Clash Royale players you are in for a treat, as Supercell released the latest update which adds tournaments that enable you to battle nearby opponents and to win chests.
Basically, as you do more and more tournaments you get chests and the largest chests will certainly have legendary cards in them. Another feature that comes with the update is the option to sort cards by rarity, elixir cost or arena which will make it easier to use them in a battle or tournament and to elaborate winning strategies.
The last addition to the game that will come with the update is the Frozen Peak Arena but only the players that have unlocked up to 2.300 trophies can compete in it. Clash Royale is a game where players enter multiplayer battles and the goal is to destroy the enemy’s towers before the enemy gets the chance to do that to you. The game is free to download from the Google play store for android devices or from the iTunes App Store for iOS devices.

SFR est en effet le premier operateur a ouvrir les vannes de la 4G dans les transports en commun de la capitale. SFR rappelle donc que d'ici fin 2015, 75 % du reseau RATP (soit 160 stations) devrait profiter d'un acces mobile haut debit a la fois 3G Dual Carrier et 4G. Mumei [Koutetsujou no Kabaneri] (1728×900) HD Wallpapers available to download for your desktop or smartphone. However, there is a catch; you have to reach the level eight in order to get into the tournaments. Si le slogan a du plomb dans l'aile depuis l'acceleration du deploiement des reseaux d'Orange ou de Bouygues et depuis le debarquement fracassant de Free mobile, il est un endroit ou l'operateur peut encore l'utiliser : le RER A parisien. Et « des aujourd’hui, les principales gares, quais et tunnels de la ligne A du RER, entre la Defense et Gare de Lyon, seront couverts en 4G ».

SFR couvrait deja les stations de Chatelet les Halles et Gare de Lyon, sur la meme ligne en 3G.
SFR partage de ce point de vue le meme planning que Bouygues ou Orange, puisque les antennes placees dans le reseau RATP sont communes, installees par un prestataire externe.

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