and incredibly silly) experience.
The next installment of the franchise, Fatal Frame: Oracle of the Sodden Raven, was released in Japan in 2014.
Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities is a game that wears its obvious Silent Hill influence on its sleeve. This game is so Silent Hill it even features two of the series’ voice actors, Guy Cihi and David Schaufele (James Sunderland and Eddie Dombrowski from Silent Hill 2). Psychoz Interactive is a big fan of ‘90s survival horror games, and it tells GamesBeat it tracked down Cihi and Schaufele specifically for its game. The first in a trilogy, Alternate Realities tells the story of Rose Hawkins, a young woman searching for a missing child named Eden.

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