Good May be an ex-library copy with library markings or stickers, may have some highlighting and or textual notes. About the BookThe Killer Book of Serial Killers is the ultimate resource (and gift) for any true crime fan and student of the bizarre world of serial killers.
Today only, save on used books and help us reach 15,000 books sold to double the donations. The minds of Serial killers are fascinating to explore from the safety and distance provided by a book. The books in this list are the best selling and the most critically acclaimed books about serial killers written by authors who have done painstaking research to bring us the most detailed account of the events surrounding each case.
This is a story of Eddie Sexton and the psychopathic control he had over his wife and their 12 kids.
The reason this book has been listed is not necessarily because the writing is spell bounding or even overly captivating but because of the thorough job of author Robert D. A look at the career of FBI man Robert Ressler who is accredited for creating the system used today for profiling violent criminals. In this book Robert Hare provides tips on what to do if one encounters one of the many psychopaths that walk amongst us.
The story of policemen, Truman Simons, who found three tortured teenagers dead in a Texas park and vowed to find their killer.

There are many books on Jack the Ripper but this one offers the reader a comprehensive study of each of his victims and logical arguments for who was and who was not a victim. Brian King offers this compilation of essays, short stories, confessions, letters, poetry, photos and more, all created by 40 killers, cannibals and psychopaths, and presents the reader with insight into the mind of each of the criminals studied. Author Jack Olsen accomplishes the task of delving deep into the mind of serial killer and cannibal, Arthur J. Fast shipping and a 100% money-back guarantee from an award-winning, socially responsible business.
There have been many books written about real life serial killers and some have even been turned into great movies. His book, Helter Skelter explores the life of Charles Manson from his pre-Family days up to the brutal crimes, and the sick minds behind them.
One describes the gradual disintegration of a seemingly normal, affable man into a sexual psychopath so evil and methodical in his vicious killings, that one wonders if he was at all human. In his book he recounts the interviews he had with notorious killers as they disclose their private thoughts, childhood traumas, and thoughts about their crimes. Careless Whispers is an emotionally moving classic that won the 1987 Edgar Award for Best Fact Crime. This is the leading reference book in the field, offering a detailed listing of everything having to do with the Whitechapel killings of 1888.

SHARP OBJECTS by Gillian FlynnI love the budding serial killer Flynn created in her first novel.The story is surprising and unconventional, with an unforgettable protagonist - much of her body scarred with words she has carved into her own flesh. Suitable for true crime fans and students of the bizarre world of serial killers, this title includes stories, trivia, quizzes, quotes, photos, and odd facts about the world's most notorious murderers.
Today we present to you the top 10 crime books about Psychopathic Killers that you must have in your collection before you lose your mysterious brain. This is the best book written about Ted Bundy, one of the best known serial killers in the world. THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO by Stieg LarssonI was immediately taken with striking heroine Lisbeth Salander, and the series of twisted Biblical murders that she and Blomkvist uncover had me flying through the pages to reach the shocking conclusion.
AMAZON CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE: LIKE NEW DOES NOT MEAN BRAND NEW THIS BOOK MAY SHOW SOME VERY LIGHT WEAR. Angelina Jolie and Denzel Washington in the 1999 film adaptation of The Bone Collector [ FS]5.

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