This list of essential geek reads isn't complete — there are plenty of time-travel, tech, and graphic novel editions still to come.
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THE NARROW ROAD TO THE DEEP NORTH BY RICHARD FLANAGAN(Chatto, 464pp) A haunting story of POWs on the notorious Burma railway, which won the Man Booker prize Read our review of The Narrow Road to the Deep North Buy The Narrow Road to the Deep North here A GIRL IS A HALF-FORMED THING BY EIMEAR MCBRIDE (Galley Beggar) This experimental novel was the surprise winner of the Goldsmiths Prize and the Balieys Prize.
Top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books FlowchartNPR recently provided the results of a top-100 list of the best science fiction and fantasy ever written. Even more frustrating was the entire lack of usability it provided for those wanting to enter into the dangerous and large world of science fiction and fantasy fiction: there were no blurbs, categories or context.
Thankfully, the fine folks over at SF Signal have compiled the below flow chart to help you get the most out of a relatively mediocre list, with some fun questions and actual flow to the chart.

For the past fifteen years or so, Young Adult fiction has surged in both popularity and substance. Sure, these are books intended for kids, but if The Hunger Games series or Harry Potter is any indication of who is buying YA, then there are a few marketing departments that need to shift their focus. Enter your email address to subscribe to LitStack and receive notifications of new posts by email.
And we're showcasing the best sci-fi narratives, with all the traditional elements of the genre: artificial intelligence, travel to remote parts of the universe, futuristic gadgets, wormholes, apocalyptic political systems, and extraterrestrials. But in the meanwhile, take a look at our recommendations for science fiction stories every geek must know, and tell us which books you've added to the list in 2015.
Instead, addiction, mythical, feminist heroes and unrelenting poetic voice has been ushered into the pages of novels targeted at teens.

His newest work, On Such a Full Sea, was published in 2014, and was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award.
He currently lives in New York, where he is a professor of creative writing at Princeton University; today he turns 51.
Now that you've indulged on the most compelling, classic epic fantasy series, it's time to switch gears.

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