This beautiful two-volume set brings together Audrey Eagle’s botanical artworks from her best-selling 1975 and 1983 publications.
In New Zealand’s lush rainforests, isolated from the outside world for 80 million years, many extraordinary birds evolved. Hebes are remarkable for their ecological diversity, inhabiting wild places from coastal rocks to the high alps and taking many varied and striking forms. This book is a comprehensive guide to the identification, classification and biology of hebes. Each species is described in detail, with distribution maps, a page of full-colour photographs and information on recognition, variation, flowering time, chromosome number, botanical nomencalture and etymology. Thoroughly researched and referenced, An Illustrated Guide to New Zealand Hebes is the most in-depth guide to these genera ever published and an indispensable reference for professional and amateur botanists, gardeners, conservation managers, photographers and students.
It was a sight we thought we'd never see - icebergs off the coast of southern New Zealand.
Helicopters and small planes loaded up with photographers, TV journalists (including an Aussie film crew complete with Australian flag), scientists, tourists, even Shrek, the celebrity merino, flocked to view and visit these incredible 'groaning, creaking beasts'.
Writer Dave Cull takes us to the frozen continent and tracks the journey of the icebergs: from their Antarctic beginnings to their appearance and demise in the temperate waters of the South Pacific ocean. Illustrated with stunning color photographs throughout Icebergs:the Antarctic comes to town celebrates the glorious beauty of the ice islands as well as our response to their visit. Pohutakawa and rata are beloved symbols of Aotearoa New Zealand, representing summer, nationhood and our unique natural environment.
This book is a celebration of pohutukawa and rata as well as a passionate call for their preservation. Generously illustrated with over 400 contemporary and archival images, this book also features many examples of these trees in art and design, textiles and advertising, literature and poetry. Philip Simpson is an expert botanist and author of the award-winning Dancing Leaves: The Story of New Zealand's Cabbage Tree, Ti Kouka.
All the drawings on this page have been resized and are displayed at a much smaller scale (633 pixels wide) than the originals.

You should click on every drawing to see the original enlarged versions (3,014 pixels wide).
Sometime in October-November 1940, while at Gotenhafen, the two 10.5 meter stereoscopic base rangefinders were installed over the foretop and after command posts. The battleship was painted with this camouflage pattern during the winter of 1940-1941 while in Hamburg. This included three angled black and white stripes over the hull and superstructure, with the ship's ends in dark grey and false white waves.
For aerial recognition, swastikas on red banners were painted on the stern deck and breastworks, and dark grey was applied to the top of the main and secondary batteries. The cutters, yawls, and dinghies on both sides of the upper main deck were removed before the start of Operation Rheinubung. The bow anchor on the stem was removed as well together with the jackstaff and the flagstaff in the stern.
The Bismarck in the Grimstadfjord (Norway) photographed from the Prinz Eugen on the morning of 21 May 1941.
The black and white stripes of the hull were painted over while in Korsfjord on 21 May 1941. The Bismarck seen from the Prinz Eugen in the morning of 24 May 1941 after the battle of the Denmark Strait.
The Atlantic Clipper is a must do for all adventure and good time seekers on the east coast.
Dive off the dive board, slide down the giant slide, chill in the spa, go swimming, snorkelling and diving.
It includes over 170 new paintings, bringing the total number of plants to more than 800 – all in colour and life-size. They included the giant moa, the beautiful huia, and the largest eagle the earth has ever seen. It includes Hebe, New Zealand's largest plant genus, and the related genus Leonohebe, providing keys for the identification of all wild species - 88 of Hebe and 5 of Leonohebe.

Otago Daily Times photographer Stephen Jaquiery was the first on the scene in November 2006. The Bismarck in May 1941 as she looked during Operation Rheinubung after leaving the Korsfjord in Norway. Although it is doubtful since there is not any photographic evidence or definitive confirmation, this is how the Bismarck could have appeared on 26-27 May 1941. I ALSO ASK TO PLEASE RESPECT THE WEARERS OF THESE TATTOOS IN THE PHOTOS AND DO NOT DIRECTLY COPY THEM AS EACH TATTOO IS PERSONAL TO THE WEARER.
This boat has everything you need to make the most of your time in the amazing Whitsundays. Within a few hundred years, human settlement extinguished 58 species – over a quarter of the species. General chapters cover classification, evolution, morphology, biogeography, reproductive biology, chemistry and conservation, and the book has a full glossary of technical terms. His magnificent photographs inspired not only a new sightseeing industry but provoked an avalanche of interest from around the world. Yet, today, these trees are in decline, their survival threatened by possums, progress and people. The battery crews were ordered to paint the top of the turrets yellow (RAL 1003) in the morning of 26 May. They provide up-to-date information on each plant’s habitat, distribution, identification, nomenclature, and more. In rich colour, celebrated painter Paul Martinson depicts each bird in its original habitat.

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