These best zombie survival games should satisfy your need for experiencing some frantic scenarios involving the undead. The entire game can be played in co-op mode, and this time around, there’s a new character as well. The Walking Dead is less about frenzied action, and more about delivering an unforgettable experience about how a zombie apocalypse will actually feel like.
This adventure game’s unique aspect lies in the fact that you are asked to take crucial decisions at various points, and the further story is woven based on those choices. It’s a multiplayer open world survival horror experience taking place in a fictional country called Chernarus.
A Wii U-exclusive, ZombiU is a first-person survival horror game set in an undead-infested London.
A unique gameplay mechanic which has been infused into the title is that if you die due to a zombie bite, you start playing as another random survivor, whereas the earlier character turns into a zombie itself. The creatures from The Last of Us cannot be dubbed zombies, but they can certainly be branded as undead who’re hell-bent on making you one of them. Joel and Ellie must survive these creatures and hostile humans alike on their way to Salt Lake City where a possible cure for the epidemic could be made. Again, it isn’t zombies you’ll be fighting against in Resident Evil 5, but they’re similar creatures called Majini who’re equally dangerous and scary. While staying true to its legendary predecessor, Resident Evil 5 adds a number of new elements that make it a truly unique experience. Our next pick for this compilation is a comprehensive DLC pack which was released for Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption. The Wild West setting and the original gameplay of the actual title coupled with a large number of distinct scenarios made possible by the addition of zombies, make Undead Nightmare a must have. Capcom’s Dead Rising 2 is pure open world madness, with its large scale zombie battles, custom weapons and much more. The game tells the story of a former motocross champion named Chuck Greene, who’s forced by circumstances to venture out in the undead-infested city in order to gain a cure for his little daughter who could turn into a zombie if not treated. Valve’s attempt at creating a cooperative first-person shooter hit bulls eye with 2008’s L4D.
Available for the Xbox 360, Windows, Mac as well as Linux, L4D2 takes place in the aftermath of an apocalyptic pandemic, and has you step into the shoes of four survivors, even as they look to fight against hordes of the zombie-like creatures. A horror-themed third-person shooter, Dead Space 3 features mutated and reanimated corpses called Necromorphs who’re your main enemies.
Released earlier this year, Dead Space 3 contains a ridiculously exciting atmosphere which is fraught with a lot of scary scenarios. Survival games make up one of the most popular genres in gaming at the moment, and this increased interest has helped the rise of exciting titles such as The Culling and Ark: Survival Evolved. Most games contain an element of survival, but interest in this genre has focused on games which revolve around the struggle to survive, whether it’s against harsh worlds and monsters or fellow players.
The Survival genre is growing and has provided a perfect space for adventurous developers to try new and unconventional ideas that are sometimes met with great success. The Flame in the Flood has a unique art style paired with an engaging sound track, and features an intuitive crafting and loot system.
The Culling is a player-vs-player survival arena, and matches are composed of a 16-player battle royale with the last survivor being declared the victor. The Forest puts the player in the role of an aeroplane crash survivor who has found themselves stranded in a forest which is inhabited by humanoid, cannibalistic mutants. The Forest is both multi-player and single-player and is available on Steam in Early Access. Subnautica has been praised by players for its gorgeous graphics and fluid underwater mechanics. We Happy Few is set in a post-World War II dystopian England, where all citizens of the randomly-generated town are addicted to a drug which causes them to become permanently happy and definitely unhinged. The Long Dark features a unique art style and has received high praise for its crafting and survival mechanics. Worlds Adrift features an exciting blend of multi-player vehicle combat and involved crafting.
Escape from Tarkov is set in a fictional Russian city and is a multi-player survival game with similarities to titles like DayZ and H1Z1. No Man’s Sky has become one of the most anticipated games of the year, featuring a ton of exciting and revolutionary features that are set to re-define the sandbox and survival genre. For instance, I am in my little Seamoth submarine gunning for a new area so that I can maybe get some new blueprint fragments and crafting materials. Let me know in the comments if you play any of these games, or if there are any other survival games you’d recommend and think should be up here. The Long Dark: In the Long Dark, you play as a regular human stuck in the frozen wilderness. Dead State: Base building character creation and social aspects all in a narrative driven zombie survival RPG.
Nether: The premise is like the majority of the horror survival genre, except this is based in an urban setting. Farsky: Swim around and avoid becoming shark food whilst you try to put your submarine back together. Subscribe to More Than Just SurvivingNo fancy free e-book or shiny product bribe incentive offered here!

The Dead Linger – Bit like DayZ, but instead of focusing on PvP it encourages for crafting, sheltering, exploring, and all in dynamically generated world.
More Than Just Surviving is a survival blog that concentrates on wilderness survival, preparedness, and gear.
We’ve gathered best survival games for PC so that all you fans of the said genre can relish the coolest names out there. The survival game that kick starts the party is definitely no stranger to this particular genre. Within these confines, you’ll be able to create just about anything your imagination can conjure up.
In Don’t Starve you take on the role of an intrepid gentleman scientist called Wilson who finds himself in the midst of a mysterious wilderness realm that’s filled with magic and science. You’re also called on to create different structures and items as well as hunt, farm, conduct research and fight to survive so that you can make it back home safely.
Here you’ll be able to explore new picturesque zones such as the Yanov railway station, Kopachi village, Pripyat town and Jupiter factory. This interesting inclusion in our survival games for PC array is looked upon as a unique graphical rogue-like RPG. If you’re an ardent RPG fan, then you’ll surely like what this retro-isometric styled contender in our survival games for PC roundup has in store for you.
What’s more, you can also pick up different skills from your mates such as cooking, carpentry and medical training.
We had earlier put a large smile on the faces of fans by listing out Minecraft maps that are sprinkled with elements of the genre in the spotlight. Hello again fellow castaways, it's been just over 7 months since our last progress update, a long time I know. As you may have noticed from the screenshot above, that there are various pieces of broken architecture.
For games, movies and other forms of fiction, the zombie theme is something that’s constantly being re-explored by makers, especially because it’s such an intriguing topic. Released in the form of episodic seasons, this game revolves around the life of a survivor named Lee whose goal it is to find a little girl named Clementine her lost parents. You see, DayZ was released as a mod for 2009’s Arma 2 and its expansion, Operation Arrowhead. Battling the problem of limited supplies, weapons and medicine, you are required to either kill or stay away from zombies and some other survivors if you wish to stay alive in this incredibly scary and challenging mod. It has some brilliant content packed in it, and playing it with the Wii U GamePad amplifies the fun a great deal. The plot of this PS3-exclusive is based in a post-apocalyptic United States of 2033, and showcases the effects of an apocalypse which has been brought around by a deadly fungus growing on people’s brain. Developer Naughty Dog’s genius shines through each and every aspect of The Last Us, be it the deep writing, the cinematic beauty, the lively visuals and of course, the diverse gameplay. Resident Evil 5 was released for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in 2009, and had managed to gain widespread acclaim for its incredibly enjoyable gameplay. It keeps the main game’s structure, but turns its normal population into zombies, in its bid to narrate a funny and engaging story.
Although a DLC, it’s now sold along with the game in the form of a GotY edition for the PS3 and Xbox 360. The following year then, the developer followed it up with Left 4 Dead 2 which expanded the original’s appeal, and delivered something even more praiseworthy. In this final chapter from the Dead Space trilogy a co-op based approach with its gameplay, allowing you to team up with one more person to tackle your objectives. Hope you’ve read all the descriptions of these best zombie survival games carefully, and decided upon your next purchase. Although the game is single-player and lacks the player-vs-player threat of multiplayer survival, the creatures and difficulty of The Flame in the Flood seem to present the player with a fairly decent challenge. The game has proven popular on Twitch since its release and aims to provide a PvP survival arena experience without being hindered by additional features. The Forest focuses heavily on survival mechanics such as warmth and hunger, and allows the player to craft a variety of structures and items to assist them in surviving the eerie and disconcerting environment.
Subnautica expertly conveys the sense of overwhelming volume that the deep ocean presents, and the world is filled with both treasures and dangers. The Long Dark is a big attraction for hardcore survival fans, as the game is a basic but challenging wilderness survival title. The premise of the game is that the world has been shattered into countless floating islands, which players can only reach by building ships that sail the skies. These games may even introduce some new ideas or methods of survival to you in the process!
Admittedly, I chose the categories using my own biases, but I think they are reasonably fitting of the games.
While that’s the case, my personal favourite survival game on the list is The Long Dark, as I find the never-ending stream of zombie survival games, of which DayZ is one, to be a bit tedious. Set in Alaska, Rust is a very crafting-focused game, but with life bars including hunger, thirst, and cold. If you want to try the survival genre, but don’t like first person shooters, this is one of the few alternatives out there.
Just barely qualifies as a survival game, although realistically, the campaign is so short it might as well be a tech demo.

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Run by a two-person husband and wife team, Thomas & Elise Xavier, this blog's mission is to offer a down to earth resource for both survivalists and preppers alike. These worthy mentions have all the elements to keep you constantly on your toes while you foray across the virtual terrain.
Go ahead and visit The Nether realm if you’re feeling a little brave or stride across to the land of mushrooms for some toadstool fun.
Now in order to escape this scary scenario, he must take complete advantage of his surroundings and even the indigenous beings found there. Another interesting feature is that you can generate a new living world which can be as dangerous as the one provided.
As the brains behind this endeavor suggests, the sequel is filled with huge islands, over 100 different items, day and night alteration, varied maps and dynamic lighting effects. You can choose to put on the guise of a peace-loving hermit, a fisherman, an adventurer, a tradesman or a hunter. More recently, we also revealed some pretty juicy titles that explored the zombie side of the category in question. Since then we have taken feedback from a variety of sources and taking into account everyone's opinions and advice we have been tweaking both the look and feel of the game while continuing to make more assets and continue on with the level design. There will be fully fledged ruins for the player to explore and find items which they won't be able to find running along the beaches and in the jungles.
We were originally going to keep this information and news update behind closed doors, but we love showing you guys our work and receiving your praise and constructive criticism along the way. The undead have made their presence felt in a ton of video game titles out there, but there have been a few which have stood out glaringly. While its predecessor told the story of how its four protagonists managed to finally escape the undead-infested island of Banoi, this game, strangely enough, has all of them somehow land on another island which too is overrun by the dangerous creatures. Season 1 of The Walking Dead is available for the PS3, Xbox 360, Windows, Mac, PS Vita as well as iOS. This mod managed to reach such popularity that it actually boosted sales of the otherwise struggling host game. So I make my way down to scavenge the floor of that area, and the sub starts creaking under the pressure and a warning sounds that I am reaching the limits of the depth of the sub. Features dynamic weather, hunting, and various gear, including hatchets, rifles, food, and light sources. What I like about LoL is the ability to do a quick ARAM for 20 minutes and then go back to work without feeling like I wasted too much time but having had fun and a sense of “completion” too! Here you’ll have to do everything in your power to live through the whole ordeal you’re about to be thrown into. Here you’ll have to place different sorts of virtual blocks strategically across the plane and build a variety of structures. And besides PC, the delight also extends its grasp across other platforms such as the Xbox 360 console as well as Android and iOS devices. You’ll be bombarded with plenty of perils, surprises, 2D characters and strange creatures along the way. Packed with a storyline that closely follows the events of its predecessor – Shadow of Chernobyl, this installment also sees a plethora of unique characters, new monsters like Burer and Chimera, and even an extended system of side quests. You can step into the shoes of Agent Alexander Degtyarev and dig deeper into the mysterious disappearance of five helicopters.
Well, you’ll be able to experience the same via this engaging 3D adventure game that’s been developed by Unreal Software. Beaming with a rich, historical atmosphere, UnReal World lets you take on the role of a hero from any one of the 9 different cultures.
However, besides just concentrating on annihilating the mindless menace, Project Zomboid also pays attention to other aspects like depression, starvation, trust issues, loneliness, insanity and illness. And since these few topics were covered, we figured it was time to shed some light on survival games for PC.
Here we’ve gathered them in the form a comprehensive list that you can scour through and decide which ones you can go for if you’re a fan of zombie games. Its makers are now busy creating a standalone game out of it, but in the meanwhile, you can still treat yourselves to this mod.
Then the sun sets and it becomes pitch black, so I have to switch on my lights to see anything at all. Scavenge around for food and water, dabble in makeshift weapons and even turn on your close buddy if you have to.
Besides simply erecting safe houses to protect yourself against nocturnal monsters, you can also craft other wonderful things. You’ll have to brave through the harsh, unforgiving wilderness and complete a variety of tasks.
You’re required to craft your own makeshift tools and weapons, gather food, build dwelling structures, go on hunting sprees and even tame wild animals you find on the island.
Be prepared to tackle challenging quests and situations that will test your endurance to its very limits.

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