Morphea, also called localized scleroderma, is an uncommon skin condition, often persistent, which may appear in various areas of the body. The cause of morphea is unknown, though it has been shown to appear after other conditions in some cases.
Morphea is typically diagnosed based on the characteristic appearance of the affected area. All material on this website is protected by copyright, Copyright © 2009-2016 by DermDiagnosis LLC.
Melanoma is the leading cause of cancer death of women in their 20s and second only behind breast cancer among women in their 30s?

These conditions include injury, Tick bites, viral infection, autoimmune disorders, and pregnancy. A skin biopsy will be performed to confirm the diagnosis and to rule out similar appearing conditions. However, various treatments are available which may assist in relieving symptoms, including medications such as methotrexate, steroids, antibiotics, ciclosporin, calcipotriol, colchicines, pentoxifylline, penicillamine, and diphenylhydantoin. Lesions are typically oval in shape and up to 20 cm in size, and begin as a dark pink color which slowly fades to white in the center, retaining a light pink or purple border. Procedures such as intralesional steroid Injections, and photo- or photochemotherapy have also proven to be somewhat effective.

The condition may persist for years in some cases, and may cause varying deformities, depending on the type of the condition present.

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