The writer Roxane Gay admits that she isn't that well read in feminist theory, and that she dances to Jay Z and other music that she knows is "terrible for women" (in her words) a€” and that she sometimes plays dumb with repairmen because, as she says, "it's just easier to let them feel macho." That's why she dubs herself a "bad feminist" a€” the title of her new volume of essays.
I think Lena Dunham is a very bright and very interesting writer, and what she's accomplished at such a young age absolutely impresses me. Detective Blue is the story of a grown up Little Boy Blue, and he is on the case trying to find Miss Muffet. Renee Larsen — I just read this book over the weekend and absolutely loved it. Elizabeth Kolbert says the "taxicab yellow" Panamanian golden frog was nearly wiped out by a fungal disease.
The dinosaurs were killed during the Fifth Extinction a€” which scientists suspect was caused by an asteroid. On how we define mass extinction The definition, I suppose, would be many, many organisms across many, many different groups. Elizabeth Kolbert is a staff writer at The New Yorker and also the author of The Prophet of Love and Field Notes from a Catastrophe. On a theory of how the fungus spread One theory a€” it has been very difficult to pin down a€” but it's that this fungus was moved around the world. So bats in the northeast hibernate in the winter, they go into a state of torpor, they hang by their toes.
US Represented shares the reflections of significant historical figures, as well as various other contributors, because they, too, deserve to be a part of a site dedicated to free speech and creative expression. But when I first started seeing the show, during the first season, it was disappointing to me that someone that young, who should be that aware of diversity, had none on the show. With the help of other nursery rhyme friends such as Humpty Dumpty and Bo Peep, Blue follows the clues through to solve the mystery.
Now, we are living through an epoch that many scientists describe as the Sixth Extinction, and this time, human activity is the culprit.

Another really interesting story on frogs [is that they] were used in the '50s and '60s for pregnancy tests.
They try to find a place like a cave where the climate is going to remain pretty stable over the winter, and their body temperature drops almost to freezing, so you'll see ice crystals on them a lot of times.
And so I began to think very critically about the show and how it was really showing such a narrow slice of life in one of the most diverse cities in the country.
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Something called the African clawed frog, if you inject it with the urine of a woman who is pregnant, it will lay eggs very quickly. I think that if a woman wants to stay home to raise her children, that's a fine choice, and so really, we need to rethink society and how society views parents who stay at home, and how society protects parents who stay at home a€” rather than to suggest that women shouldn't stay at home. But the more I began to think about it, the more I wondered, why are we putting so much responsibility at the feet of one person. This problem is a Hollywood problem, it's a representation problem a€” and to expect Lena Dunham to solve it is just not fair. And the African clawed frog turns out to be a frog that carries this fungus but doesn't seem to be killed by it.
They just started to drop from the top of this cave to the floor in these huge drifts of dead bats.
It begins with a history of the "big five" extinctions of the past, and goes on to explain how human behavior is creating a sixth one a€” including our use of fossil fuels and the effects of climate change.
I went out in the winter of 2009, and it was an absolutely gruesome scene of a carpet of dead bats.
They just want to say, oh, okay, feminists are humorless man-haters, and that's simply not the case. There are radical people and radical ideas in absolutely every movement, but that doesn't mean they define the ideals.

And so that people want to define feminism based on the actions of a select group of feminists is absolutely absurd. And I also think we forget our history: The reason feminists were humorless is because it was that bad to be a woman. We're doing, it's often said, a massive experiment on the planet, and we really don't know what the end point is going to be." Climate change was the subject of Kolbert's previous book, Field Notes from a Catastrophe.
Her research for the new book took her around the world, to oceans, rain forests and mountains a€” as well as a place nearly in her backyard a€” where scientists are studying disappearing plants and animals. So about a third of the CO2 that we put up every year a€” and that's in the order of 10 billion metric tons a€” is making its way into the oceans.
For example, it's been estimated that just in ship ballast now in our enormous supertankers, people are moving 10,000 species a day around the world. So even though our ancestors were already at this project and did cause significant effects because of that, and significant numbers of extinctions, we have just ramped it up to a whole new level.
Right as it happened I was able to go out with some scientists to a cave in Vermont, which was the largest bat hibernacula in New England.
It's sort of a taxicab-yellow frog with very skinny arms and legs and it's considered a good-luck symbol.
And then this scourge came through, which turns out to be a fungus, a fungal disease, and just wiped them out. There are still Panamanian golden frogs in this center, but they cannot go back out into the world into their own native habitat because this fungus is still there, and the fungus survives even though the frogs no longer do.

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