Set in beautiful Mersin on the South coast of Turkey, Dilek Ercan and Soren Rejnholdt Jakobsen were married on 2nd October 2009.
Now you can use Microsoft Word for Windows to create your own bar codes and bar code labels. Bars & Stripes is the original add-in that turns Microsoft  Word into a feature-rich bar code labeling sensation.
By combining the power of Microsoft Word with Bars & Stripes bar coding  capabilities, you get a full-featured bar code application. LabelRIGHT allows you to quickly design your own custom labels and print compliance labels easily as required by your customers! Solutions include barcode scanners, barcode printers, inventory software, asset tracking, time and attendance systems, Point of Sale (POS) systems and a range of barcode labels and barcode accessories.Wasp Barcode Technologies’ focus and expertise is in small business.

For over 13 years, Wasp has developed a loyal base of 250,000 customers in manufacturing, warehousing & distribution, retail, government, education as well as healthcare services. These customers have made Wasp the market leader, helping business owners manage their companies more efficiently with improved productivity and profitability.UPC Tools- Azalea Software, IncAre you looking for barcode software and barcode fonts? Do you want to print UPC barcodes, Code 128 barcodes, Code 39 barcodes, Interleaved 2 of 5 barcodes, or other types of bar codes in Excel, Crystal Reports, or Photoshop? A special feature creates images out of the barcode fonts, while giving you flexibility in setting the resolution, dimensions and boundaries of the resulting bitmaps.
Sample source code also provides reference implementation of the Encoder if you are thinking of bundling our fonts with your application.My Tattoo ID- ISD Technology GroupTattoo ID Version 6 makes label creation simple with handy wizards, updated help screens and a redesigned user interface that displays a summary of all the fields on a label. Commenting and markup tools, email capabilities and a spell checker enhance editing and collaboration.

In addition, database connections are created directly through the application, making corporate data easily accessible.Barcode Label Maker- Aulux Technologies, IncBarcode Label Maker provides easy design, printing and database features that allows you to create any size of label with Barcodes, Text, Shapes, Images etc. With Barcode Label Maker, a few quick mouse motions are all it takes to combine bar codes, text, shapes and graphics into professional quality labels. Now, more and more companies get their copy of Barcode Label Maker so that they also will be able to make bar code Label and print them easily.

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