Please Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to order and conform to all laws governing the use and ownership of airguns in your local area.
Committed to providing you and your family with the best survival knowledge, skills and equipment. Next to my 12 Gauge Mossberg and my Ruger 10-22 sits a very cool and collected Benjamin Sheridan 392 .22 caliber Multi-Pump Pellet Gun and I treat it with the same respect as it is a very specialized soldier in my arsenal. The Pellet Gun’s AMMO is one of the more convincing reasons to have one on hand.  Pellets, no matter the caliber, are very cheap. I hope this has been useful information and as always I would love you hear your thoughts and comments. Creek Stewart is the Owner and Lead Instructor at Willow Haven Outdoor – a leading Survival and Preparedness Training Facility located on 21-acres in Central Indiana. Owning a gun, or a variety of guns, is not only your right, but is a core element to ultimate personal protection and a practical tool for rural survival living. I recently received an email from Kent, a reader in Alaska, who already lives a lifestyle where hunting, fishing, gathering, gardening, canning, etc., is common and simply part of his and his wifea€™s current way of life.
While fancy semi-automatic weapons with large clips may be popular survival weapons in the movies, simple bolt- or lever-action rifles, pump shotguns, and the ever-reliable revolver are far less likely to jam, misfire, or break. Based on reading lots of opinion prior to posting this, it seemed to me that the following 4 guns were often near the top of the list with regards to tools for survival. About Those Wire Cutters – Louie Gohmert, Ralph Hall Have a Pair What Are We Leaving Our Children? In an extreme survival situation where the appropriate amount of ammunition for the type of firearm you’re carrying can’t necessarily be guaranteed, what would you do? The creator of Gear Up’s X Caliber Shotgun Gauge Adapter System, Tim Ralston, told TheBlaze it’s like carrying 11 guns in one. The X Caliber adapter system was recently unveiled in late November 2012 and the first shipment of pre-orders is coming in now, Ralston said. It is composed of eight adapters that allow the 12-gauge to shoot 11 different caliber rounds.
The system itself costs $449.99, but as Ralston pointed out, a 12-gauge shotgun with which the system is fitted to work, can cost as little as a couple hundred dollars. After the gun control debate truly came to a head with the mass murder at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., in December, stores have been reporting ammo shortages and even police departments have been having a hard time getting their hands on ammunition needed for the job. Ralston said he envisions ammunition being treated as currency in a bartering system in the near future. And Ralston believes the X Caliber system will only allow people to easily adjust to situations where they might want to barter for any type of ammunition.
Update: Some people were asking about the possibility of adapters sold as single units instead of a set. But I’ve been told for years that you need to get a big gun with lots of stopping power and big bullets.
Yeah, I have an M-16 and a 92FS on me here in Afghanistan at the moment but I’m not here trying to defend myself against a thug trying to break into my home.
Should you prepare yourself for a home invasion by an attacker with armor or a group of marauders hell-bent on taking your supplies in a SHTF or TEOTWAWKI scenario?
In addition to gun range training, you should be looking into plans on how to protect your family.
In order to hit him again, or adjust fire from your first miss, you have to reacquire the target before you fire. We’re not talking about accessories here but other units (people) on your side in a fight. The mission in this case is to defend your home from an attacker who has a weapon or who can easily take you in unarmed combat. Greg Ellifritz wrote an excellent article for the Buckeye Firearms Association, on how effective a .22 is in real-life situations. Over a 10-year period, I kept track of stopping power results from every shooting I could find.
I documented all of the data I could; tracking caliber, type of bullet (if known), where the bullet hit and whether or not the person was incapacitated.
Before anyone decides to take anything I’ve written here out of context, let me get one thing straight.
A weapon is just a tool and you need to use the best tool to suit the situation you’re in. When it comes to defending your home against the normal would-be robber, I think the .22 edges out the competition for some people.
Filed Under: How to Be a prepper Tagged With: home defense, home defense weapons, How to Be a prepperStay updated with my newsletter! My goal is to help families to understand how to intelligently protect their family and their way of life against real threats, without all the end-of-the-world doomsday crap. My article was mainly a statement about that more than anything after getting an email for help from one of my readers who had just purchased weapons but didn’t know what to do next or how he should have chosen them in the first place.

At CQB ranges fired from a RIFLE (not a pistol), this will penetrate ribs and even the sternum. After getting hit, he jumped back like he was struck by lightning and fell dead on his face within 7 paces, then commenced to involuntarily gag-up lung tissue post mortem.
First off I own them Legally, and while I too disagree with the .22 and can supply scientific and logical arguments against them and can PROVE them to ANYONE willing to take the time to follow a simple scientific experiment. Once I started using them, it eliminated loose pellets in the wash… I shoot a TX200HC. Gun ownership compliments the lifestyle of those who live a life of self sufficiency… Although there are some who are wary of guns, and there are parts of the world where gun ownership is outright banned, owning a gun is really just like owning a tool to compliment all the other tools that you have in your a€?kita€™. He brought up the notion of how firearms are integral to rural survival living and listed some practical recommendations including the four survival guns he would choose. Glock 19 (9mm) handgun, Caliber is extremely common and ammunition will be easiest to obtain. Remington 870 (12 gauge) shotgun, Highly customizable and well respected reliable pump action shotgun. Carry multiple types of firearms to increase your chances of coming across ammo you can use? All in all, the system plus shotgun would be more cost effective than purchasing several different types of guns.
In fact, he told us that he recently had an exchange where he himself was paid with 1,000 rounds of AK-47 ammunition.
The problem that I see with most preppers, even advanced preppers, is that they focus primarily on the worst-case scenario at the expense of the most likely scenario. Thugs who break into homes are usually expecting to find sheeple at home who will capitulate or will be easily subdued, especially if you live in a city with strict gun control laws. That is, unless you can shoot the support rope holding up the chandalier above his head so it drops down on him, pinning his arms to his side.
A large weapon may do more damage but it does nothing except scare them if you don’t hit them. To decide exactly what you need to do to defend your home, you need to adjust this mission statement, which then goes outside of the scope of what I’m talking about. The concept of operation here is that you need to figure out a gun to buy to protect your home, you need to learn how to use it and you need to train your family to use it. Have a good commo plan for your family in case of emergency and have some kind of codewords and hand signals to communicate with each other in case someone breaks in. I talked to the participants of gunfights, read police reports, attended autopsies, and scoured the newspapers, magazines, and Internet for any reliable accounts of what happened to the human body when it was shot. I also tracked fatalities, noting which bullets were more likely to kill and which were not. The ONLY weapon that took fewer rounds to incapacitate the enemy was the shotgun, which came in at 1.22 rounds. If you’re planning on being up against an armored assailant, then go big but realize it has its negatives. One person does an article on rabbits or whatever, over the next three days I wade through 25 of them. Does the terminology scare you or something that you’d have to start insults about CoD? If i read it correctly he has a completely seperate catagory for rifles so his data on the .22lr there is from pistols. I still like the fragmenting rounds for the house so you don’t kill the neighbors but hollow points are definitely better than parabellum ones. This is something I’ve been hollering about to anyone who would listen for a while now.
It’s a great hunting round for small game too and more portable than other rounds or guns. It is good for small game, adequate for home defense and medium game, and in a pinch one could take a deer or even a moose with a well-placed shot. Food Stamps, Obama Phones, Waste Fraud and Illegals Not a Problem I want an extra paid vacation … what is unclean about not giving Harry Reid everything he wants? You could do that, or you could have an adapter system that comes in a handy pouch that allows one 12-gauge shotgun to take 11 different types of ammunition.
Although they might not be as on target as shooting with the actual firearm for which the ammo was designed, the adapters are rifled to increase accuracy.
We’ve been told for years that you need to have a big gun with a big bullet that can pierce through armor in order to defend your home. Planning on defending your home with a weapon against an army with weapons and armor is an entirely different scenario.
A bullet that enters the body and expends all of its energy inside, without exiting, can actually be more effective at killing someone, especially if the round expands or the shock wave does enough damage to disrupt vital organs inside.
In this case, the enemy above is an unknown, so you have to go with the most likely and most damaging scenarios to figure out what gun you want to use to protect your home.

I know from experience that when your adrenaline gets pumping that you lose your fine motor skills and you resort back to muscle memory. It’s quite difficult to get them to comply with where to stand to pull this off though.
In this case, we’re just considering using a firearm but there are many other ways to complete the mission. Not relevant for choosing a gun to defend your home unless you need to convince your partner to let you buy one, in which case you have more problems than I can help you with.
Basically from reading through his data, I see no appreciable difference in the effectiveness of using a .22 to stop an opponent.
You have to balance everything to come up with a good overall solution based on the criteria that you decide.
One day, it saved my 16 year old boy’s life while he was doing some drywall work at our rent house.
Your article is fantastic though and really made me think about how i would defend myself and my loved ones.
Yes larger caliber have their place and are very effective as well as necessary on some scenarios. While I’ve shot everything under the sun, there are things I refuse to shoot again because of many reasons, but the most common is viability.
Among these is a good quality Pellet Air Gun and it’s not just because I still have it from when I was a kid. There are differences, but those differences in the grand scheme of things aren’t important enough to make a difference. Once you’ve figured out how to defend yourself against the most likely scenario, you can move on. A bullet that just goes in and out at full speed and takes all the energy with it doesn’t do any more damage than just poking a hole through someone the size of a pencil.
It takes a lot of shaping the battlefield and human engineering, plus a lot more shooting skill than I have.
Because as big as it makes your penis feel to carry that thing around (and it does do that, I assure you), it’s unwieldy around hallways and in stairwells. It’s also small enough to carry around a home with no problem and pulling it up to the correct point of aim is very quick due to the small amount of mass the weapon has. Any deficiency in stopping power is compensated by the facts I spoke about above such as ease of reacquiring the target etc.
Don’t just fall into the trap of listening to people who swear by a certain ammo size. I never knew it even had a name until the word survivalist became synonymous with anti government whack job… I came here because I saw something different.
If you bother to read the whole article and not take things out of context as I mentioned people would do, you’d see that I gave concessions to the other weapons. Being on a budget (read poor) addressing training and muscle memory really makes me think about the .22 a lot more seriously. However an overwhelmingly large portion of the scenarios that we all may face some day are best benefitted by the simple effectiveness of a .22. I INTENTIONALLY have added this gun to my survival rifle options for very specific reasons…which I have detailed below.  If you’ve never considered a Pellet Gun as a survival rifle option, you might change your mind after reading this post. And here is another fact if you thing that under stress you can use a single hand grip and be accurate, I don’t want to be in the same county with you when you shoot, YOU are too dangerous to be around, especially when handling a firearm without an external manual safety. Having been in the unenviable position of needing to defend home and family more than a few times I can say with certainty that both the humble .22 as well as larger caliber guns have saved our bacon. The more you use a weapon, the quicker you’ll be able to get back on target but physics is physics. BUT make sure IT is up to the job you need it to do, and that means YOU need to know the physiology of the living target you are shooting in order to dispatch it properly, be it hunting or defensively. To understand this fully though, we need to understand a key question:What does it mean for a weapon to be effective?
If the gun moves less and has less mass for you to have to move back, you’ll get it back on target faster. Greg Ellifritz had some great points in this article that break down pretty much how I feel about the .22 overall so read that.
I’ve served with enough females downrange to know that they can shoot well if they want to.
You girls need to learn to defend yourselves and stop relying on a guy to do it for you because he’s not always gonna be around.
Which gives me a free hand to: feel around in the dark, help keep my balance, bloke a hit, and even keep room between myself and said intruder.

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