December 11, 2013 by Kenna GriffinMy goal to read 100 books in 2013 is in the books (pun intended)! I’ve read six books so far this month, making my goal with a few to spare and far ahead of my deadline.
Regardless of reaching my goal, I have decided to continue reading at my current pace until Jan. Prof KRG aims to create an ongoing educational dialogue among media professionals, students and educators.
I remember when Game of Thrones first really started blowing up in its first season, a friend of mine told me she found it worrying.
The first episode of the new season had everything you expect from a classic Game of Thrones installment: the double-dealings, the rivetingly intense dialogue, the beautiful set and costume design- oh yeah, and tits. Another friend pulled me up today when I argued that the topless prostitute in the latest episode was unnecessary.
So I’ll ask the question again: how necessary was it to have a topless prostitute in the season three premiere?
Way back in the early first season I thought the sex and violence was overt and gratuitous (remember that scene just after Khalessi met Khal Drogo where there was virtually an orgy happening?), but not a distraction.
I’ve read a few thoughtful things about sex in game of thrones lately, and I love your take on it. With his championship-tested mind and high-profile pedigree, Pollack is just the person to defend the pun as wordplay that goes well beyond its frequent derision as the lowest form of humor. The pun's long history might not be consolation to those who hate it when their dad jokes about "buns" every time he puts hamburgers on the grill, but hoping for puns to disappear is a losing game.
Bears Go Barefoot Lightning flashed, the plane bucked, and another gasp swept the cabin.
Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (effective January 1, 2014) and Privacy Policy (effective January 1, 2014). Anne-Marie Slaughter is dean of the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University, and the author of The Idea that is America.
The China Price, by Alexandra Harney, hardcover, 352 pages If you want to understand China's economic fault lines, pick up The China Price by Alexandra Harney.
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, by Lisa See, hardcover, 288 pages For my money, though, one of the best ways to understand China's present is by turning to its past.
Arras is a WordPress theme designed for news or review sites with lots of customisable features. Books that I read for class (Blog, Inc., for example) or research (Secondary Traumatic Stress, for example) took longer to finish.
I’m absolutely going to continue being intentional about make time for all types of reading. I promise that I only recommend products or services I use personally and think will provide you value.
Or set a limit on how many can count toward your total? I just discovered your blog and this challenge, and I think I'm going to take it up as a challenge to myself in 2014. You could focus on a genre to make it more challenging or leave out academic books (read more of your "trash" novels that you love).
I teach classes including those on writing, reporting, media law, media ethics, social media marketing, and public relations. My housemate and I had settled back in to our tradition of watching the show together, I was enjoying getting back into the careful unfolding of the story, and then about twenty minutes in, a scene opened where Ser Bronn (Tyrion’s sellsword) is hanging out with a topless prostitute. The internet is awash with articles debating the rampant sexuality throughout the series – is it justified, does it need to be justified, etc. I think the episode wouldn’t have suffered at all had there been no naked women in it.
I just wish that Game of Thrones, currently the biggest show on earth, could elevate itself above the use of naked women as eye-candy- because if our cultural flagships don’t buck the trend of sexism in pop culture, the cycle will continue unabated. I certainly think that now Game of Thrones has the status where it can go without, but would it have taken off the way it did without that sex and violence early on? I mean at its core it is a show ABOUT sex and violence, because it’s a show about power and morality in a place where there is no prevailing moral code. To not pun at all, Pollack writes in The Pun Also Rises, would be more difficult than we can imagine. I cinched my seat belt even tighter and stole another glance into the inky abyss, where I could just make out the red light on the jet's wingtip, flapping like a bird. Unlike the anonymous inventors of such American staples as the hot dog, the grilled-cheese sandwich, and the milkshake, the creator of the chocolate-chip cookie has always been known to us. Your California Privacy Rights The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, a novel by Lisa See, takes us back 200 years to the Qing Dynasty, to the world of Lily and her soulmate, Snow Flower.
Unfortunately, since I do most of this type of reading before I go to sleep, this means a lot of late nights fighting to stay awake so I can read what happens next.
I’m not exactly sure how to find the balance when there are only so many hours in the day. The fact that the most popular show on TV, a show everyone was talking about, prominently featured incest and huge amounts of sex and violence, bugged her. My friend argued that it would’ve looked silly if the prostitute had been fully clothed—but why did we need the scene at all? His previous books include Cork Boat and The World on a String: How to Become a Freelance Foreign Correspondent. Ruth Wakefield, who ran the popular Toll House restaurant in Whitman, Massachusetts, with her husband, Kenneth, from 1930 to 1967, brought the Toll House Chocolate Crunch Cookie into being in the late nineteen-thirties. The China she describes is strong on the outside, but led by men who are chronically afraid of losing power.

Hundreds of thousands of workers are dying of work-related lung disease a€” an asbestos crisis on steroids.
After her feet have been broken and bound for two years, Lily emerges with "golden lilies" a€” the beauty ideal of seven centimeter feet, and her ticket to upward mobility through a better marriage. I also probably only read these during times when I was able to focus completely (aka: when it was quiet). Maybe that should be my challenge for next year—100 books without audiobooks.Thanks, Lauri, for taking the time to read and comment. I'm not sure I could remember how many of my 100 books were audiobooks, but I average a couple a month, so I would say at least 25. Yes, the show is renowned for its intricate storytelling, its production design and its fantastic cast. One result is a torrent of books a€” political analyses, memoirs, histories, novels and short stories. Anxious and paranoid, they have watched the collapse of communist and authoritarian regimes around them. Factory managers explain that the only way to reconcile the conflicting demands of corporate responsibility and competitive pricing is to falsify work records. I'm now on my 26th book read in the traditional manner, so I'll be able to finish my goal, possibly with another to spare.I will do this again next year, but as you are planning, I am going to increase my number and count audio books as a specific percentage of my total. Perhaps I should take that into account when I'm setting next year's goal.Thanks for reading and commenting.
Martin has discussed it eloquently several times, and to a large extent, I think the sex is justifiable.
It should have violence, and it should have incest, because as artists, the show’s creators have a right to choose what they use to tell their story. We could easily have started with Tyrion, have Bronn show up and say “damn, I was with this really hot prostitute, why you always gotta be ruining my fun?” But again I run into the wall of artistic license. And so if you're trying to convey complex ideas, puns can be really powerful tools to do that." And they've been used to make political points since long before Pollack served under President Clinton. Unless our own leaders understand China's underlying fragility, Shirk worries, we will respond to their crises with the kind of hard-line pressure that will trigger a dangerous Chinese response. However, even though I had no challenge, I also pushed through two books that were difficult. I often get audio books for those I know I'd never actually sit down with yet still want to "read."Thanks again for introducing me to this challenge. But with season three kicking off, and Game of Thrones starting to dominate conversation and cultural discussion again, I feel my attitude changing. Game of Thrones is about power and morality, both of which are perfectly embodied by the politics of sex and gender—but I make a distinction between using sex as a narrative tool and using it as window dressing, and the fact that Game of Thrones does both makes this a tricky subject.
Simply put, the ugly truth is that Game of Thrones, paragon of television though it is, is not immune to cynical capitalist tendencies. At the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying, "We must all hang together or assuredly we shall all hang separately." Almost every major language uses puns, Pollack says, but English is particularly friendly. And so to use a limited number of sounds to describe an infinite number of ideas, there's bound to be phonetic overlap. One girl makes it from peasant village to real estate agent in just a few years a€” but only one.
On March 20, 1939, Wakefield gave Nestlé the right to use her cookie recipe and the Toll House name. For every business book goggling at the rate and scale of China's growth, The China Price is a powerfully needed antidote. The collision of those forces has produced revolution in China's history; China's rulers continually worry that it will again. A show that I, and many others, love and respect, uses naked women to encourage people to watch it… well I feel pretty disappointed. That tension a€” when China has hosted the Olympics and is making its world debut as a rising superpower a€” is why these three books should be on your reading list. Here we encounter another tricky area: should art be held morally accountable for its content? At least, not until what felt like a giant fist suddenly smashed the plane from above, as if an angry Zeus were trying to crush a beer can.
A set of often-repeated creation myths have grown up around the country’s favorite baked good.
In an instant, some two hundred yellow oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling and the plane nosed into a sudden, steep descent. The most frequently reproduced story is that Wakefield unexpectedly ran out of nuts for a regular ice-cream cookie recipe and, in desperation, replaced them with chunks chopped out of a bar of Nestl&#233 bittersweet chocolate. But whichever kind Game of Throne’s sexism is, it’s definitely not making a stand either way.
My decision to board this flight to Austin, Texas, had been somewhat impulsive a€” a journey of choice to compete in an absurd contest: the eighteenth annual world pun championships.
I had secured a spot in the tournament only ten days earlier, after punning with the organizer over the phone. He'd seemed reluctant to have me fly down at first, but he needed one last competitor to fill an early bracket.
Wyman argues, persuasively, that Wakefield, who had a degree in household arts and a reputation for perfectionism, would not have allowed her restaurant, which was famed for its desserts, to run out of such essential ingredients as bakers’ chocolate or nuts.
In a single inexpensive hand-held serving, it contained the very richness and comfort that millions of people were forced to live without in the late nineteen-thirties.
Alternating, each of us would have five seconds to respond with a pun on that topic, back and forth, until someone missed.
Ingesting a warm chocolate-chip cookie offered the eaters a brief respite from their quotidian woe.

If I came up blank just once, or if the judge ruled that a pun I'd made was not actually a pun, I'd be out. Toll House cookies were a common constituent in care packages shipped to American soldiers overseas.
The Toll House restaurant’s gift shop alone sent thousands of cookies to uniformed servicemen abroad. As my mom tells the story, I was two and a half years old and still struggling to string a sentence together a€” a skill some kids pick up earlier. In the nineteen-fifties, both Nestlé and Pillsbury began selling refrigerated chocolate-chip-cookie dough in supermarkets. The Baby Boom generation, which had been raised on the Toll House cookie, sought to recapture the original taste of these homemade treats in stores that sold fresh-baked cookies. Fields, and David’s Cookies all opened their first stores in the seventies, and prospered in the eighties. By the middle of that decade, there were more than twelve hundred cookie stands in business across the country. I don't want you walking barefoot." I looked up at her, put my hand over my mouth and giggled impishly. Amos set up his first cookie stand on Sunset Boulevard in 1975 with funding from Marvin Gaye, among others. He may have found his way to the cover of Time magazine, but between 1985 and 1989 ownership of Famous Amos changed hands four times, leaving Wally Amos with less and less of a stake in the company that he started.
There came the Chipwich, the Taste of Nature Cookie Dough Bite, and the Pookie (a pie coated with chocolate-chip-cookie dough).
Far better a plane crash in the sticks than a car accident on my daily commute into the Detroit suburbs, where I worked as a project manager at The Henry Ford museum. The idea came from an anonymous note left by a customer and was soon in high demand in their neighboring outlets. By 1991, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough replaced Heath Bar Crunch as the company’s bestselling product.
The captain, coming on the intercom for the first time, apologized for the turbulence, assured us everything was under control and told us that we could remove our masks.
Apart from all those masks dangling from the ceiling, the rest of the flight seemed almost normal. My mother, who went on to become a pastry chef, often made cookies from scratch during my childhood, but lately, like many Americans, I have come to rely on Pepperidge Farms and Costco to do my baking for me. Henry Museum, looking out over a crowd I estimated at five hundred people and trying to calm myself as the emcee a€” a tall Texan in a straw hat a€” introduced me and my opponent. Wyman’s book sent me back into the kitchen, where I baked several batches of chocolate-chip cookies from scratch while writing this post. I was already outmatched; my adversary was a bespectacled, fifty-something man named George McClughan who, as the judge pointed out, just happened to be a former champion. Leite advocated baking larger cookies than Wakefield’s in order to produce a more appealing variety of textures.
And while it kills spontaneity, his suggestion, gleaned from professional chefs, of letting the dough cool in a refrigerator for thirty-six hours before baking, is an invaluable one. He looked so relaxed just standing there at the microphone, his shirt untucked, smiling at the crowd. What comes out will still be recognizable as a chocolate-chip cookie and, most likely, it will taste good.
It will go well with milk, sure, and coffee and tea, but I’m here to tell you that it will also taste great with red wine or whiskey. It seems that the only thing you can’t do to a cookie, as Malcolm Gladwell discovered in 2005, is make it healthy.
In its ability to absorb such a heterogeneous list of ingredients and still retain its identity and appeal, the chocolate-chip cookie is representative of the aspirations of the country for which it has become the preferred treat. Wakefield’s pecan rolls, Boston cream pie, and Indian pudding were enormously popular before being supplanted by the Toll House cookie.
The authorities in Whitman required the fast-food restaurant include a small museum to Wakefield and the Toll House on its premises.
Next time you’re on the road between Boston and New Bedford, drop in and have a look. From aircraft parts to the space program to the Battle of Britain, McClughan always had a good riposte ready. Exhausted, I stood there for a moment, heart pounding, mouth dry, my brain seizing up like an overheated engine that's run out of oil. In the case of a tie, the judge explained, the audience got to decide who advanced to the next round.
One contestant, a pudgy fellow with a bristly mustache and nasal voice, was particularly talented.
Word had it he was so competitive that he actually spent the off-season (in this case, all year) studying videos of championships past a€” gleaning technique, building up a repertoire, honing his skills.
Downing the last of my beer, I hurried up to the stage, only to discover that my adversary was the paramedic punster himself. One of the things she always liked about me was the Longhorn." Even though we were just a mile or so from the Texas campus, a chorus of boos rippled through the crowd.
Apparently, I wasn't the only one who was starting to understand just why his would-be girlfriend was hypothetical. Still, by any measure, the paramedic had gotten off more good puns and would probably win the vote.

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