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Travis Grant and Connor Baxter have dominated the 2013 SUP Race Cup, which drew a stacked field of 100 paddlers to St. This event was a tale of two days; on Saturday the winds were apocalyptic and the Beach Race turned into a survival paddle, while Sunday was much calmer (and warmer), producing an epic Distance Race.
The field was absolutely stacked, as many of the world’s best paddlers in Europe for the next few weeks, but in the end it was the favourites Travis and Connor who filled the top two spots on both days. Meanwhile the women’s event was a three way battle between Angie Jackson of Australia and the local French paddlers Olivia Piana and Celine Guesdon.
So for yesterday’s Beach Race, which was supposed to be a 7km, Battle of the Paddle-inspired, in-and-out course, the organisers had to do a quick reshuffle. So with 100 paddlers having only 100m to separate themselves, you can imagine how crammed the first buoy turn was. From my vantage point way back in the pack I had a great view of the lead bunch as they rounded the buoys at each end of the course and paddled back towards us. Young South African charger Dylan Frick was second at one point, but made some mistakes on the second lap and drifted back.
However by the third lap, the real race was happening among the first four guys; Connor, Travis, Casper and Jake.
On the final stretch, Trav and Connor got a few seconds clear and sprinted to the line, but despite a late surge from the Aussie, Connor held on for a much deserved win by just two seconds.
Angie proved too strong in the end, winning by a minute, with Olivia hanging onto second ahead of an impressive Celine.
The 17km Distance Race hit the water at 10:30 and again there were 100 paddlers on the start line. After the chaotic start in yesterday’s Beach Race, the first turning buoy had been moved a lot further from the beach, which largely avoided the traffic jam. The lead group held together for the first 5km, where the water was relatively flat and calm, but as soon as they rounded the St.
As the wind became more of a factor, the draft trains started to break-up right throughout the field. By the time they rounded the final buoy and with a straight 1km paddle to the line, Travis Grant and Connor Baxter were 30 seconds clear of the chasing groups.
Beau and Paul sprinted home together, almost catching Connor and making it three Aussies in the top four.
The action today was the complete opposite of yesterday, which ended the event on a high note.
Next week we’re off to Germany for the big Lost Mills race, before heading back to France for the Oleron event. In the meantime check out the full SUP Race Cup results below, then come back tomorrow for photos and video of the action. With the days growing shorter and the first blush of fiery color on the hillsides, it’s clear that fall-and the upcoming school year-are fast approaching. There are 3 essential parts to the equation when it comes to helping your child bring his or her A game to school: Nourishing food, good hydration, and adequate sleep are the secrets to never running on empty.
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The best way to keep your child well hydrated, of course, is to encourage them to drink plenty of it, and to make it a mainstay of their day: as this fun infographic from the USGS Water Science School illustrates, water comprises about 60% of a persons body weight (and even a bit more in children). Here’s why water is the purest way to hydrate: It has zero calories, which helps promote a healthy body weight.
On the sports field, water helps to regulate body temperature and maintain maximum muscle strength (a 3-4% dehydration reduces muscle strength by about 2%).
Here are the daily water recommendations from the Institute of Medicine’s Dietary Reference Intakes.
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Maxime, France and marked the official start of the unofficial European SUP Racing Tour presented by NSP.
As in the men’s, results were reversed on Day 2 and the overall result was decided by the narrowest of margins. These winds were coming down off the Alps, which also meant that despite the sunny blue skies, your lungs would start feeling icey as soon as you started any kind of physical activity.
We were bunched up together in knee deep water and as soon as the horn went, we sprinted out to the first buoy that was only 100 metres off the beach. It turned into a gnarly traffic jam that caught out everyone who wasn’t fast enough to sprint clear off the beach. We did that four times and pretty soon it was like a snake chasing its tail as the favourites eventually caught the back-markers. How, I don’t know, but he never let anyone past despite some incredibly fast paddlers sitting behind him.
Paul Jackson was sitting in second or third for the first lap, looking very strong until he had a head-on collision with a back-marker that strayed onto the wrong side of the course; the giant chunk out of the front of his board forced Jacko to retire. Jake passed Casper in the final sprint to claim third, with Beau in 5th and Eric Terrien the leading local in 6th. The apocalyptic mistral winds had backed off and although the there was still a bit of a breeze, it was definitely manageable.
In the Battle of the Paddle, which this event is modelled on, the Distance Race plays second fiddle to the Elite Race.
A good start was still important though, as there was obviously going to be a lot of drafting and if you missed a spot in the lead pack within the first couple of minutes, you were never getting back. All the big names were in there; Travis Grant (who had to make up three seconds on Connor Baxter to claim the overall event title) was leading the train, with Connor, Jake, Casper, Eric and Gaetene Sene right on his tail. The first five or six had a gap on the rest of the field and there were very few groups with more than three or four competitors. Chase Kosterlitz beat home the young guns to round out the top 5, with Casper and Jake following.

The overall result was incredibly tight, with just six seconds separating Celine and Angie after almost three hours of paddling across both days. Despite the grinding conditions and chaotic start of the Beach Race, the 2013 SUP Race Cup was an awesome event and kicked off the European SUP Racing Tour in a memorable way. Yet while that prescriptions sounds simple, in this era of sugar sweetened beverages, juice drinks, energy drinks and even enhanced waters (many of which contain calories or artificial colors), new evidence  from the most recent NHANES data suggests that virtually no demographic of children in the US comes close to satisfying the Institute of Medicine’s recommendations for water.
And with a new science suggesting that drinking soda does more than just pack on the pounds, but may contribute to negative mood and behavior in young children as well, sidestepping sugary beverages makes especially good sense until we know more. Simply put, smart sipping literally means keeping your water bottle on hand for regular drinking throughout the day. And by the time we actually receive signals from our body that we are thirsty, we are already dehydrated, which means we’re behind the eight ball and not performing at our best mentally or physically. In addition to the 3 servings of low fat milk or enriched non-dairy milk alternatives (like soy, almond, coconut or hemp) that the USDA Guidelines recommend for children each day, be sure to also put water on the tables for meals and snacks. As for sleep, health experts recommend 10-12 hours per night for children ages 3-12, and 8-9 hours per night for children ages 12-18. And it set me on my path to my life’s calling-helping people find their highest health through savoring real, vibrant, nourishing food.
As such, I pledge to blog with integrity, which includes strict adherence to the latest FTC guidelines for bloggers.
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More than that, virus and download free, since we use a server side exploit and not an user side one. To their credit, almost all of the favourites managed to avoid the carnage and get around first, so it didn’t have a huge impact on the final standings. The two of them constantly made slight gaps on Jake and Casper, but the two kids on the yellow boards always caught back up. The bumpier water made it much harder to draft, which allowed the elite guys to splinter off and take control of the race. A slight downwind leg gave the ocean specialists another chance to break free, with Connor and Travis setting the pace ahead of guys like Paul Jackson, Beau O’Brian, Chase Kosterlitz and Casper Steinfath.
Olivia had to settle for third while up and coming star Manca Notar took a solid 4th place. Keep in mind that things like higher elevation, temperature and humidity can also increase your fluid needs.
There are many fun children’s versions with leak proof lids that fit in lunchboxes and sports bags. Put one one in the car, the backpack, and encourage them to have on their desk during the day so they will be encouraged to drink regularly.
This slight gap was all he needed, with Connor unable to keep up and Travis sprinting clear to win the Distance Race and overall event titles. Free books or products I receive for consideration will always be disclosed if they are mentioned.

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