Confessions of the World's Best Father is a look into the zany, tiring and wonderful world of becoming a dad for the first time.
Making photographs of some of those things helped me deal with those fears I had as a new dad. Dave Engledow Has Alice started to give any input or artistic direction now that she is older?
Dave Engledow What is your wife's involvement in the project?She's very involved in the process.
I think there are times where she wishes that I would actually fix the garbage disposal, instead of taking photos of me and Alice trying to fix the garbage disposal. Dave Engledow What do you hope Alice takes away from these photos when she is older?I hope that she will look back on them with fondness and remember how much fun the two of us have had. Dave Engledow What would you like readers to take away from the book?There are a lot of parenting books and blogs that take themselves a little too seriously.
Dave Engledow After putting together this project, what advice would you give to a first-time father?Go see as many movies as you can because you're not going to be able to do that for the next four or five years. Engledow began the project a few weeks after Alice, now 3, was born, Photoshopping a picture of himself holding his daughter like a football while squirting breast milk into his coffee. Early on, I used the series to play out some of the things I was really worried about as a new father.

As I posted them online more and more, people started giving feedback, telling us how much they identified with the images and it snowballed from there. I've started over the past couple months asking her, "What kinds of photograph do you want to do this weekend?" She'll just say whatever she is looking at, at the time.
And she's also been really valuable in enhancing the scenes and adding the little details that really help sell it. I don't mean to diminish what an awesome responsibility being a parent is, but I think it's also important as parents to recognize that we don't know all the answers.
What started as a humorous photo project tracing his daughter Alice Bee's first year of life is now a book.
Engledow posted the shot to Facebook and the overwhelmingly positive reaction inspired him to continue creating shots of his oblivious father character.
I think most other parents, I was surprised to find, relate to the humor and the issues in the images.
I hope she sees how much I love her and loved spending this time creating something that is really unique and special just for her. Everyone will tell you that the years go by amazingly fast, and I can say that these first three years have gone by in the blink of an eye. Books for young readers are filled with incredible illustrations and memorable lines, and these devotees have celebrated some of the most famous titles in clever, nerdy, intimate, and permanent ways.

Over the next few years, the project grew into a popular Facebook page, which led to the birth of Confessions of the World's Best Father.
She has been asking more to have mommy in the photographs, which is good because my wife generally prefers to stay behind the scenes. Click through our gallery of amazing tattoos that reference the wondrous stories and characters you’ve loved since you were a kid. If we're doing a shoot where we're doing something she thinks is interesting, like dropping things in the toilet or spraying the dishes, then it's really easy. So it's really important to have fun and focus on the sheer joy that happens in the midst of all the craziness. What we try to do is build it up during the week, so we'll tell her, "Hey, you and daddy are going to have a tea party on Saturday." Or, "We got this brand-new toy, it's called an adding machine.

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