I haven’t gotten a perfume deal or a TV show, or even a million followers on Instagram, but I have gotten free curling irons, dog food, gift cards and Poise pads. See her tiny itty bitty (photoshopped) waist, and look at my muffin top- they’re like twins. Maybe I can get a champagne company to pay me to put a glass on my booty shelf like she did.

It was all over my Instagram feed and it didn’t take long for the crazy captions to start. It is also said that the intro scene of Rajinikanth is crafted in such a way that it'll be a visual treat for the ardent fans, who are known welcoming their Thalaivar with wolf-whistles.Also, editor of the film Praveen KL was quoted by The News Minute as saying, "Superstar's intro in Kabali will be entirely different and there is a highlight.

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