Developed in the 2000s from Southern hip hop, trap music is defined by aggressive lyrical content and sound. Trap music is characterized by 808s or the sound of bass from stereos, the pan flute, snares and syrup-slurred vowels. By 2012 trap music has taken over mainstream hip-hop charts with rappers turning out solid gold Billboard Hot 100 singles. To be defined as trap music sub-bass kick drums, triple and double time divisions, pitched down low vocals or slurring of words as well as cinematic stings and layered synthesizers are used. Lyrics are themed around street life, violence, poverty and the hardship of being trapped in a set society. Rappers whose primary lyrics were about drug dealings were known as “Trap rappers.” In 2003 trap music became a genre after the success of several albums and singles released in rapid succession.

This music found its heart in Atlanta and rapper Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy bonded with Boyz n da Hood. Lex Luger jumped out of obscurity and began to produce over 200 songs that were “sung” by Kanye West, Jay-A’s H.A. Trap producer Baauer’s “song” Harlem Shake” became the first trap song to hit the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100. Listen closely, if you can, to the lyrics that include drug dealing, partying, jail time, crimes, weapons, social issues, family and friends, plus personal emotions.
T.I’s studio album Trap Muzik became a commercial success and started off the trap music trend. They are almost the mainstay of this music type and are listed as electronic musical instruments that generate waveforms converted though speakers.

2005 saw another wave of trap music with the release of Young Jeezys’ Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101.
Luger’s trap music uses hard-hitting 808s, snare, synth key, and brass, strings, keyboards and woodwinds play in an almost unrecognizable violent cacophony.
Hip-hop has been dominated by trap music in recent years which goes to prove that deep, dark beats and scary lyrics are music of the future.

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