Werewolves are humans suffering from a curse that causes them to transform into a lupine creatures, particularly during full moon nights. Old legends tell us that witches gather twice a year when seasons change - on April 30 (the eve of May Day), and the second time on the eve of October 31 - All Hallow's Eve. Ever since humans began talking about a separate spirit that inhabits the body and exits after death, they have pondered what happened to those spirits. Charles Lee "Chucky" Ray (also known as "The Lakeshore Strangler") is the main antagonist in the Child's Play horror film series.
Sometimes you see them in summer fields, and sometimes you have to wait until nearly Halloween, when you'll see them in the Pumpkin Patch.
Stories of vampires have been around for a long time, winging their way into the folklore of all sorts of different cultures. 2011 sees one of the most talented, glamorous and influential bands in musical history, QUEEN, celebrate the 40th anniversary of their formation in 1971.
Newly signed to legendary label Island Records and to coincide with the exhibition, the first five albums that Queen released – “Queen”, “Queen II”, “Sheer Heart Attack”, “A Night At The Opera” and “A Day At The Races – will be re-mastered and re-packaged into special deluxe album formats. Subsequent to the exhibition there will be a major BBC TV Documentary featuring a rare interview with Roger Taylor and Brian May and many other surprises and releases to come through the rest of the year. 2011 will see filming begin of a major Hollywood movie about Queen, starring Sacha Baron Cohen as Freddie Mercury.
After four decades, the collective work of Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon continues to resonate around the globe, inspiring a host of diverse artists from Lady Gaga (who took her name from Queen’s “Radio Ga Ga”), Axl Rose and Katy Perry through to Dave Grohl.  Twenty years after the death of their phenomenal and flamboyant singer, Freddie Mercury remains an icon beyond measure. AAA Music is proud of channeling a variety of music genres, from rock to jazz, to folk to techno and hip hop, and to serve as a platform for unsigned bands to get their first media coverage.

I went to pick up my daughter from school and noticed that the teacher was frantically chasing down kids to give them really cute cards of congratulations. But Halloween's creepiest creature customs didn't appear out of thin air, not even the ghosts. Werewolves generally feel and act like normal humans until the moon is full, and then their bodies and their minds change into some combination of human and wolf.
He is commonly identified by his burned, disfigured face, red and dark green striped sweater, brown fedora, and trademark metal-clawed brown leather glove on his right hand. Adults have traditionally used the boogeyman to threaten children into going to sleep on time, although this practice seems counter-intuitive. The exhibition will aim to take visitors to the heart of Queen by combining interactive audio and visual environments with historic and never-before-seen memorabilia; themed rooms and music all created from the bands personal archive will come together to create an exciting, entertaining and engaging insight into the foundation and rise of the global super group Queen became.
From the pure raw rock of “Queen” through to the majestic anthems on “A Day At The Races”, the first five albums highlight the diverse talent, musical ambition and already global success of a band made up of some of the best songwriters, musicians and performers of all time.
Many of them once instilled real fear in medieval towns, when folklore reigned supreme and getting freaked out came easy. Folklore tales say that witches then transform into black cats (and into other forms) on Halloween night to approach unsuspecting people and cast spells on them. The boogeyman may also be used as a threat to induce children to finish their meal or to behave in general.
In general, they were thought of as spirits that didn't end up going where they were supposed to go, for one reason or another.
Although they've changed over the centuries, in general they fear the day and are immortal unless killed.

Before we knew it, the cards were all handed out and Noelle hadn’t received anything.
A lot of people belive Frankenstein is the monsters name, but that only became that way after the book by culture.
It is said that to see a witch you have to wear your clothes inside out and walk backwards on Halloween night - then at midnight you will see a witch. Versions of the boogeyman exist almost universally, and some psychologists believe that the monster may stem from an evolutionary need in prehistoric times to discourage children from wandering away from the safety of the group.
Humans have been, at some points, able to help these creatures "cross over" and find final resting places.
To protect yourself, a cross, a silver bullet, a wooden stake or holy water will (usually) help.
When I inquired about the cards it turned out that they were given to the kids who had read 100 books at home.
Noelle managed to hold back the tears but I knew she was quite upset, especially seeing all the other kids excitedly comparing their cards. I made this certificate generic in the hopes that others may find it useful if they ever have a slip up and need to pander to their child. Now you can simply print out this certificate and show your child how proud you are of them.

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