Back in the day, Wells Fargo stagecoach drivers carried short barreled side-by-side shotguns to fend off n’er do wells. When you first pick up the gun, you immediately notice that this is one stout, heavy-duty piece of kit.
Make no mistake: everything on the DD is utilitarian grade, from the high-carbon steel to the matte blue finish and the matte black stained wood. In fact, the Stoeger had a small amount of surface rust behind the side picatinny rail before I even fired the gun.
As with all internal hammer shotgun designs, the recoil of the first round resets the hammer  for the a second shot. The block is jeweled, which is somewhat of an unexpected feature on such an inexpensive gun. For testing purposes, I ran as many different types of ammo through the Stoeger as I could get my hands on.
The photograph above shows one round of 1 ounce 2? in Federal Trueball Deep Penetrator slugs placed in each of the two 18 inch Shoot-N-See targets from 20 yards.  The first round was from the bottom barrel and hit just under my point of aim on the top target.
The top barrel, on the other hand, consistently shot a few inches to the right at 20 yards.  Note on the bottom target, you can see what appears to be a bullseye hit just above the red center aiming circle. I shot three more Tru-ball Deep Penetrator rounds from the same distance, and got consistent results. My Google-Fu unearthed a few posts accusing the Double Defense of a malfunction that caused both barrels to fire simultaneously. As shown above, the Stoeger is ready to fill the role of deer sniper – topped with a 3-12 x 56 Zeiss Conquest and a cheap Ramline bipod. Or, if sniping with slugs isn’t your thing, you can release your inner “gangsta” with a vertical foregrip on the side rail! The twin blade Double D is a bit “mall ninja” for my tastes, and it just might send the wrong message to a post-incident prosecutor. Conversely, if you know you have 20 rounds in your Glock 17, you might be more tempted to spray and pray.
Perhaps it’s best to think of the Stoeger Double Defense as The Mother of All Derringers. On the downside, a shotgun with a safety that automatically engages after reloading? In my opinion, any sort of manually-operated safety is a potential liability on a home defense weapon. As you can see below, the Stoeger Double Defense has made some new friends amongst the existing home defense regulars at Casa Grine. The Stoeger’s accurate enough to serve its intended purpose, but the slightly misaligned top barrel calls for a two-point deduction. I want one really bad, tho I wish they had put a railed front stock instead of the rails on the sides. I applaud the concept, but I think I’ll wait for Ruger or Savage to give us a slightly more refined version. One of the FFLs at Guns Save Life is offering one of these in a fundraising drawing for a girl who has some sort of obscure blood cancer disorder. In the end I was going to buy two tickets as it was for a good cause, but he had sold out already. Seeing the part about propensity to rust pretty much scratched off the inclinations I had to maybe buy one and test drive it. In the meantime, I inherited a couple of sawed-off single-shot guns at that meeting for the next Chicago gun turn in.
I probably should have mentioned it in the article, but the top rail is held in place by three screws and is easily removed if you want to use the bead sight. After yesterday’s outright brawl over how many (or to few) rounds you should carry and what kinda gat you should be packin, now enter the 2-shot specials! A shotgun Remington 870 is a smoothbore long gun designed to fire a number of spherical pellets instead of a single bullet. Shotguns rarely have a large magazine capacity, generally between 4-8 shells in the magazine tube so reloading is frequent and usually slow. Break-action shotguns are simple and sturdy, but their low capacity of one or two shells and the lengthy process of reloading - though reloading can be expedited with training and practice- Break-action shotguns are usually as long as most full length rifles, making them excellent for medium range hunting, but this trait also makes them difficult to maneuver in tight spaces.
Most break-action shotguns have their two barrels laid out side-by-side, but some have the two barrels one above the other. A break action shotgun is a good choice as they are powerful, simple to operate and require little maintenance. Break action shotguns are the slowest to reload shotgun of any modern shotgun, save a muzzle loading shotgun. A viable option for those who live in states (or countries) that don't allow pump-action or semi-automatic shotguns.
Lever-action shotguns operate on the same principle as their lever-action rifle kin -- Winchester Model 1887 lever-action shotgun.
Lever-Action shotguns are very similar to pump-action shotguns, in that a tube underneath the barrel holds the shells, and the lever operates the bolt, which when operated performs several tasks in conjunction.
Pump-action shotguns have a single barrel, which is mounted above a tube magazine, into which shells are inserted. Semi-automatic shotguns, like semi-automatic rifles, fire a single shell each An M1014 semi-automatic shotgun.
Automatic Shotguns continuously fire while the trigger is held, unleashing a devastating flurry of fire. Although glamorized as perfect zombie killing firearms, the reality is shotguns are less accurate then rifles.
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With the advent of pump action and semi-automatic shotguns, self-defense-minded Americans abandoned break-action shotguns to hunting, skeet and trap shooters. Submitted for your consideration: a $375 Brazilian shotty and my $3k Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon III. At first I thought the finish was a type of weather-resistant Parkerizing, that’s not the case.

Even though I fired roughly 500 rounds through the Double Defense, I’m at a loss to remember anything about the go pedal. When dry firing the top barrel, you have to bump the stock on the ground slightly in order to simulate the recoil of the bottom barrel’s shell igniting. Shotguns with ejectors punt spent shell casings out of both chambers when the breech is opened. Gunsmiths report that ejectors account for the vast majority of mechanical problems with over and under shotguns. After manipulating the trigger back and forth a few hundred times, it’s smoothed out. Recesses on either side of the receiver engage trunion pins, on which the barrels pivot, allowing for smooth opening and closing. However, even out of the box there were gouges in the metal that detract from its appearance. Clay pigeons laid against a dirt berm made a good reactive target to test the handling and accuracy of the gun.
00 Magnum Buckshot (15 pellets) fired at 15 yards in rapid-fire mode (roughly one second between shots). Keep in mind I was shooting offhand and at rapid “self-defense” speed.  And some of the perceived “hits” are actually just the wad and plastic ball tearing through the target.
Also, given that I was firing rapidly, I wouldn’t say these groups are a measure of the inherent “benched” accuracy of the ammo or barrels, but are rather show the real-world accuracy you can expect when using this weapon with slugs. While the barrel alignment wasn’t perfect, it certainly was good enough to fill its intended role.
More than that, when my wife saw the bayonets on the Stoeger, she suddenly thought she had a new tool for weeding her vegetable garden and edging the lawn. If you know you only have two rounds on board, you’re more likely going to make them count.
I experienced none of the double fires that have been reported by others on various internet forums. Break open is too stiff after a round is fired, the tang safety needs to be polished smooth and the chambers could be touched up so the shells can be flicked out. To keep the cost of the gun down, the manufacturer hasn’t taken the time to smooth out some of the rough edges. Courtroom verdicts can sometimes have nothing to do with justice, the truth, and the facts. That ugly, plastic, railed abortion is just good for shooting objects slightly out of pistol range, like bad guys at the end of the hall. 12 and 20 gauges are the most common - especially within the United States - and are both exceptionally powerful.
When opened, the bolt moves back in the receiver, the extractor of the bolt removes the shell inside of the chamber (unload), cocks the trigger and hammer, and strips an unfired shell out of the magazine tube, staging it to be loaded into the chamber. New shells are chambered by pulling the pump forearm attached to the tube magazine toward the user, then pushing it back into place to chamber the cartridge. Its use of an aluminum receiver cuts weight with out sacrificing durability, can be had for about $250-$350 USD. Thanks to its stainless steel construction, the weapon requires less maintanence than conventional shotguns, and has many shock-absorbing springs that reduce recoil significantly for accurate prolonged full-auto fire. Their effective range is quite short with buckshot (up to 45 yards) and moderate with slugs (up to 300 yards).
With the correct ammunition loaded and a well-practiced shooter, the shotgun can potentially became highly effective in dispatching zombies. If you need some extra range with your shotgun, you can take a regular birdshot shotshell and do this, as seen in the video.
That also makes them popular within the zombie pop culture lore of necessary pieces of survival choices. With the advent of  cowboy action shooting, the coach gun reappeared—with a vengeance. Other than price, style, quality, materials, decoration, provenance and form, they’re identical. They’ve been making shotguns for the Brazilian military and police forces since 1962. Even so, overall workmanship and wood-to-metal finish is quite good, especially given the price point.
As you’d expect at this price point, the Stoeger Double Defense is equipped with a single extractor. As shown in the photo above, these gouges have increased in number over the two months I’ve been testing the gun through normal handling. Although my original intention was to shoot the bottom target with the bottom barrel, I ended up doing it backwards. So even though I’d prefer to hunt deer with a rifled-barrel shotgun that fires sabot slugs, the Stoeger could fill the deer assassin role in a pinch. And the vast majority of gunfights are settled in one or two rounds – especially when those rounds are fired from a shotgun. I shot some Remington Hollow point Magnum Slugs out of it at 50yds and it performed very will at that yardage. There are many different kinds of shotgun actions, but pump action is by far the most popular in the United States. Another problem is that if you are shorting it yourself and you have no idea what your doing, you can easily ruin the gun.
Due to the perceived popularity of such weapons with criminals in the past, this style of shotgun is either illegal or highly restricted in most jurisdictions. These are very popular with sports shotgunners because they are very well-balanced, though professional shooters usually have the shotgun carefully fitted to them.
Another turnoff is that in the heat of fighting zombies with your adrenaline pumping you are more likely to fire both barrels, which may or may not kill the zombie.
If you have to choose one of these for the zombie apocalypse don't fret it, because it will be a great tool that you will be able to learn to operate quickly and easily.

If this is going to be your choice for the zombie apocalypse you have made a good one, but unless you have magazines that are higher than 2 or 3 rounds, please for your own sake find a higher capacity firearm. When the lever is lifted, closing it, the bolt slides forward, locking this unfired cartridge into the chamber, making the shotgun ready to fire. Another great model is the Mossberg 590 and the 590A1 The differences respectively are that the 590 Uses an aluminum trigger guard, the barrel is attached differently, has metal parts in the safety, and a heavier barrel. While generally impractical, the AA-12 may be fired one-handed if with relative ease, though the shooter is likely to achieve little practical result. The recoil on most shotguns can be substantial, and can be quite painful to unskilled shooters. By contrast, an amateur shooter can load a magazine into an AR-15 or similarly styled rifle in less half the time, and that magazine could hold up to a hundred rounds.
Also, being long arms, shotguns will still be more accurate than handguns so long as the spread does not become too wide to effectively hit the head. Although the KSG-12 has been in the spotlight for a while now, there are still issues to be resolved with its design and quality control. Benelli M2 owners note: the less things the operator has to manipulate on a defensive shotgun, the better. In both cases, all 15 pellets are on target The spread is roughly 12 inches for the first shot, and a little over 10 for the second – pretty ideal for a self-defense situation.
The rubberized buttpad does a good job of taming recoil, but it does tend to catch on clothing. Chris and I spent an afternoon shooting beargrass flowers from 15-30 yards; the Stoeger put enough lead on target to chop the flower off every time.
I also use some Zombie Maxx 8 pellet 00 bucks at 25yds and it was on point and didn’t miss a beat.
However, there are also single-barreled break action, double-barreled break action (both over-under and side-by-side varieties), bolt-action, lever-action, revolving, and semi-automatic versions that one might encounter as well. At stores like Walmart, a 100-round case of 12 or 20 gauge ammunition can be purchased for around $20.00, and these cases are quite abundant However for these prices one would be buying birdshot loads which would only be fatal to a classical zombie at extremely close ranges. Break-action shotguns usually hold one or two rounds, corresponding with the number of barrels that are on the gun. Forcing you to reload which is all it takes when fumbling around for another shell that the zombie bites you and kills you.
Bolt-action shotguns typically feed from very small magazines and are no more accurate than any other sort of shotgun.
In North America, the popularity of "lever-action" shotguns is beginning to rise because of cowboy-action shoots.
If the shooter squeezes the trigger, the hammer falls, firing the shotgun, and unlocks the action so that the cycle can be repeated. Some pump shotguns are capable of slam fire, which is where the firing mechanism resets, and fires without taking ones finger off the trigger. Besides this difference in operation, many semi-automatic shotguns are very similar to pump-action shotguns, with a single barrel and a tube magazine. It is capable of accepting 20 or 32 round drum magazines in addition to the standard 8 round box magazines, and boasts a considerable capacity advantage over most shotguns. Also, many shotguns are loud, even with a suppressor, though most shotguns aren't capable of fitting one in the first place. The fact that it can be loaded to hunt birds to elk, and everything in between, and that it can be loaded with specialty shells, makes it the Swiss Army Knife of firearms. They painted it black (you devil), threw a couple of picatinny rails on board, added a fiberoptic sight and eis! You can see from the photo that the top barrel (bottom target) is printing a few inches to the right. These are arguably the simplest type of modern firearm design, and are likely to be fairly easy to find and are easily attained due to their popularity among hunters and sport shooters, however, double barrel shotguns tend to be more expensive then pump shotguns due to the level of craftsmanship. So forth break action is not exactly the best choice, but not a bad one either; it beats throwing rocks any day of the week. A Winchester Model 1887 in 12 gauge holds 5 shells in the magazine tube, though this depends largely on what gauge the shotgun is chambered for - .410 shotguns may occasionally hold more. They are often used by civilians for hunting, skeet shooting and home defense and can be fired as fast as the user can pump the slide and pull the trigger.
This allows the shooter to fire the shotgun as fast as one can pump it, two noteable models of shotguns capable of this are older Ithaca model 37's and the Winchester Model 1897.
The same cannot be said for the other gauges, though lead bird shot is typically the least expensive.
Operator error is the most common cause of malfunction for any tool, pump shotguns especially. Reloading is a fairly slow process, however, the shooter can load shells directly into action and chamber a new round as quickly as they can get the shell to the gun and move the pump forward.
The Franchi SPAS-12 and Benelli M3 Super 90 are both examples of semi-automatic shotguns with the option to change fire modes from Semi-automatic to pump action.
Loading a SPAS-12 is more of a chore then other shotguns in its class due to the load gate button located on the side of the firearm. Other semi-automatic shotguns, such as the Saiga-12, have a layout more like that of a rifle, and use detachable box magazines.
Many fully-automatic shotguns are rather heavy, and the rate of fire in any automatic shotgun will deplete the magazine in a few seconds. The Russian Saiga-12 is becoming more popular with civilian gun owners, because of its increasing reliability and function straight from the factory.

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