Loch Lomond, offers a wide selection of restaurants to suit all tastes, occasions and price range. At the Princess Rose our meals are individually prepared to the highest standard, in the traditional Cantonese and Pekinese manner. A short stroll out of the City centre Bardsleys award winning Brighton fish restaurant is definitely worth the walk!
Good size portions, delicious handmade chips, sustainable fish and seasonal specials make Bardsleys a must visit!
They also only source fish from sustainable sources and are the only company in the UK to be awarded the Icelandic Responsible Fisheries Management Award.
The Regency Restaurant remains one of the oldest and most popular seafront restaurants offering its customers quality and value for money since the 1930’s. With portions to satisfy the biggest of appetites, very reasonable prices, some of the most spectacular sea views in Brighton and a wonderfully cheerful atmosphere, its no wonder the Regency has won national acclaim for great quality food at great prices. The Dorset stands proudly amongst all the colour and excitement of the North Laine and has been at the heart of all things Brighton for nearly 200 years. They specialise in fresh seafood and their ale battered cod is a testament to their years of experience, don’t forget to try the rest of their great menu too including their famous Moules Frites! A family run business with over 25 years experience, Wolfies serve the finest, sustainable fish alongside locally sourced potatoes.
The only disgrace is that the list would have been topped by The Chipbasket, except that someone ruined it a few years back. Afraid I disagree with Wolfies, only been once and it was terrible, tiny portion of chips and a really dry chewy piece of fish, for ?6!!
Berlin has many excellent brew houses that are worth a visit during your stay.  These are not just a great place to grab an excellent beer, but also somewhere to find quality food at reasonable prices.
There are basic four types of beer categorized in Germany according to its fermentation quality and its taste. Loretta is again a beer garden located in Wannsee on the outskirts of Berlin and is again one of the oldest and most traditional beer gardens in Berlin. Schleusenkrug is a typical classic style beer garden situated in a beautiful patch of woods at the western edge of the city’s central Tiergarten Park that is a zoo makes it good pick me up spot for families.
All the Berliners are very much keen to attend rave parties all night techno sessions in Berghain but  just right back of it is this garden comprises of a restaurant which has a smattering of pleasant foliage and ample of seating facility for exhausted clubbers and afternoon punk crowd.
Transport for London has been closing ticket offices in tube stations since February, with the majority expected to be closed by December. Obviously, they're keen to emphasise the positive aspects of what they call 'ticket hall improvement works'. Various things; though one of uses will be as retail space or drop lockers for shops like Amazon or supermarkets. One thing we'd wondered about was buying annual season tickets with a company cheque — for those companies who like to keep their staff perks old school. What you can do, with recent upgrades, is sort out an incomplete journey if you haven't tapped in or out properly (no more calling the hotline, hurray!), replace a borked Oyster card — though you'll have to find a member of staff to help you — and refund any unused Oyster credit up to ?10. We did ask TfL what the average time taken to repair machines is; we didn't actually get an answer to that, but were told there's a team on standby ready to fix machines if they develop a problem that can't be fixed by station staff. It has been fine until things go wrong, then it's been hard to find someone to talk to who is in the right bit of the station for you to talk to. I recently had to travel all the way to Stratford to find an open ticket office as TFL couldn't add my annual travel card discount to my oyster card online and told me I had to do it at a ticket office. Just not sure taking staff from a defined location where they can be easily located is making them more visible. Using machines in France and Italy was pretty simple, so no doubt foreigners will cope just fine. It's way better in my opinion - people don't try and queue for ages for help, they try and figure it out at machines. Good new for fans of Borough Market: London's oldest fruit and veg market is extending its opening hours from next week.
The traditional market bell marking the start of trading will ring on Wednesday next week, as the market offers full trading from Wednesday to Saturday for the first time.
The beer drinking side of it all, a favorite of many, could mean a Guinness Brewery tour, or a stop at the Irish Craft Beer Festival at George’s Dock after the parade, or both. Our award-winning wine writer, Victoria Moore, unveils the richest reds for you to sip and savour this Yuletide. For parties, late-night swigging and emergency kitchen bottles, look no further than this juicy, cranberryish red. Grenache-based Cotes du Rhone made by the Perrin family that tastes as smart as it looks, making it another go-to kitchen worktop red. A cut-price take on claret, from the little-known AOC of Pecharmant in Bergerac, to the east of Bordeaux.
As bright as redcurrants and vigorous as sap, this light, agile pinot noir from the Auvergne feels revitalising in King Wenceslas weather (cruel frost; deep snow). Wood-smoke, tobacco, burnt mocha, brambles and dry earth are the flavours of this majestic Cape blend of pinotage, cabernet sauvignon, merlot and cabernet franc.
Made by De Martino, Chile’s most dynamic producer, using fruit from organically farmed bush vines planted in 1958. A superb wine from one of Spain’s icon regions, this is a 50-50 unoaked blend of old vine (hence the lovely deep flavour) grenache and carinena that smells of figs, milk chocolate powder and stewed plums. Neal's Restaurant is part of the pub and is inside a rather unusual, corrugated roofed extension.
The Frog and Nightgown in Wimland Road (just off the A264 between Horsham and Faygate) has been closed for three years. Even if you've braved the Mango store just a few doors down from Oxford Circus (and we don't blame you if you haven't), you may not know about the outlet on the second floor.
It's worth knowing that the bottom floor of Topshop (AKA the 10th circle of hell on a Saturday afternoon) has an EAT. Want to head into Topshop but can't face the crowds of tourists and teenagers congregating at the entrance? Depending on which advertising campaign is currently adorning the windows of Debenhams, head to the corners on the Oxford Street side of the store on the fourth floor for a view overlooking the shoppers and buses below.
Although it's closed for the winter, there's a little-known rooftop bar at the Marble Arch end of the street, which is often overlooked in favour of the larger Oxford Street rooftops (Selfridges, John Lewis, we're looking at you). Roofnic is situated atop Marriott Hotel Park Lane — ideal for emergency cocktails when a trip to Primark gets too much.
I don't know how many free toilets there are in Oxford street but sometimes you just need one quickly and there's no time to buy anything at a coffeeshop just to use the toilet (not all of them have toilets anyway). We have every kind of eating establishment, from the grandest of places for the most delicate palate to the humble chippie so take heed ~ the choice will be a difficult one! Depending in the number of persons dining, a Chinese dinner should be ordered to consist of different forms of food and flavours. The business has been in the family for four generations, originally founded by the great grandfather of the family Ben who moved into the Brighton area in 1926.
Relaxed, welcoming and full of character, it is popular Brightonians and tourists alike and is the perfect spot to watch the bustling Brighton life go by.

Beer gardens known as ‘Biergarten’ in German is an outdoor area where local food, drinks and variety of beer are served openly and they are usually attached as beer hall, beer pubs or restaurants. Prater locates itself tucked off Kastanienalle submerged itself in between a mini forest of shady chestnut trees. Loretta is famous for its legacy because of its gorgeous scenery and exceptional selection of German style beers, brews and grub. Earlier this was nothing but a small kiosk along the river spree which originally spotted to parched boat passengers and pedestrians and quench their thirst with drinks and ice cream. The garden offers a variety of grills which usually lights up at 6 in the evening and provides a range of barbecue dishes and the breakfast at 10 in the morning is very much popular. It is a very cool place to hang out with chilling and dancing on the highness of cocktails, barbecues and good music along. It offers a unique atmosphere and comfortable wooden seating for about 180 guests and visitors. This means passengers are reliant on ticket machines and staff who are now free to roam the halls, armed with iPads to help anyone with problems. A TfL spokesman told us there will be a 30% increase in the number of staff visible at stations by early next year. With money from central government being cut, TfL needs to find more income from somewhere and they can hardly put fares up any more.
Turns out TfL is solving that problem in a different way: from 6 September, company cheques won't be accepted.
We have heard rumours that pickpockets are now treating Oyster cards as cash because there's no ID requirement for small refunds, but we imagine Oyster cards have always been a useful five-fingered 'bonus'.
Then I use the extra cash to buy the ticket online and then email the receipt to finance to prove I bought it (if I don't then they deduct the full value of the loan in next months pay). Quite astounding really since two members of staff at a window and the tickets machines helped during peak times.
But if in the process we learn to achieve it by love rather than fear, by kindness rather than compulsion; if in the process we learn to combine the essential with the enjoyable, the expedient with the benevolent, the practical with the beautiful, this will be an excellent incentive to embark on this great task. Commuters travel on autopilot and rarely need a ticket office.It's the casual traveller and tourist unfamiliar with London who make up the queues at the shrinking remaining number of ticket offices. Credit cards without chip and pin (we've just gotten chip and sign) don't work at the machines. Which means if you actually do need a station worker to do something fancy at a machine for you (like add a railcard to your oyster) then it's done much faster and it's much easier to get their attention! As has been stated the money saved from ticket offices is so small saving money is not their motivation and never has been. While the area around Borough and London Bridge has been a trading spot since at least 1041, official market stalls set up in what is now Borough High Street in the 13th century.
The Trad Stage at Meeting House Square in Temple Bar has traditional Irish Music at that time.
Exploring tourist destinations was always my field, so i have graduated at the UNWE university in Sofia, Bulgaria and my major is Economy of tourism. The weather is nice all year round—not to hot and not too cold—which means you can pack light on clothing and go easy on the luggage.
A former sommelier (he once worked at the Ritz), he’s now a winemaker and consultant, turning his intense passion for the bobal grape into a crusade to get us all drinking it. Smooth-textured and very modern, with just a touch of oak, it comes at you in an unfettered rush of squishy mulberries with the gentlest tinge of cloves.
The wine smells of black olives, cranberries and dried herbs, and is fruity but also has a dry texture. I’m mad about this Minervois and not just because it’s made by an Englishman called Graham Nutter. Smells of old tobacco, warm strawberry pie, acorns and autumn leaves and has the patrician air of a well-structured wine that knows how to look after you. A proper, atmospheric wine that smells of confit of fruits, black olives and dried wild herbs, it’s made using only old oak, and is a world away from the thin stuff on most supermarket shelves.
If you are looking for a walk between 2 and 8 miles in the superb scenery of the South Downs followed by a visit to a pub, this book is for you! Tucked away right at the back is where they sell off last season's stock — there's nothing wrong with the items, and Mango jeans for a tenner? It's usually chock full of bored boyfriends and parents at the weekend, but the rest of the week it's pretty quiet, being buried deep in the bowels of one of Oxford Street's busiest shops. Head into Miss Selfridge next door and slip in the side door — the two shops are connected — and you'll find yourself right by the escalators. The Courthouse Hotel, just around the corner from Oxford Circus, is home to one of the biggest private cinemas in central London. I found one at marks and spencer a few years ago, it's big and clean and it's on the first floor I think.
From cosy country inns n’ rural restaurants nestled at the foot of our majestic mountains, to the local towns n’ villages with their own unique hospitality restaurants, cafes n’ pubs serving local produce, be advised we have it all. We have a superb range of appetisers and soups and a fine selection of wines to finish your meal. Expect tasty, succulent, flaky fish sustainably harvested from the Arctic waters of the North Atlantic. The city of Berlin has its identification done by offering variety of beers at vivid beer pubs and brew cafes on street.
Loyal patrons and many newcomers such as tourists are witnessed during summer and spring season which seats more than 300 seats. It presents itself to the guests who are hungry, thirsty and in search of relaxation with a beer garden and a redesigned restaurant. The restaurant menu in here remains simple and loyal to its German roots serving barbecues as well. Right now, staffing numbers remain the same — although there are plans to cut 838 station jobs. We're told that closing ticket offices (and presumably, saving on staff costs) will save ?270m up to 2020-21, and that's without extra revenue from the new shops. You'll have to get someone to break out the company credit card, or claim the cost back on expenses, we guess. Arguably their assistance needn't be behind behind glass as often the query doesn't involve selling tickets, but it is indeed about cutting staff to save money.
Making money is their only priority, and we all know it, every year they hike prices to improve services etc etc. And for foodies intent on securing particular Borough treats, the best time to shop is still early on a Saturday, when trading starts at 8am and runs until 5pm. After a drink or two, wander back over the bridge to Coppinger Row, South King Street Dame Court to hear the bands.
The city has even more events not mentioned, all day from morning until late night or later. Barcelona is a city that takes pride of its wide, open spaces which invite for the great outdoors or just simply relax and spend a laid-back afternoon sitting on the benches that are lined-up in its majestic squares. Books serve as one’s saving grace when waiting in line in the airport, or while flying long distances.

He helped make this excellent, juicy, bright, cherryish red, which uses hand-picked grapes from decades-old vines.
In a world of supermarket clarets that taste like dusty floor sweepings, this is the real thing – slightly bloody, with a gentle fragrance of elderberries and a beautiful balance between weight and light elegance (2010 was a good vintage and it shows). The more time you spend with it, the more there is to notice and enjoy – reminiscent of wafts of garrigue and the rising petrichor. If you’re going heavy on chestnuts, Parmesan sprouts and spicy nutmeg sausage-meat stuffing on Christmas Day, here’s the wine for you. But did you know about these hacks and tips to make your shopping trip that little bit easier?
If the thought of suede walls and leather seating sucks you in, there's a cinema club at the 100-seater venue every Saturday night — perfect for chilling out after a hard day's shopping. Chips are hand peeled and chipped, made using a carefully chosen potato sourced from a farm within 20 miles of the shop. There would be beer available at every nook and corner of Berlin as beer is a part of German culture. This old beer garden offers a niche selection of beers combined with a great selection of other beverages such as German and Australian wine which appeals all the palates. Not only the youngsters but even the oldies will enjoy every bit of this place and the tasty grill specialties in the summer and even the beautiful lake view.
It can term itself as the best place to relax on a warm summer evening with beach chairs and hammocks.
Offices at London Bridge, Waterloo, Charing Cross, Bank and Oxford Circus — to name a few busy stations — have closed already, and the final one at King's Cross closed this Sunday.
How can Overground be staffing stations from first to last train and Underground be laying them off?
I've never seen any of these improvments worth the hike, yes nice new station with gleaming walls and shiny new escalators and while I completley understand the need to update stations and maintain or replace parts I would think with the extoritant fares we have already done this.Big bonuses and economy damaging strikes show clearly the heart of TFL and it's always about the money. Staying in a hotel in Temple Bar will be like a three-day party if it’s a long weekend stay. Last year my brother made Tom Kerridge’s honey-glazed bacon joint as part of our Christmas dinner – it would be great with that, as well as with festive fruity stuffings or venison stew. The restaurant menu includes authentic German delights which is typical Berlin style such as Schnitzel, Potato salad, mustard eggs and meatballs Koenigsberg style which pairs deliciously with a beer in the night. For one thing TfL should shake off its liming for underground cathedrals and overground glass box stations. I'll admit that I don't have any statistics but as far as I can see pretty much everything they do is a complete joke. Not far away, street performers ply their craft on Grafton Street, South King Street in the same time slot.
All around Temple Bar, hotels, restaurants and pubs will have food and drink and special menus.
Everything is within a central area of Dublin and there are brochures listing events all over town. For a travelling book reader, a hotel with a literary theme could add to the best parts of the trip. If you plan on taking the little ones there are also great kids options including Cod Bites and 100% Chicken breast nuggets. It is the most popular alcoholic drink in Berlin since 19th century and 700 breweries are its producers but by late 20th century there were only two breweries left in Berlin producing this specific beer and even in other parts of Germany.
For another the top salaries HAVE to be restrained until it can be proved that ?650,000 p.a.
It's all well and good saying ticket office closures will lead to a more efficient and expediant service which is true as long as you don't need a ticket office.I recently went through Finchley Road tube station to see 5 members of staff doing nothing and standing next to a sign saying ticket office closing due to staff shortages. Blooms Hotel in Temple Bar has two venues for partying: the VAT House for traditional Irish music, and Club M, a nightclub.
Even the branch by Tott Court is less crowded, but it's best to stick with your local Pry ou go to one in the suburbs for peace and quiet and ?1 knickers. In order to embrace the culture of beer in Germany they even held beer festivals which lasts for 16-18 days and there is a river of beer pouring out in the city and the moment of enjoyment and fun begins for everyone. One Dubliner found that a good place to watch the parade was in a bookmaker’s storefront on Dame Street.
As a typical London commuter I tend to travel often in busy periods so a reduction in queues is not something i have ever noticed as it's still always busy getting through the machines.
Ticket offices queues that seem to be taking so much flak only ever affected those in the queue, their closure has made absolutley no difference to my normal journey.Paying by cash while i believe it is becoming less regular it also happens that the one cash machine at most stations (there are always fewer) are usually the faulty ones. What is TfL's long-term solution to the very different riding heights of the Bakerloo and Overground lines at Queen's Park and stations northward? Be that maybe becaue they actually get used a lot or because they have more moving parts perhaps and therefore more can go wrong?
When will platform-street be made easier at Kensal Green station with its current 46 steps?
Either way it's not good enough.To say that tourists won't have problems because you can get by in other countries or because they're not stupid etc is again irrelevant. TfL seems to do nthe easiest lift installations first without any mention of how it will do the tougher ones into the indefinite future. I've been a tourist including here when I first moved and I incurred charges simply because there was no one to talk to to explain things.
Many of the underground staff have no clue or no time to help you, especially during peak times when most people travel. Any savings will go into 'improving the underground' which will in turn lead to another completly non independant and completley biased review at the end of the year allowing TFL to quote general stats to justify another bonus payment because apparently there where apparenyl less disruptions. I have seen the times wrong on TFL's site and even let a train go past for the next train which will take me all the way to where i want to go without changing only to find it out of service when it arrives.
They can't make you work 24hrs and worse the unions sit there and insist it's not about money it's about working conditions as if they're working for Nike in a third world country.
Then when the work condition issue is amended to their liking suddenly guess what they want 100 more staff and more money as usual. Oh no those two things aren't related at all.There needs to be a government office that regulates the crap these guys can pull, that or everyone needs to get together and strike every Monday for a month and show TFL that actually commuters run the transport it is a service of which very little is ever provided.
Who is coming up with these figures and where are they getting their information and does anyone talk to the commuters because TFL certaintly don't.
And lastly will any union heads or bosses at TFL be taking a pay cut or not recieveing a ridiculous bonus this year?Now i'm hearing that they are annoyed that the government is trying to impose a condition that will only allow unions to strike once they have a certain percentage of staff who actually want to strike over whatever the issue is.
Sounds reasonable to anyone with an iota of intelligence so of course TFL are not having any of it, I mean what kind of world would it be if they couldn't keep striking whenever to increase their wages 3 times a year?Banks, TFL, Heads of state. Our money, our freedom to travel and our country all three things run by crooks who are out for their own paycheck and all seem to lack any humanity or common sense.

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