Scarves are an obsession for a lot of lovers of knitting out there, and infinity scarves are the hottest trend in neckwear. Want to try your hand at knitting an infinity scarf or cowl, but don’t want to start with an intricate pattern? While the Challah Infinity Scarf from Pam Powers Knits may look challenging, the pattern only calls for knits and purls, so beginner knitters shouldn't be afraid to give this a whirl.
One of our favorite patterns is the Lacey Arches Infinity Scarf pattern by member asheepsyarn. Master circular knitting skills while learning how to make a lovely lace cowl, a headband, a hat with colorwork, and fingerless knit gloves in the Craftsy class Knit Lab: In the Round, taught by Stefanie Japel. The Lacy Infinity Scarf Pattern by Industrial Whimsy is a great lacey openwork scarf that takes less than 400 yards of worsted weight yarn.

Related Posts10 Patterns to Practice Common Lace Knitting Stitches8 Wonderful FREE Knitting Patterns for ScarvesInspired by the Great Outdoors: 7 Lacy, Leafy Knitting Patterns7 Brilliant Tips for Knitting a More Polished ScarfDoes Knitting Help You Relax? I love this trend I made two myself with my nifty knitters I made a grey infinity and a bluch pink infinity they are so great for layering and are so easy to pair and layer with they are also easy to just add to an outfit you did last minuet great blog post!
Although I thought your knitted Cowls were lovely, please don’t forget your Crochet fans.
Really really like both the Pepperberry and Industrial Whimsy styles, looks like it is time to buy some more yarn!! Its intricate looking lace and large pattern repeat makes for a perfect knit in tweed or variegated yarn. Here we show you some infinity scarf patterns by members on Craftsy that will have you itching to grab your needles!

As a very beginner pattern (and it’s FREE from Love Is All You Knit) its done in bulky yarn making it super quick.
Knit in the round with worsted weight needles, this scarf pattern was inspired by the knitter’s daughter who wanted a green, long infinity scarf. Perfect for the beginner who wants to try something that looks much harder than it is, or great for an experienced knitter who wants a quick knit.

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